OPEN WORLD POKEMON! NEW Pokemon Presents LIVE Reaction! #Pokemon25


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    Pokemon Legends Arceus and Pokemon Shining Pearl / Brilliant Diamond CONFIRMED!
    Open World Pokemon is FINALLY coming and I couldn't be more excited!
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    A dream come true, we are getting 2 Pokemon Games, Pokemon Shining Pearl and Pokemon Brilliant Diamond, as well as a full blown Open world game, Pokemon Legends Arceus! I can't believe the latest Pokemon Presents, this is my Pokemon Presents Pokemon Direct Live Reaction in real time with the aDrive Army! Over 16,000 people watched this with us as Pokemon announced the newest titles in the Pokemon franchise!
    #Pokemon25 #Pokemon #PokemonDirect #aDrive
    11 Things YOU MISSED in Pokemon Presents! DETAILED BREAKDOWN of #Pokemon25
    POKEMON DIRECT CONFIRMED! New Pokemon Presents for #Pokemon25
    NEW POKEMON DIRECT is COMING! Let's GO Sinnoh, Pokeball Plus and More!
    LET'S GO, SINNOH! NEW Pokemon Tweets, Let's Go Rumors, Switch Pro and More!
    SINNOH REMAKES TEASED?! Pokemon Week has STARTED!! #Pokemon25
    Playlist for Pokemon 25th Anniversary!
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    1. The Interragator

      I honestly like the chibi stile

    2. Joshua Jones

      2 new pokemon games

    3. Joshua Jones

      I'm so happy a new pokemon game yes

    4. Yehya Khalaf

      Am I the only one who thinks this time the last Pokémon u catch in the game will be arceus after u finish the story?

    5. Kdmann003 4

      The wild area was just a taste of what legends arceus is gonna give us

    6. Mvicke

      Its still cool though

    7. Mvicke

      I think sword/shield is better

    8. Hunter

      i cried tears of happiness

    9. Ethierewin 1

      So excited for the open world adventure but I would have definitely chosen the old versions of the remakes.


      This man just ruined the entire live stream, "ItS reAl It's rEAal! It's rEAl"

    11. Ronn Nightcore

      me who can't afford the consoles😁

    12. DarkTerminal Gameplay and More

      Know what would be the absolute best Pokemon game ever? Not to talk smack and say that open-world isn't enough, I'm super hyped as well but what if we had..... OPEN WORLD VR


      It’s gonna a a young prof oak

    14. Mr kery

      ill wait for platinum remake and hopefully they remake that artstyle they showed off

    15. I'm not here

      idk how i feel about this. sword and shield were a big let down.

    16. efratasa

      adrive: i feel like im dreaming me: well then its a wish come true

    17. Amanda McDanell

      Pokemon Legends Arceus, more like Pokemon Breath of the Wild! Lol just realized @julianthegreninja is the top comment so give all the credit to them, so @julianthegreninja I did think of it on my own though

    18. Shadow Flame

      Wouldnt it be fun if there was like a game where its like pokemon go but u have to buy real pokeball and the pokemon would be holograpgic when u have to catch em

    19. Skuash

      Damn, this is what you call a grown-up fanboy little girl.

    20. Jonathan Emir Pizarro

      Yo this shit is making me nervoes

    21. Daniel Domer

      I was thinking about subbing up since he was obviously so pumped and into it. I love that energy... but then..... He. Just. Wouldn't. Stop.

    22. Windhelm Guard

      *thud* intensifies!

    23. NasusDKing xd

      i legit started crying at one point its just beautiful all the memories bruh

    24. Lumberjack king the great

      I hate leaks and rumors ok not really but they ruin surprise

    25. Rojian

      Can't believe it took this long for Arceus to get a game but I digress

    26. Viking Gaming

      I just realized Zacian was definitely modeled and inspired by Fenrir from norse mythology. Fenrir is a giant wolf that carries a sword that is destined to kill Odin during regnarok and is the son of Loki and a giant

    27. Diamondguy5678 Is my user In Roblox

      I watched the whole ad when it game

    28. Sans, god of puns

      I hope cynthya is still hard

    29. easton christensen

      Ahhhhhh the squeaks though....

    30. pimpn juggalo

      DUDE nobody cares that the leaks was real shup up and talk about the GAME

    31. The25thSaam

      Is Pokémon snap VR?

    32. Benrjhoughton

      Game looks really good just hate sinnoh starters

    33. Mason Bason

      It’s just you dang

    34. Player 1

      The only things he said was THE LEAKS ARE REAL

    35. William Beaver

      Pokémon platinum come on

    36. Ban Kean Chan

      How is it a dream when it’s a gideo

    37. Evan Stewart

      I haven’t been updates on any Pokémon now I’m freaking out!! I’m so excited for the Pokémon arcueas or however you spell it you know what I mean!!!

    38. Johnny Joestar

      I will recreate my old diamond team on brilliant diamond as gen 4 was my first gen of Pokemon games

    39. UsoppFindsThisillegal


    40. Andrew Jones

      Now we get to spend a few years whining about Gen 5 remakes

    41. reinhold ROSSMANN

      I hope there will be many Extras like a casino

    42. Jeniffer

      Well, since the whole community has already decided that Legends will be sh*t after a 3min-trailer, I think that my personal opinion doesn't matter anymore at this point. Everything I could say now wouldn't be enough to express how disappointed I am in this community. That's why I quit every social network. But you know what? Maybe we should give GF a chance to learn from their mistakes. I know why you're all pessimistic as f*ck: because you don't want to be disappointed when it's sh*t. So you ARE actually hyped, but you don't want anyone to know. And I understand that. And since theres nothing worse to you than when someone defends Game Freak... Just let me say one thing: give them a second chance. If they screw up again, you can cry as much as you want. There has been a lot of justified criticism that you have expressed, so give the developer a chance to prove that he has listened to you, rather than saying from the start that the game is going to be sh*t. Because if you really believe this, why did you criticize at all? And you know what kind of people I hate the most? People who say "we don't want this" and they think that they're speaking for the whole community. It's cancer. Sincerely, a 28-year-old woman who has been playing Pokémon since 1999.

    43. Joseph Hnamte

      How can u be sooooo loouuddd without opening ur mouth full😅😂

    44. SharkBait360

      Okay so Pokémon brilliant diamond and shining pearl exists, so does this mean we could also get platinum??

    45. Gyarados422


    46. Gyarados422

      I'm expecting to lose my hearing going into this.

    47. That_Nerdy_Kid 128

      I was crying

    48. Jeremy Couch

      Dude I love your videos but your voice is just so annoying stop getting so girly excited

    49. Edmar Jean

      Let me guess the Mouth like always

    50. Edmar Jean

      I don't no the Mouth

    51. Edmar Jean

      Lol its coming out next year

    52. Ao400

      im hype but in my opinion it was way overdue!!!

    53. Oscar Castillo

      Can’t wait Pokémon legends holly molly looks awesome 👏

    54. Aaron Stapleton

      Get this man to 1m already

    55. avatar guy

      Atleast its not called pokemon snap deluxe

    56. Pklqwsgwfh Eqzpmshmyc


    57. Pklqwsgwfh Eqzpmshmyc


    58. Wolfdarky Magician

      Very nice it coming?

    59. mike spath

      Kanto or nothing what's up with all these new ugly ass creatures

    60. Gaming Ric

      Best reaction of the year lol 😂

    61. foxfire7

      I dont get people who dont like the chibi style? Like, that's literally what every game has done so far? they're just doing it in 3D

    62. Amaterasu Gōka Mekkyaku

      gosh this dude its anoying as fuck

    63. FancMango


    64. YuU GaMiNg

      For android or nintendo switch or other

    65. Eli Foster

      its not a dream

    66. ChickenOfDarknes

      Hopefully the disappointment breathes a new era of Pokémon games that get good in the future. Sorry to sound like a hater but Arceus is where Pokémon should have been 5 years ago not where it should be today

    67. Mikha Nathaniel

      Finally the furret can stop walking

    68. Roadrunner Diamonds

      Jow Adrive i think lucario is one to watch u see how they used it in all the new release games promo , i think it will have a new form

    69. Natasha Brooke

      I love how the future of Pokemon lies in the past

    70. Fer Chío

      I honestly thought I'd feel excited but DAMN. I shed real tears upon seeing the remakes 😭😭. The love I have for D/P/P in spite of having never finished it thoroughly - UNDERGROUND DIGGING??? Yes please! Now Idk what Legend of Arceus will feel like. An open world is great- but i really do miss "getting ambushed" in the grass by unseen pkmn. Might just be me 😔. I am just SO curious on how the open world is going to operate. Bags? Clothes? Food? How much realism is it really being put? BUT BRUH WE CAN BATTLE AND CATCH IN OPEN LOOKING WORLD??? Hell yeah!!!!! Do feel kinda bummed that I didn't catch Pokemon Conquest on the nostalgia trip 🤣. I really enjoy that game ggg

    71. Mega Pizza

      When grown men cry.

    72. end me plz

      Everything was in 2D now it’s in 3D

    73. Lauren Zabler

      I live streamed my reaction to the direct and legit cried on stream like I had tears. Pearl was my introduction to the franchise when I was 6 and I’ve been waiting for remakes for so long

    74. Goblez

      Soy face thumbnail

    75. Lux Eyax

      Oh I forgot aDrive is well informed with leaks and all. I was hoping for a shock and confused reaction that changes into excite and disbelief of what's going. Hahahaha Leaks ruined every elements of surprises.

    76. Robert Unger

      I'm so hyped for legend of aches

    77. Anthony Rivera

      Amazing 👏🙀😮 but my favorite of them all and hard core fans would say pokemon gold,silver,crystal are one of the best long two series games that I can't wait for them to make again with the new animation!! Legendary dogs hunt chasing them down hoho lugia Legendary birds red vs ash the list goes on....2023 or 2024 idc I would pay good money to buy that!! Give a like if you agree 👍

    78. Kuro

      Where do you see the lets go style wtf😂

    79. Deku_the_Super_Saiyan

      I'm not gonna lie I'm only getting the Pokemon legends game because it has the best starter Pokemon Cyndaquil

    80. Christopher Kariotis

      16:53 When the clip lags and says “Pokémon Legends Arc f u” then loads as Legends Arceus

    81. Yetpat Yet

      15:33 when the class finds out we not gonna get homework

    82. Rias

      Still feel the open world game should allow you to start from any region and work your way through each one. No, Pokémon is exclusive to the game. Have actual human contact via online. The for legendaries. It should be special conditions or even random encounters or just time frames around the world.

    83. Michael Gallant

      Unsure about the D/P remakes. Gen 4 was my least favorite.

    84. droid fighter

      When Pokémon makes a direct after sword and shield 3% of fans: oh boy I can wait to see what they have to offer The rest of fans: They better not mess up the TREES

    85. Luke Radford

      The only game I’m hyped for is Pokémon legends arceus

    86. Emily Hellmare

      Pokemon legends Arceus trailer gives me real Legend of Zelda feel, and the tuck & roll move only inhances that feel.

    87. Ali Almudahka

      Wait 2022 ever arabic famous athlete and teams in country's will come to qatar for the world cup that means I wont get legends of arcues but I am not sure

    88. Enders Light


    89. David Hand

      They're real, and they're spectacular.

    90. joshua francisco

      I wish this can be played on mobile too... I wanna catch them all.

    91. fats865

      This guy is annoying

    92. fats865

      Dude stop talking

    93. Minecraft Pro 360

      Dude just let people expirience it without spoiling it

    94. jeff n

      Thank god I wasn't spoiled from the leaks.

      1. The Interragator

        Me too

    95. ryan wilson

      lesson learned it was real

    96. Lance McGill

      This is gonna be the most real life pokemon game yet.

    97. Yon Rex Gamer YT ツ

      Pokemon chibi shiny Pokemon: Breath of the while

    98. TopJamesOD

      Is it just me or did anyone spot the G representing team Galactic on the arm of the character you’re going to play as in pokemon legends

    99. Dumfriez ZZ

      What is the correct way to pronounce Arceus?

    100. fariman konar

      Fuck me this guy needs to chill