[MV] Moon Sujin(문수진) _ The Moon(저 달) (Feat. TAEIL(태일) of NCT) Live Clip

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    [MV] Moon Sujin(문수진) _ The Moon(저 달) (Feat. TAEIL(태일) of NCT) Live Clip

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    1. NCTzen 2020

      esta cancion es hermosa desearia que yuqi haga un cover esta cancion encaja perfecto con su voz y por favor no se duerman en esta joya

    2. hao

      The amount of talent in this song omg

    3. Nanda Trinur

      Ada yg mampir kesini abis nonton hot sauce? Selingin sma MV ini yaa. Sama sama dukung yaa. Semangat!!

    4. ꗃ C L A U

      Es que, WOWOW sus voces combinaron muy bien, AMO.

    5. ꗃ C L A U

      Mis oídos están agradecidos de escuchar tal obra de arte.

    6. ꗃ C L A U


    7. ꗃ C L A U

      Siempre paso para acá cuando quiero relajarme y wow, me ha servido mucho, gracias por éste arte.

    8. Ana Laura

      aa háganle strean a esta joyita que taeil se esfuerza muchísimo

    9. chachi chuchu

      y'all check out Moon Sujin songs

    10. jae

      i just found this live clip omg indeed a beautiful masterpiece their voices blend together really well

    11. Limerence Stray kids

      Taeil we are always thankful and we love you

    12. Rani Rani

      I love thiiissss!

    13. 2020시즈니

      yang selingan ini sama strim hot sauce sini pelukan onlen

    14. Catalina Berrios


    15. Limerence Stray kids

      Buralar unutulmuş

    16. Narira Zhng

      1M let's get it We can do it

    17. Narira Zhng

      Moon + Moon = The Moon It's legend

    18. herlinda mustika sari

      Nice song before going to sleep 😌✨🌜

    19. luci :P

      la canción es hermosa :'(((

    20. Putri Azzahra

      moon taeil u did well

    21. royals

      Siapa yg kesini buat selingan stre4ming mv hot sauce???

      1. Narira Zhng


    22. uPilNyA LUcasSss


    23. blue person

      John 6:40 “For my Father’s will is that everyone who looks to the Son and believes in him shall have eternal life, and I will raise them up at the last day.”” ROMANS 10:9-11“If you declare with your mouth, “Jesus is Lord,” and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved. For it is with your heart that you believe and are justified, and it is with your mouth that you profess your faith and are saved. As Scripture says, “Anyone who believes in him will never be put to shame” God wants us to believe in His One and Only Son, Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior, who died for our sins :D When we truly believe in our hearts that Jesus is Son of God who died for our sins on the cross, we are saved from the eternal fire and have eternal life in Christ Jesus!! 💖 May God bless y’all!!

    24. Dyovie Journey

      Taeil, I adore you

    25. An Le


    26. n k


    27. ᄋᄋ

      태일아 진짜 사랑한다 ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

    28. Lety Lara


    29. Nur Aqilah

      finallyyyy moon taeilllll

    30. Naylafara Nawang


    31. wendy


    32. gloria karla

      SO GOOD

    33. Fahri Husaini

      Beolsseo eoduwojin haneulgwa Changmun teumsaero deureoon chagaun Barameun nal eojireopge han daeume Domangga beorigetji Jal jinae? neon mwohae? Maeil gateun maldeul sogeseo saragajiman Wae nae maeumeun chaewojiji anneun geolkka [Pre-Chorus: MOON SUJIN] Ireoke hangsang ttokgateun bam soge Nugunga hangsang gyeote isseumyeon hae [Chorus: MOON SUJIN] Ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh Jeo dareun tto binnago Ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh Yasokan j?o dareun binnaneunde [Verse 2: Taeil] Tto haruga sijakdo?n bam Urin dareun eodiseonga Ttokgateun jeo dareul bomyeo malhagetji Hangsang haengbokagil barae Bamhaneuri daltorok malhae Ttak haruman deo nae iyagireul deureojwo Amureon daedap eopsi nal bichugetjiman [Pre-Chorus: MOON SUJIN & Taeil] Ireoke hangsang ttokgateun bam soge Nugunga hangsang gyeote isseumyeon hae (Oh) [Chorus:MOON SUJIN & Taeil] Ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh Jeo dareun tto binnago Ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh Yasokan jeo dareun binnaneunde Ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh Jeo dareun tto binnago Ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh Yasokan jeo dareun binnaneunde

    34. hyunnims


    35. TyongF

      MOON MOON( ◜‿◝ )♡

    36. Smile •_•

      ฟังครั้งแรกก็ชอบเลยอ่ะ!( ;∀;)

    37. Regina Regina


    38. N Thapa


    39. Grace Siregar

      Lovely taeil ❤️

    40. Diva DNP

      seketika ngeship mereka berdua

    41. Ligaya

      Officially my lullaby song. The Moons are perfect for this collab. Fighting, Moon Taeil. Well deserved.

    42. 박붕팔

      곡 너무 좋아서 매일 출석체크 하러옵니다....

    43. 여진

      Moon+moon=the moon cmiiw

    44. Gibran Omar Gaza

      The only bad thing about this song is its duration :))

    45. Nubia Cárdenas

      Creo que no hace falta decir esto, ya que seguramente las personas que se han pasado por aquí y escuchado esta canción sí o sí querrán escucharla otras veces. Aún así, lo diré: siempre que tengan oportunidad de reproducirla en cualquiera de los dos canales, háganlo por favor. Taeil y Sujin merecen mucho más.

    46. Michel Hernández

      Apoyemos a Taeil también El se lo merece

    47. Mu Lan

      The moment I realized Taeil is actually tall.

    48. Mu Lan

      I'm so weak at Taeil's stare. Gosh, why is he so handsome in this clip ? Much more than usual.

    49. seziaaa

      healing bgttt lagunya 😭😭😭❤️

    50. Jeanne Aulia


    51. Shivani Singla

      Thanks to all who made this collab possible.The song is everything n by this collab , i got to listen moon sujin's beautiful vocals . Moreover, taeil deserves much more chances,appreciation n love. Cnnt those ppl behind the scenes in SM listen his angelic vocals? m so soooo done with SM .. if m as a fan is so frustrated, i cnnt imagine wht it wud b to taeil . Companys really better only choose those artists to whom they can give fair opportunities n treat equally as an artist otherwise dont dare to play with their dreams n waste talent n skills😑

    52. Nany

      Esta canción es tan atrapante, me llena de sentimientos Merece mucho más

    53. N Thapa


    54. SassyJungwoo

      I think some nctzen doesn't know Taeil, well lemme introduce Moon Taeil he's one of the nct member that had a nice voice, he can hit high notes and he's fluffy and jolly too even he's the oldest in nct hahaha

    55. Alvira Putri Gayatri

      lagu nya candu banget plis

    56. paaannrose

      this is calming. LOVEEE

    57. kat parra

      The song and artists deserves more

    58. Ayu Lestari

    59. Ayu Lestari


    60. - C A M I •

      ¿Quién es el mejor vocalista y por qué Taeil? Dios, alta voces tienen los dos. Me encanta mucho uwu

    61. 주디

      Men..we need a moon taeil solo :(

    62. T D

      Sujin’s voice is so pure and when it mix with Taeil’s voice it’s literally heaven! this is ambrosia

    63. Mega Indah

      ❤ The Moon ❤

    64. namishu

      this song saves me, it calms me down and makes me believe that everything will be alright

    65. Ayu wulandari

      Bismillah ninggalin jejak

    66. 夾

      beolsseo eoduweojin haneulgwa changmun teumsaero deureoon chagaun barameun nal eojireobge han daeume domangga beorigetji jal jinae? neon mweohae? maeil gateun maldeul sogeseo saragajiman wae nae maeumeun chaeweojiji anneun geolkka ireoke hangsang ttokgateun bam soge nugunga hangsang gyeote isseumyeon hae u u u u u jeo dareun tto binnago u u u u u yasokhan jeo dareun binnaneunde tto haruga shijakdwen bam urin dareun eodiseonga ttokgateun jeo dareul bomyeo malhagetji hangsang haengbokhagil barae bamhaneuri daltorok malhae ttak haruman deo nae iyagireul deureojweo amureon daedab eopshi nal bichugetjiman ireoke hangsang ttokgateun bam soge nugunga hangsang gyeote isseumyeon hae u u u u u jeo dareun tto binnago u u u u u yasokhan jeo dareun binnaneunde u u u u u jeo dareun tto binnago u u u u u yasokhan jeo dareun binnaneunde

    67. agong sii

      This song is so amazing

    68. Kristina Tiwin

      Te amamos Taeil

    69. Millu

      In love with this song

    70. Millu

      3 moons in 1

    71. Diya Dhawan

      hello people with good music taste

    72. amirah -

      This song is such a bob why people still sleeping on it

    73. Bungkus Gorengan

      Aaaa dikit lg 500k dong

      1. Hello giis


    74. Fatima Hasya

      listen sm! im telling you, once taeil finally get his solo debut, he definitely should go with RnB, no ballad pls :')

    75. Coffee drinker

      Lee sooman where's Moon taeil solo album!

    76. Taeyongbabie

      this is such a masterpiece, cmon nctzen lets get the moon 1M views

    77. Sri Rahmawati Riri


    78. nctgülüm benimbirtanecik23askim

      Sen çok tatlı olmak bn buna dayanamam.......

    79. nctgülüm benimbirtanecik23askim

      Uyuyacam iyi uykular tulumba tatlım taeil beyim.

    80. nctgülüm benimbirtanecik23askim

      Özledim seni

    81. Putri Nadya Randhini


    82. Putri Nadya Randhini

      I extremely love your voice mbak moon 🌙❤️

    83. K-AEM


    84. ყεσllเε

      Taeil love you ♡

    85. Maca rena

      Gracias a lxs que todavía apoyan esta joya y a nuestro Moonie Taeil

    86. Jeannice Felyana


    87. Jeannice Felyana

      so in love with taeil's voice

    88. Jeannice Felyana


    89. Jeannice Felyana

      taeil's voice makes my heart warm

    90. Jeannice Felyana

      taeil you're amazing

    91. ervinadwi112

      my bedtime song, always...

    92. Greeny Pluto

      This deserves more recognition 😭😭


      Eres increíble lunita

    94. wendy


    95. sabrina laeqalubena


    96. Julián Zárate Andrea

      Taeil best boy!!!

    97. Clara

      don't forget to hear this

    98. just one day

      My moon

    99. reluv

      moon taeil = the best vocalist

    100. reluv

      Listening to this song while you study is the B E S T Both voices are beautiful!