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    New Toyota C-HR Hybrid 2020 Review Interior Exterior.
    What happens when Toyota designers blend sport coupe, hatchback and compact crossover? The boldly expressive, fun to drive and utterly unique C-HR happens. The C-HR’s standout design brings an updated look for 2020 with a restyled front fascia, LED headlamps and new wheel designs. There’s more pure Toyota value, too, with all three grades - LE, XLE and Limited - adding new amenities.
    The Toyota C-HR broke new design ground for the automaker, which applied new manufacturing techniques to take a highly sculpted concept-car body design into production while preserving its essence. The result melds sport coupe personality with crossover versatility.
    The C-HR comes equipped with standard Toyota Safety Sense P™ (TSS-P), a multi-feature advanced active safety suite that bundles Pre-Collision System with Pedestrian Detection (PCS w/PD), Lane Departure Alert with Steering Assist (LDA w/SA), Automatic High Beams (AHB), and Full-Speed Range Dynamic Radar Cruise Control (DRCC).
    The STAR Safety System comes with: Vehicle Stability Control (VSC), Traction Control (TRAC), Anti-Lock Brake System (ABS), Electronic Brake-Force Distribution (EBD), Brake Assist (BA) and Smart Stop Technology® (SST). Also complementing TSS-P are 10 standard airbags, standard Hill-Start Assist Control (HAC) and a rear backup camera. Blind Spot Monitor with Rear Cross Traffic Alert is standard on the XLE and Limited models.
    The C-HR packs a lot of attitude in a compact package that measures 172.6 in. long on a 103.9- in. wheelbase - making the C-HR a tight, agile form that’s a joy to wheel through congested urban areas.
    Never one to blend in, the C-HR updates its extroverted style for 2020 with a redesigned front fascia, headlamps, bumper, grille and spoiler. The LE grade joins its siblings with standard LED headlamps and also debuts a new optional 17-inch alloy wheel design. The Limited grade gets a new 18-inch alloy wheel design.
    Added features enhance value for 2020. All C-HR models already came equipped with Apple CarPlay compatibility and now, for 2020, standard Android Auto compatibility completes the smartphone compatible suite. In addition, the LE grade picks up SiriusXM® All Access 3-Month Trial Satellite Radio, which was already standard on XLE and Limited.
    The XLE grade adds new seatback pockets and windshield visor extensions, the kind of detail upgrades that owners appreciate in everyday usage. The top-of-line Limited, which already includes leather-trimmed seating, heated front seats and ambient lighting, reaches further into luxury territory with a new 8-way power driver’s seat and Adaptive Front Lighting System (AFS) with headlamp auto-leveling. AFS partially aims the headlight beams into turns as the driver steers, helping to provide an extra margin of night driving safety.
    Toyota designers went all-in on expressiveness with the C-HR. The slim LED headlights wrap deeply into the sides of the hood, running rearward along the fender tops. Deep, curvy character lines emerge from a prominent Toyota badge on the front fascia and lead into the narrower core body. These lines continue below the side windows and above the rear wheel, where they join a high beltline and distinctive C-pillar with hidden-type design door handles.
    The sport coupe persona is especially evident in the fastback-style roof, highly sculpted “wide body” rear quarter panels, and a lip spoiler on the hatchback. At the roof’s edge, a color-matched cantilevered wing tapers neatly inboard.
    Canards on the rear quarter panels, front and rear spats, a streamlined rear lower bumper, and stabilizing fins integrated into the taillights all manage critical airflow in and around the body. Beneath the body, a bevy of rigid covers - on the engine, floor, fuel tank, and aft of the rear wheels - cull turbulence and, in doing so, help enhance vehicle control and fuel efficiency.
    The C-HR’s color palette is as expressive as the design. Color choices include Blizzard Pearl*, Blue Eclipse Metallic, Magnetic Gray Metallic, Black Sand Pearl, and Silver Knockout Metallic. New for 2020, Supersonic Red* and Hot Lava* (orange), which is available only with the R-Code Black roof. R-Code Black is also available with Silver Knockout Metallic, Blizzard Pearl* and Supersonic Red*, The R-Code White roof is discontinued for 2020 and is replaced with the new R-Code Silver roof* for Black Sand Pearl. With either R-Code option, the roof color is matched by the side mirrors and A-pillars for a truly custom look.
    Toyota designers gave the C-HR a modern and uncluttered interior with a bold placement of accents and a driver-centric orientation. They call it “MeZONE,” but it’s hardly selfish at all. It means fun for the driver and welcoming for passengers.
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    1. Bhupendra Gosai

      This will be my next car

      1. SDA Dan Cars

        Cool 👍

    2. LouLou Taylor

      Just bought this very car being delivered next week. Can't bloody wait such a stunning SUV 😍

      1. SDA Dan Cars

        Great choice 👌🙂

    3. Lukasz Witek

      Good and complete review.Thanks!

      1. SDA Dan Cars

        Thanks Lukasz 👍🙏

    4. Nicon Santillán

      It’s 1.8L

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    5. Inge Nunis

      Is this only going to be available in Europe? U.S.?

      1. SDA Dan Cars

        În Europe is already 👍

    6. Sudhirkumar

      निर्मला सीतारमन ne इस par जोर दिया कि..hydrogen car banaya jaye..ओएनजीसी ne फंड दिया .

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    7. Syncme Android

      Is the guy speaking an Indian?

      1. SDA Dan Cars

        Hehe ...I guess not 🙂

    8. Massimo Cresti

      Brutto il taglio del pannello porta posteriore.

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    9. nadira lakmane

      Thanks for this review ☺️

      1. SDA Dan Cars

        Thanks Nadira for feedback 👍🙏

    10. mina pakan

      sorry but 2017 model was best..2020 is absolutley rubish ..1 st car is get smaller. navigator is just more colorfull but not usefull..not shows all contact names on the screen just numbers only..all rain leks in to the car from dore,, not enough voice for road cameras warning. 2017 was full or half lether seats 2020 is simple material .i took it back to the toyota even they cant fix it...but 2017 model was perfect.. if you like toyota just go for rav4

      1. SDA Dan Cars


    11. Lehanemar

      Hi is this a sports car the CHR ?

      1. SDA Dan Cars

        Not very sporty but sportier then other in this class 👍

    12. aLvin87 ِ ِ

      Is this the manual version?

      1. aLvin87 ِ ِ

        @SDA Dan Cars oh thanks

      2. SDA Dan Cars

        If I remember well yes 👍

    13. Saida Gharbi

      I Love Toyota💐💐🥰🥰💕

    14. asha maduvanthi782

      My dream car

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    15. Nicu Nicolas

      Congratulations for your very good videos ! Keep up the good work. Are you romanian ???

      1. Nicu Nicolas

        @SDA Dan Cars Mulțumesc frumos. Un an fantastic plin de abonați și vizualizări. 👍🏻

      2. SDA Dan Cars

        Merci frumos Nicu pentru susținere si pt vorbele frumoase. Sa sti ca ambele sunt masini reusite. Toyota este mai scumpa din cate stiu design si spatiu as merge cu Captur. Pret optiuni design, spatiu .... La ch r motorul este foarte bun si pe asta se bazeaza ei inca ....

      3. Nicu Nicolas

        @SDA Dan Cars Doamne ce bine sa vad romani care fac o treaba atat de buna ! Bravo ! Ma uit cu drag la prezentarile tale. Atat de amanuntite si calitatea imaginii super. Bravo ! Sa ai un an nou fantastic. Apropo : ce ti-a placut mai mult ? Noul captur sau toyota ch-r ? Ce ai alege tu. Captur sunt interesat de e-tech. Nu ma pot decide intre cele doua.

      4. SDA Dan Cars

        Thanks Nicu 👍🙏🙂 Yes iam

    16. Mannan Qa

      Please answer me reply fast

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    17. Mannan Qa


    18. Mannan Qa

      What is the name of this car

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        C HR 👍👍🙂

    19. nith faster

      How much bro

      1. SDA Dan Cars

        You have the price in the video at some point in CHF you cand see in Google in Usd 👍

    20. Lezarcus Aceldama

      is this available in philippines?

      1. SDA Dan Cars

        I think yes 👍

    21. Athanasios Zachariadis

      I love my chr hubrid 2020!! Amazing design...!!!!

      1. SDA Dan Cars

        Yes I like it to 👍

    22. I Sea Anemone 7007

      If you don’t have kids you don’t have to worry about them not being able to see out

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        Agree 👍

    23. I Sea Anemone 7007

      The indicators / blinkers look like eyebrows

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        Yess 😁

    24. Best Gamer

      My dream car 😖😌

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    25. Cici Latina

      😍😍😍I love it.. It drive real smooth... I own one myself C-HR 2020

      1. Patoo Wan

        How much did buy the 2020 CHR

      2. SDA Dan Cars

        Great Cici 👍 🙂 Thanks for info

    26. Muhammad Abdul Basit Hemal

      one thing I feel so disgusting... The Horn pad size??? Why small size?

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    27. AL swadikk

      Is this car electrical

      1. SDA Dan Cars

        It is Hybrid 👍

    28. henri girault

      superbe cette voiture c'est l'avenir,l'électricité il n'y en aura pas pour tout le monde.

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    29. melodytalks

      Please keep in mind that this 50% increase in range they falsely advertise, does not mean that regenerative braking will give an 50% range increase! This isn’t going to bump your range from 100 miles to 150 miles. This simply means that 50% of the kinetic energy lost during the act of braking can be turned back into acceleration later. It is important to realize that on its own, regenerative braking isn’t a magical range booster for Hybrid vehicles. It doesn’t make Hybrid vehicles more efficient per set, it just makes them less inefficient. Realistically, Regen in Hybrid will boost up to 5% increase in range only in rural areas and Not in motorways. In highways regen gives you No boost in range at all! Too expensive too.

      1. SDA Dan Cars

        Thanks for info 👍🙏

    30. Rabia Ali

      Buying my first new car.. was thinking either Yaris hybrid Excel or peageot 208.. but seeing this 🔥🔥 or even comparing this to the 2008... what would you recommend

      1. SDA Dan Cars

        Hi Rabia, it is hard to say because all are good and nice models, I think is better to see it in real and see which one you like more and which is better for you as you drive it. I have also on my channel Reviews with 208 and 2008 you can see and make an idea. Toyota cars are very reliable and nice . Hard to choose one 🙂👍

    31. 1StarProductions

      I heard these are dangerously slow.

      1. SDA Dan Cars


    32. Mahmud Rabbi

      Is it manual Or Auto car ?

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        You can see it in the video at some point 👍

    33. pryncess-abledbyGod


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        I guess not on this model 😪

    34. Salah Salameh


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        I dont remember very well but I have a video with test drive with the same car you can see it on my

      2. Salah Salameh

        @SDA Dan Cars does the car has a sport drive mode?

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        What do you mean ?

    35. serkan kul

      Toyota C-HR Hybrid Made İn Türkiye Toyota Sakarya factory production

      1. Kaison Adam

        @Major Leonel Awesome! It took roughly 15 minutes but it worked!

      2. Major Leonel

        dont know if anyone cares but yesterday I hacked my gfs Instagram password by using Instapwn. Cant link here so search for it on google ;)

    36. Ethan Hunt

      No panoramic sun roof ? No ventilated seats ?

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    37. jms tm

      bruh the back of this car is like the back of the honda civic

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        Yes 👍

    38. Tewil Element


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        At some point Tewil in the video you will find the price and all info

      2. Tewil Element

        How much price

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    39. KAIN PEPE

      How could you forget about the shifting gear I know it’s an automatic but there’s an option on the automatic gears you can play with the gear shift it to your left on the M + & - it’s basically feels like your driving a stick shift but it’s still an automatic the car is made like a sports car but it’s a 4 cylinder. This guy that was making the video is really focus on the little things and beauty of the car but not really on the details of the important things. I would appreciate if you will do a video that includes important details

      1. SDA Dan Cars

        I will Pepe 👍👍

    40. Bossy Ginger

      I'm so tired to listening 😴

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    41. Dushantha Wasala

      very nice car

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    42. Steven Rees

      What is he on about i have got it on my excel model the Spoiler

    43. TA Margain

      English 101, work on your verb conjugation, present tense third person always takes an " s" unless it is irregular.

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        Thanks for tip👍👍

    44. Lo

      My dream 😭

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      Please make a video for toyota yaris review

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        I already did it check out here

    46. Peaceful World

      does it has a camera ? . if it has one, please tell us about camera quality . thanks

      1. SDA Dan Cars

        Yes it has a reverse camera and the quality it good. Not the best not the slimmest. You can also see the camera on my other video with test drive new ch-r. There you can make a better idea.👍👍

    47. pacita ong


      1. pacita ong

        My fb ka

      2. pacita ong

        @SDA Dan Cars hi Dan

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        Hi Pacita 👋

      4. pacita ong

        @SDA Dan Cars hi

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    48. N

      I live in California, my family lives on the reservation in Arizona. This would be nice to drive out there for me. I only wish it has a panoramic sunroof or a normal sunroof.

      1. SDA Dan Cars

        Yes Nessie I think so 👍👍🙂

    49. johnny lee


    50. johnny lee


    51. Evana Abraham

      If they only take a few Toyota C-HR Hybrid 2020 inches like 6 from the trunk and give it to the space for the back passenger for those small compact SUV, it would be nice.

      1. markmd9

        A few more centimeters for back passengers, a few more for the trunk, a bit more ground clearance, bigger back seat windows and voila we have raw4

      2. SDA Dan Cars

        Yes 👍

    52. Hasan Oktan

      Back seats not good and back side is like a small cage - ı feel not good in back

      1. SDA Dan Cars

        👍 Thanks for feedback Hasan

    53. Kao vang

      Before I get into this video, does this year model at least have a damn lever/button to open the trunk instead of having to get out of your car and open it with your hands???? Coz I have the 2018 C-hr premium and it’s a BIG con due to that issue. Not sure why Toyota created a 2018 car with no trunk button or automatic trunk opener .

      1. SDA Dan Cars

        Good point Kao, thanks for feedback 👍

    54. Olivier Sebastian

      The front design looks like vios..a taxi car

      1. SDA Dan Cars


    55. Elias Spyr

      I am sorry guys but I believe that they made a bad looking car even worse. My opinion of course. I am not talking about quality or size of the car or whatever else. I am talking about the looks from outside. And do not tell me I am anti-Toyota because I drive a 2020 RAV4. And by the way a very nice review.

      1. SDA Dan Cars

        Thanks Elias for feedback 🙏👍

    56. Maqsood Ahmad

      Price in Pakistan

      1. SDA Dan Cars

        If someone know please answer...

    57. Dexter Morgan

      Where is the sunroof? Why? This is a deal breaker for me. You need to have a sunroof. It makes the car feel more open. This is dumb, that they still think it doesn't need one.

      1. SDA Dan Cars

        Yes I love sunroofs as well....😪

      2. Dexter Morgan

        And it better get 37 mpg on the highway.... Or it's a fail.

    58. Hannah Price

      When will the hybrid be available in the U.S?

      1. SDA Dan Cars

        Hi Soham Thanks for info....probably next year will come there....😪

      2. Soham j

        April 2019 article published it for Dec 2020 in the US, but with covid I am now skeptic on the timeline. I did contact a Toyota near my house in Indianapolis but they didn't have the information.

      3. SDA Dan Cars

        I dont know but you can ask in US at an Toyota dealer 👍👍🙂

    59. Muhammad Fahd


      1. シᛇᚹᛨᚦᛊᚱ

        @SDA Dan Cars wtf!!!

      2. SDA Dan Cars

        Good question....i think it is around 5-6l

    60. Richard Tebbano

      Why do i need mi iphone plugged in to use my navigator

    61. Rose Valenzisi

      Looks like a Batman car

      1. SDA Dan Cars


    62. Wherewego Fromhere

      Can we add things to our car

      1. Wherewego Fromhere

        @SDA Dan Cars thinking of setting up a wrap area for a bra for the front end I don't like the the other kind of bra for a car it rubs the paint

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    63. Rahul S

      Nice Review👍. Can you also do a test drive video..

      1. SDA Dan Cars

        Thanks Rahul really appreciate

      2. Rahul S

        @SDA Dan Cars Thank you, for your quick reply. I really like your channel though🙌..

      3. SDA Dan Cars

        I already did ....check it out on channel👍

    64. Purge

      24:02 ofcourse back is more space if you push front seat foward.... compare other seat which is next to it

      1. SDA Dan Cars

        Yes agree 👍

    65. V8 DXB

      I really loved the way this car looks in person, when I had the car for review I was surprised to see how well everything fit together and the interior space is insane!

      1. SDA Dan Cars


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    67. alina rose

      I have fortuner but I always wanted to buy this I really like this car just love it...

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    70. BURC YRLMZ

      It looks more sporty and prestigious than other toyota models. Which would you prefer between Peugoet 2008 and C-HR?

      1. SDA Dan Cars

        Hard to say ....both are great cars ...probably first but not sure if it is reliable....

    71. Ivana Loušová

      Toyota veškeré designy jsou velice hezké Dávám prst nahoru sama Jsem vlastníkem už třetí Toyoty vždy o od model a moc spokojená

      1. Dushantha Wasala

        very nice

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      Świetnie Toyota!

      1. SDA Dan Cars


    73. agus Maknyus

      Cek aing mah beungeut na kurang alus ieu mobil teh.. Ngadon harga na weh salangit... Level na sapantar HRV dijual harga CRV.... nya kalaut weh nu aya.. 🤣🤣🤣

    74. Genet Bekele

      Wow i am going. To buy soon but the problem. Is toyota ch-r. Hybrid. I need fully. Electric because. I do not want to pay conjunction charge i am just wait if toyota company. Bring toyota c-hr with electric i was expecting. By 2020 toyota company has to offer fully elecctric. Rather than hybrid

      1. SDA Dan Cars


    75. afriana Azizahunram

      Look interior seat

    76. fff z ezzahra tinffo


      1. SDA Dan Cars

        Hi 👋

    77. Simply Me

      Thanks for the reviews Toyota chr or peugeot 2008 ? Which one is the best ?

      1. Wertําฟ้าน Wert

        @SDA Dan Cars SDAD

      2. Simply Me

        Thanks for the reply i think I'm like more 2008 than chr How was controling the car with that steering wheel while turning right or left and get it back to straight direction ?

      3. SDA Dan Cars

        Hard to Say ...both are great cars....

    78. Sassy girl

      I've been drooling over this car from the minute I saw it when it first got on the market. Love at first sight. The seats in Toyota are always very comfortable (I once sat in a Ford, and it was like sitting on wood, quite hard and uncomfortable if you're used to Toyota). The back window however is what keeps me doubting. It's not that big and the way it is makes me think it's not very good visibility. Makes me doubt between this car and the, boring, Corolla hatchback 🙂 Gonna buy one of these 2 cars by the end of the year.

      1. adrian coelho

        To be honest, after two years of ownership, the back window has not been a problem at all. 90% of the time I look left, right or straight ahead. If you have to come out of a road, and look over your shoulder, you just approach at more of a right angle and you can see perfectly. I have never regretted buying this car. Also, people who have sat in the back have never complained.

      2. SDA Dan Cars

        👍Thanks for feedback and taking time to write...indeed a nice car 👍🙏

    79. Mohammed rafi

      Almost perfect but slowest car in the compact suv line.and little bit smaller then vezel.if the rear seat and rear leg room were bit larger ,with 50more hp it would take first place in the compact suv line.look at cx3 and cx30 engine, those are beast,and there stability is surprisingly very well.

      1. SDA Dan Cars

        Yess I guess you are right 👍

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        Also Thanks for watching my videos Irma🙏👍

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      The correct term for blinkers in English is flashing indicators. So stop saying blinkers and start using correct technical terms. Horses wear blinkers.

      1. SDA Dan Cars

        Ok John Thanks for tip 👍

    84. Fernando Vargas

      A good one C-HR hybrid for Boston... cool

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      Am loving my C-HR 2020😘. Got mine 2months ago. She is in white colour and i named her Becca😊😊

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      2. Justine Munyonga

        @Alexandre Lacazette 😊😊👌

      3. Alexandre Lacazette

        @Justine Munyonga i have mine too. I named her Munyonga. If you know you know what i mean. 😍😍😍💋💋💋

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        @SDA Dan Cars Thank you. She is perfect👌

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      Great design. Together with having Original signature from Toyota.

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        How much in Tanzania shillings? It should be received in Tanzania harbour of dar es salaam

      2. SDA Dan Cars

        Yes 👍👍

    88. Bhushan dalvi India Mumbai

      Hi Toyota c-hr awd 1 fwd 2 rwd 3 Why ? See send ok

      1. Bhushan dalvi India Mumbai

        Toyota c-hr 4wd ❤👌

      2. SDA Dan Cars


      3. Bhushan dalvi India Mumbai

        4wd 1 Awd 2 Fwd 3 Rwd 4 Car toyota c-hr see you why

      4. SDA Dan Cars

        🤔 I really don't know

    89. H

      Can you comment on the seat height? The doors looks pretty tall, Thanks

      1. SDA Dan Cars

        Yes it is higher 👍👍

      2. H

        @SDA Dan Cars Thank you Dan. I am thinking about this car because it looks like the driver seat is slightly higher than the average sedan. Can you confirm?

      3. SDA Dan Cars

        I like the Seats ..i mean they are very good. And the heights it is interesting. It is a good driving position 👍

    90. Phechr 345


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    91. brave heart

      Woow my dream car

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        My next car🙌.. but not quite my dream car

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    92. Vučko Mrakić

      Let's be honest.... This car is UGLY..

      1. Wertําฟ้าน Wert


      2. FlightSimMovie

        If you dont like the design you will hate it so much but if you like it i would be very beautiful!!!!!!! So c-hr was like you either hate it or love it. Everyone have different opinions :)

      3. SDA Dan Cars

        Good attitude 👍 u to

      4. Vučko Mrakić

        @SDA Dan Cars I'm not offended... :D I used to work on these socially afraid person like this Fran... :) This guy does not have life. Persons like him, are not happy with their lives, so they are trying to feed their anger with insulting other people. That's why I'm always chill. :D BTW its just a comment section, so I don't give a fu*k about his spoiled mind. :D Have a good day Dan!

      5. SDA Dan Cars

        Everyone have his own opinion Fran, you have to learn to Respect other people opinion and not offend them.