Nine & Patrick's STAGE is SO Fantastic! 尹浩宇和高卿尘在 'Me and My Broken Heart' 的舞台超有冲击力! | 创造营 CHUANG2021

创造营 CHUANG2021

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    CHUANG 2021, produced by Tencent Video, is a variety show of an international boy group formation. It is dedicated to fully showing the stage performance, vigour and persistence of youngsters of new times. Nearly a hundred boys from various countries, agencies and colleges, with the help of outstanding seniors, will be together to make cultural and professional exchanges, improve themselves by rising to the challenge, explore their true self and chase their dreams zealously.
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    1. สุดารัตน์ ฆราวาศ

      จะ 9K แล้ววว เย้ เพราะมากๆ ฟังทุกวันจนจะร้องได้แล้วอะ โหวตให้ทุกช่องทางเลย ขอให้ได้เดทั้ง2คนเลยนะคะ สาธุๆๆๆ

    2. Hsu Hannie

      Nine & Patrick

    3. Hsu Hannie


    4. Maria Yovita

      Yashhh Patrick

    5. JM Wang

      Patrick! Patrick! Patrick!!! 😍

    6. C H

      Am I the only one who scream at the last scene every time I watch it😂 why do I get shy watching this two guy looking into the eye of each other🤣

    7. ArtsyMarc is HallyuUmma

      So excited to find this! What a fantastic job! Plus I recognize 🤗 Amber!

    8. alittle tid

      Susu patrick


      You have to open more trainees individus from abroad because many overseas people are nicer and attract more attention for chuang 2022

    10. Jan Lester

      So proud of my boys.🔥

    11. Pipipoly Tp

      สู้ๆ สู้ต่อไปนะคะ 💗💗💗



    13. pawinxiety

      Y'all let's go for 1M views

    14. Mi Le

      900K GO GO

    15. Wrn Phong-iam

      Fantastic both of you 👏👏🔥🔥 🥰🥰

    16. Christian Iannelli

      Do they have instagram?

      1. Christian Iannelli

        @Phitchy Son thank u :)

      2. Phitchy Son

        patrick_pppat naninenai

    17. Tddv_No1 !!!

      Come to 1M Views

    18. Mary Grace Montebano

      Number of people who want Nine and Patrick debut 👇

    19. Mary Afrakomah

      This Performance is amazing but the guy at 11:17 mad me fall more for the performance 😍😍

    20. Phương Trần Thị

      Hai bạn nên luyện tập để cải thiện cột hơi của mình. Chúc mừng màb biểu diễn.

    21. Quinn

      let’s support them both! they’re both so talented! hope nine & patrick debut together 😊

    22. Nur Farhanum Rosli

      Wah I really like their theme .Like 2 bestie .They are look so cute . Hahaha just my opinion .

    23. Ilham Al Aiman

      Nine and patrick you're so talented. Please everyone vote for them, they deserves for debut Good luck!😍💘

    24. PANDA

      admit it it's not your first time here

    25. parkksinee Srisiri

      💯Go for it

    26. Sow Prakhe

      Nine is Great too.❤️❤️👍

    27. Sow Prakhe

      I watch the show because of Patrick!!❤️❤️❤️

    28. Mi Le

      850K GO GO

    29. 6IV2 Naranjo García Perla

      Juro que fue intencional pero me enamore de Nine 🥺💙

    30. สู่ขิต

      ตอนนี้ติดเพลงนี้มากเลย วันนึงฟังเป็นร้อยรอบ (เรื่องจริง;_;) ตอนก่อนนอนก็ต้องเปิดฟังเเล้วอะ ไม่งั้นไม่หลับ มุแงงง

    31. vavgrafia :D


    32. vavgrafia :D

      just 200k for the 1M, i'm so proud

    33. m i c h e l l e

      Patrick nailed it!

    34. Gi Raffe

      1M is on your hands.....pls help

    35. Heenim Fiara

      Nine good luck

    36. Khánh Vũ


    37. nida hakima

      please vote them 😭🤍

    38. Crude Yeoja

      ROAD TO 1M!

    39. tranquanghao - namdinh

      please support them

    40. Tanja Sonneborn

      I love the performance from them. So I was curious. Most of the time when a actor, singer , musican and so on pique my interest, I would like to learn their background. I know Nine from his previous Drama and you can find more information over him online. But unfortunatly not over Patrick so more. I know he is born in Germany and obviously his Father must be German and since 2014 he lives is Thailand.

    41. Plato S.

      Ohhh. Nine and Patricks vocals is so good. The looks... Is that should be even a question?

    42. anee

      I LOVE nine's acting so much (he might be my favourite in the thai shows i watched so far) and i think his voice is absolutely beautiful i used to watch his insta lives just to hear him sing. so imagine my surprise when he can dance like that too?? If he's this good at dancing after such a short period I'm sure he'll keep getting better and better. Also this is my first time seeing Patrick and i was so shocked when i found out hes only 17. Hes clearly very talented at both singing and dancing and definitely deserves to have a high rank. Im glad one of the mentors seemed to really love him too. And theyre both beautiful people inside and out. I hope they both make it far in the show, hopefully straight into the debut lineup

    43. Felisia Sasmitha Rani


    44. alessandra claudia veron

      Patrick su su na !!!

    45. melody 0660

      Patrick ✌️✌️✌️✌️

    46. G6 Cartagena, Gina

      Road to 1M!!!! Yeah really a Gifted Students!!!

    47. Elina H

      0:39 lol Santa is adorable

    48. Cami Asto

      Ok, but I literally fall in love with them ♡

    49. restia minati

      I need full ver. Performance Patrik and Nine

    50. Thainá Cristine

      Very talented 💜🔥

    51. Thainá Cristine

      Ei, tu aí lendo, DEUS te ama muito e nunca vai te deixar. 💜✨💜✨💜✨💜✨💜✨💜✨💜 *Não desista, seja forte, tudo ficará bem*

    52. Thainá Cristine

      Oye, estás leyendo, DIOS te ama mucho y nunca te dejará. 💚✨💚✨💚✨💚✨💚✨💚✨💚 *No te rindas, sea fuerte, todo estará bien.*

    53. Thainá Cristine

      Hey, you who are reading GOD loves you very much and will never leave you. 💙🌈💙🌈💙🌈💙🌈💙🌈💙 *Don't give up, be strong, everything will be fine.*

    54. Anthony Sario

      Happy 800k views!!! ❤❤❤

    55. ธัญญพร สาตร์ศรี


    56. Y4NGX2

      PLEASE DEBUT !! 💗 💗 💗 💗

    57. M P


    58. lau keith

      It is not difficult to see why NINE get the MVP. Firstly, his emotional voice. The difference between his voice and cute face really attract people. Also, he knows how to present himself in front of the camera, his facial expression really attracts the audience before and during the performance. In short, he knows how to capture our focus. But the biggest reason i think is his personality. HE IS REALLY REALLY REALLY CUTE!!!, especially his smile!!! When you see him, you will love him. That is the main reason, no matter Patrick is a little bit more handsome than NINE.

    59. yawatee hayiai

      omg ฉันรักพวกเขามาก😘😘

    60. Emi Hamasaki

      Just here cheering on my Nine baby from 2moons2!

    61. Ike Pootip

      เข้าไปโหวตด่วนครับ. ไม่ได้เสียตังอะไร. ตอนนี้น้องนายอยู่ลำดับ 13 กับแพทริกที่ 21. ยังไม่พอไป debut ครับ. กดรัวๆครับช่วยหน่อย

    62. หมูสามชั้นผัดกะปิ จันทร


    63. aku cecan

      p'patrick and p'nine su su na kha and i miss youu

    64. อวย เมน

      สุดยอด ดีเลิศ เด็ดขาด อันดับหนึ่ง ศักดิ์สิทธิ์ มหัศจรรย์ ที่สุด สุดเหวี่ยง ฮีโร่ สุดยอด เยี่ยม ยอดเยี่ยม ยอดเยี่ยมยอด ดีที่สุด เลิศที่สุด ชนะเลิศ เลิศเลอ ดีเด่น บริสุทธิ์

    65. Yun Srey Pich

      Let’s go to 1M view and don’t forget vote for both of them, Su Su 💪🏻

    66. Charlotte TG

      Ywaaaaa I can't stop watching P Nine and Patrick contents!!!! I'm just sooo prouddddddd!!

    67. Kirinism

      กรี๊ดดดดดดดใคนจะเชื่อน้องคนไทย เป็นหน้าเป็นตาให้คนค่อนประเทศมากลูก หนูทำดีพี่เทกระเป๋าค่ะ!!!

    68. panda Ijo24

      Nine 💗💗💗

    69. Alyssa V.

      Patrick's voice is like those boybands in the 90s.. I love it!

    70. W. Gear


    71. Velinda Laksmita

      Nine is so perfect omg💖 he can sing, dance, and has great personality! Like he's so adorable, he can easily make friends, he's so supportive and mature! Just like what Mentor Ning Jing said, everyone will likes Nine whenever they see him. Well it's bcs he has star aura that can brings happiness to everyone. He has all what an idol needs! He must debut! Fighting Nine! I'll always support u!💪

    72. Xù Mì

      Patrick's voice is dope I can't help replaying this vid

    73. Chibi Melody

      Patrick from The gifted graduation and Nine from 2moon2 💙💙💙 very cool

    74. Diva h

      nine.. omg is so talent. i love u. latin america soports you...

    75. ZL

      Hope they can debut!

    76. David Kristiawan

      Keren banget sih... 👍

    77. ApoJang Channel

      Love you all ❤️🇹🇭

    78. xiu a


    79. Luna Balbuena

      I've watched this every day, multiple times a day since it came out

    80. Pablo Neruda

      The views, damn.

    81. Le donut studio

      I just came here and there is a whole bunch of fans and stuff

    82. siyi wang


    83. Preciouse Villaflor Sanico

      Nine and Patrick are one of my inspiration in life

    84. Nigth Flower

      I want kris Wu next year to be a mentor on Chuang 2022 😁💖 Who wants kris Wu to be a mentor on Chuang 2022👍💗💗

    85. Ngoc Khuong

      so love Patrick

    86. Aliss Qiss

      Please Vote them !! Nine✨✨ Patrick✨✨

    87. Fitri Ainur

      Pattrick fighting 💙

    88. chaerism


    89. Mariam Luy

      Vote them by installing the WeTv app then search Chuang 2021 and then under its video is their voting channel, you got 11 votes every day

    90. chimon eysiii

      My gifted baby❤️

    91. AbKhrsyh Amkas


    92. tranquanghao - namdinh

      From Vietnam

    93. Dimas Ahmad

      ฉันหวังว่าการเปิดตัวของ Aamiin

    94. Arunotai Aruno

      ช่วยเอาหน้า Vote wetv มาแปะหน่อยคะ จะ vote ให้น้อง Patrick , Nine ขอบคุณมากคะ หรือ ช่องไหนรีบเอามาแปะก่อน Vote. จะได้ทันให้คะแนนน้อง ๆ ทั้ง 2คะ

      1. nuch k

        โหลดแอป WeTV ก่อนค่ะ , แล้วเลือก CHUANG2021โหวตเด็กที่คุณชื่นชอบ, จะมีรายชื่อเด็ก ขึ้นเรียงตามคะแนน ตอนนี้ Nine No.13 , Patrick No.21 โหวตได้ทั้ง 2 คน ทุกๆวันลุยเลยค่ะ

    95. winter rose


    96. Burn Jo

      Vote for patrick

    97. paulina torres

      Patrick 😍.

    98. Eva Maria Flores Granados

      i'm obsessed with this performance

    99. Gie Dee

      I am not shocked to see this video has so many views! Good luck Nine & Patrick!

    100. Frankly Soriano

      Patrick voice was so good and also nine vocal duo