[OFFICIAL] Oxygen the series ดั่งลมหายใจ | EP.6 [1/4]


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    สามารถรับชม Oxygen The Series ดั่งลมหายใจ ได้ทุกวันเสาร์ เวลา 22:15 น. ทางช่อง ONE31
    และรับชมย้อนหลัง เวลา 23:30 น. ทาง Mauve Series และ Special Scene ทาง RogerFilx
    Here are all the links of #OxygenEP6 with English Subtitle!
    EP6 1/4 : thwikis.info/section/w-d-xo/sKKibpiVbpi2iG4.html
    EP6 2/4 : thwikis.info/section/w-d-xo/b6mGe8pmcqvVeKk.html
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    EP6 4/4 : thwikis.info/section/w-d-xo/jMOvqtKXbau5gZk.html
    Original Novel by : Chesshire
    Directed by : Pongpisit Bottasri
    Produced by : Aroonchai Bamrungthai
    Creation by : Roger Films Studio, Beluga Production and Mauve Bangkok
    ศุภณัฐ เลาหะพานิช รับบท โซโล่
    ชนะภูมิ เถรว่อง รับบท กีล์
    ธนบัตร งามกมลชัย รับบท เก้า
    ภูเบศ ธราธรชนะกุล รับบท ภูริ
    ธันยนันท์ พิพัฒน์ไชยศิริ รับบท ขิม
    กันต์ชนุตม์ เก่งการค้า รับบท หมอเพชร
    ยูกิ ดุรงค์แสง รับบท หมอเพิร์ท
    ชญานนท์ บุญมานะวงศ์ รับบท เขม
    ติดต่อโฆษณา : mauve.official@mauve.co.th
    Mauve Bangkok would like to extend our gratitude to more than 30 translators around the world for contributing in our community program resulting in the wonderful 19-language subtitles.
    Facebook : www. OXYGENSeries
    Instagram : Oxygentheseries
    Twitter : OXYGENSeries

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    1. Lu-Army

      Mi pregunta es¿?quién será el Uke y el Semee 😅

    2. Erudian 900

      Ok but tbh in my opinion when perth wear that doctor outfit idk why it does looked so match for him. Damn

    3. Nor Hamira

      Gui looks so smol 😂

    4. Entertainment Guru


    5. Pratichhya karki

      Idk why I immediately skip the doctor part😂


      Es entonces cuando me empezó a gustar la leche


      3:50 así es man , cuidalo❤❤


      Wiiii ya son pareja


      Bueno solo quiero decir después de todo el spoilers que me mande igual lo voy a ver :"c

    10. กัมปนาท ประเทืองคุณ

      เม้นไทยหาไม่ยากหรอกครับ ผมเม้นต่างชาตินะครับ

    11. susy rx

      "posso nn conseguir ajudar, mas sempre posso te abraçar"


        7w7 Wei Wuxian

    12. Sueli santtos

      "Castigo" essa é boa😄

    13. Silk Flower

      What's so difficult about telling him

    14. Yamila Iribarren

      Hola alguien sabe cómo se llama la canción que suena al final del capítulo?🙏

    15. Sueli santtos

      Quando o solo ia jogar o cllr eu lembrei de Fedora de "haja coração" kkkkkkk

    16. khan khan

      Solo looks like superjunior donghae.

    17. BubbleTea 18

      5:55 Are you sure about that? 😏🤔

    18. The prettiest parasite in the world

      "I might not be of help, but I can always hug you" that is soooo sweet TT

    19. วายย_ 93


    20. 아미·

      9:27 ta chiquito Que tierno es, cuidemoslo

    21. 아미·

      Amo la intro con el Ost, amo la serie, amo a Phubeth; amo todo :'3

    22. Irma F.

      Estoy tan enganchada con esta serie, que en estos días que no pude verla me hizo falta ♥

    23. Ttyui Vout


    24. Nsh 11

      5:46 They look like a puppies awww 🥺 5:54 Milk milk milk plz my mind calm down 😂

    25. Jacqueline Garcez

      So que fofos estou amando esse dorama, é tão românticos ufa

    26. luknum rp

      จะร้อง เม้นไทยแทบจะไม่มีเลย

    27. Bedatrayee Roy Chowdhury

      I loved the hug, it's so intimate!

    28. namie 449

      hermosa serieee, los amo nutpetch .!!!

    29. BananaUyu Kokoo

      I see p'zee and daddy mew in solo face but attitude oof that's so sarawat omg

    30. Giovanna de Souza

      as vezes parece que esse médico tem muito tempo livre

    31. Random Shuffle

      At first I thought Kao was a stalker but now I think he is cool. Is my favourite character of the show now, he went full gangster on Kay, I do believe he locked him in the bathroom. He really found creative ways to find information about Phu. Lol.

    32. Neha Sharma

      4:53 ohhhh goshhh... I laughed so hard at that

    33. Bon Sirikarnkulowo

      Yo solo vengo a decir que tremendo rolon que es el oppening de My oxygen 😔👌

    34. Casually Awkward

      Why give him the most loose shirt when they are doing a beach scene with wind

    35. sun 1227

      gui talking abt warm milk while sleeping together with sol......um so pure...lol

    36. ARMY Kim taehyung


    37. Yaoi Fan

      My room is hot😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Gui....😂😂😂😂

    38. Magui Valdés

      I find cute how Gui sleeps with his arms crossed like a mummy

    39. Møøñiê

      Solo : Spend the night with me! 🙏 Gui : Only in One Condition☝️ Me after watching the condition~~~👁️👄👁️

    40. Tae Awww_21


    41. Roselene Freitas


    42. Muyun Ai

      ชอบการตัดฉากมาก ตลกตอนแต่มีข้อแม้นะ แล้วตัดฉับมาต้องนอนแยกเตียง 55555

    43. Isabela Maria

      Não aguento com o Solo KKKKKKKKKKKKKK amo demais, ele é muito perfeito... Mesmo com os defeitos.

    44. Paola Arevalo

      Subtitulo en español

    45. Phúc Vicky

      No hot milk but ... a hug and sleep together ... hi hi hi

    46. Mona Imran

      Bro we got hindi subs sksksksksks

    47. Autumn

      How did they not see it was Khem when they looked right at him?!? There wasn’t even anything blocking his face 🤦🏽‍♀️

    48. Bright Metawin

      Parah bat lu, Solo. Bucin lu ga maen-maen 😂😂😂😂

    49. Lian 19

      Khim, the real gen y generation ahahahahahahaha

    50. Ellie Blake

      Their height difference is soooo cuteeeeeeeee😍

    51. Ana

      Ah gente... Acho que esse é o pior bl que já assistikkkjj não dropei ainda só pra ver o desfecho e porque gosto mais dos casais secundários

    52. Dulce Meil

      Ughh I DNT remember if I've seen all of this series ommmg!!!

    53. Sashana Henry

      P’Phu you need to like my baby back. He really like you.Don’t hurt my baby Kao please

    54. Sunny Flower

      10:08 Do I smell a sequel here!!! Please, please, please give this wonderful guy his own story!!!

    55. iLovG

      But... you do have warm milk ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    56. Yousef Abd allah


    57. กวินธิดา จันทร์สุนี


    58. Fire Wolf

      7:45 you know who I instantly thinked of 😂😂😂 Hint: 🕺🏏😈☠️🔪🖤🔞🖕💋 Yes. Frikkin Sangwoo 👁👄👁

    59. ᄉkyditvine

      I think bear and khem are suitable. I rewatched

    60. raiyan7

      Well after reading "Anakin" my prespective of seeing Jedi changed a lot . I must suggest that everyone whould read the novels first before watching the series . It'll add a whole diff level of attractiveness and emotins to the series .

    61. raiyan7

      Not me smiling like a fool thru the whole ep T_T

    62. Jessica Rodriguez

      12:02 me estás diciendo que Phu fue el que le escribió o que?🤔

    63. Jessica Rodriguez

      11:19 maravillosa jugada😎

      1. Jęńńfęr Jùąréz

        Asta el 8 es el último capítulo no?

    64. Jessica Rodriguez

      3:57 es que yo me emociono más cuando se abrazan o se toman de las manos🥺

      1. Jęńńfęr Jùąréz


    65. jason zhao

      Omg I died when Khim and the doctor wore the pots on their heads 😂

    66. gabriel Rodrigues

      Sol be like “tonight I am the one giving you warm milk 😌”

    67. EXO KINGS

      Am the only one crying over solo & gui's size difference !! Solo literally engulfed Gui in one hug 😭😭 it's so cuteeeee

    68. Karol

      Gui: "I gave up because I dont have warm milk for you tonight" Me: no dirty thoughts, no dirty thoughts , no dirty thoughts, no dir- ..... "Boy, you kind do have warm milk for him"

      1. Kshithi Mutalikdesai

        My exact thought... 😁

    69. Here for the BL

      4:53 I went from crying to laughing my ass off

    70. Nanz Sawitri

      กีต้าร์ ร้ายค่ะทุกโค่นนนนน น้อนร้ายมั่กๆ🤭

    71. una loca que esta loca

      Son tan lindos y ahí está la preuba :) ♡♡

    72. jeick ᎯᏒᎷᎽ

      talvez eu seja o comentário PT-BR que vc esta procurando

      1. jeick ᎯᏒᎷᎽ

        @Jamile Nile kkkk

      2. Jamile Nile


    73. Milliane Góis


    74. Erik Rodríguez

      Gracias por los subs

    75. fxxgeurl

      i love oxygen's opening😭😭😭😭 feel different from other

    76. Sukanya Paul

      Is there anyone who can't skip the intro song coz its too beautiful???

    77. Kolap Yellow

      Watch and rewatch. Waiting for new ep. Hahaha. These kids are handsome, talented.

    78. Chalita Bp


    79. Kanokporn Songka


    80. NERVIIS official

      Is that “ Ocean Eyes” playing in the background?

    81. Aliya Maisara

      So no one gonna talk about how beautiful khim is?? Omg she is so beautiful..😍❤️ Come here because tonight is Oxygen ep 7 soo im gonna memorize everything before im watching ep 7..😃✋🏻 (Sorry for bad english)

    82. shania shanz

      Gui is so cute.. But solo's innocent look makes him adorably cute.

    83. ghazal _m

      am i the only one who think that the girl kinda looks like jimin from AOA

    84. marta matute

      jajajaja me mató que Gui ya sabe muy bien como manipular a Solo jajajaja leer libros, aja, esty seguro que lo que Solo quiere hacer no incluye ningun libro. Fui yo la unica que cuando Gui dijo que no tenia leche caliente para Solo penso que enrealidad si podía darle otra leche muy caliente? 7u7

    85. jada stewart

      Dude I’m so into this series but I’m sad that the audio sounds like it was recorded on a toaster and now they sound like Thai Siri

    86. Reina Vega


    87. โอม กิตติศักดิ์


    88. chovi crosszeria

      awwww!!! solo es un celosín!!

    89. นิตยา วงศ์ทิตย์

      กีล์หลอกล่อเก่งจัง น้องต้องยอมใจอ่ะ

    90. Georgia Thomson

      I love how Guitar literally sleeps like a corpse.. it's both strange and cute

    91. Ren Seretse

      Guys am nervous to watch this episode😂😂😂..I have been putting it off since Saturday.. I mean I read the novel so..argh 😕

    92. suza loey

      Is it just me who wants to see story of two doctors?? I love them

    93. Andi Alfina Damayanti XII AK 1


    94. Ayu Nirmala

      Teks nya kemana

    95. Bình An Vũ

      Yêu cặp này quá đi 😍🥰❤️💞

    96. S W

      Guitar: saved that phone’s life Me: thank you lord

    97. I Parn


    98. S W

      Solo and Guitar had finally had talked about how they were feeling and what happened in the moment when Sol had disappeared. My heart is filled right now

    99. Becks Talbot

      I just love reading these comments 😂 Solo is so cute even tho he is a big baby but I love it!!

    100. Hout Mengleang

      Translate khmer