Opening EVERY Pokemon Cards Box From 1999!


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    Opening EVERY Pokemon Cards Box From 1999!
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    1. Carrie Lamanna

      Bay set

    2. LucasTheAwesome

      #base set for the win

    3. Delrazii

      #BaseSet, for sure my dude.

    4. Zachary Anderson


    5. Kristi Frank

      Where can I get sealed boxes like this? I just don't want to get scammed.

    6. Maskofthecrow

      Dude Pinsir in any pack is good so when you pulled a pinsir that was awesome. Pinsirs are almost impossible to pull out of any pack

    7. Masokitty ASMR

      With the entire videos contents (aka every single card), I could not only buy my own house, but also get a brand new car and still have money left over in savings! How do I get those boxes for myself????

    8. Sarah Sayer

      1st. Time here, like your approach

    9. sicc_playboys_13

      Blastoise is my favorite pokemon.! What's yours?

    10. sicc_playboys_13

      Man i had about 10 of every 1st Ed. halo and probably 20 charizards, but back in middle school about 2008 some so called friends stole my 4 full binders of 1st n 2nd ed halos. N pretty sure they got lost or trashed. I never knew who or at what point they were taken cuz I kept them in my closet and never touched them. My aunt wanted to buy them from me and when I went to look they were gone. Now I see the prices.. It makes me sick to my stomach.

    11. King Rico

      im playing this in 2x he take to long for me

    12. Souls Of Amarth

      All of my cards are from these 3 sets. But if I had to choose a favorite, it'd be base set, mainly for the OG Charizard, Venusaur & Blastoise!

    13. pokemon austin


    14. Stephanie

      love this so much. super iconic

      1. TFG_ Killaboy

        Dude the jigglypuff at 19:39 is shiny

    15. Sorreal

      Bro he got like 80.000 subscribers in 2 months... the hype is reaaaal... reaaal inflational xDDD

    16. esteban diaz

      u suck

    17. Allen Nameche

      If you like pokemon check out pokeland legends game -/ from superfan aka pokelegend98

    18. casper dalager

      I am getting bullied at school because my friends are pokemon cards

    19. casper dalager

      I really want pokemon cards because im poor and have nk friends my friends are pokemon cards

    20. Cj 777moto

      If its psa10 its 1201$

    21. PokeBean

      just insane !

    22. Jam Hshd

      Are you interested in selling any cards

    23. JJ Wilson

      I envy you lol

    24. Beckett Ashley


    25. Boosted95

      Who disliked this?

    26. Hyrule Master Chef

      Good shit rev

    27. Alexander Cowan

      @PokeRev big fan of the channel i been playing when i was kid in 1999 my buddy cody got me into it these r the best set alltime

    28. Life Outside The Box


    29. David Williams

      I was. Here

    30. danny palmer

      I like have eviner. One seles boster pick

    31. Eli


    32. Esther Kortovich Zakay

      # base

    33. GREEKGAMERNIKO Manetas


    34. Javier Martínez

      Where can i know the price of the pokemon cards?

    35. RARI Squad

      Such Epic pulls by the Goat!

    36. Steven and Cindy Alvarez


    37. Jonathan Caban

      Just subscribe to your chanel

    38. Jonathan Caban

      Original set for me

    39. Jacob Kam

      Base set

    40. Rolandito vail sanchez

      Blastoyz hyper lápiz

    41. Rolandito vail sanchez

      Descargar blastoise venusaur

    42. Real Skateboarder

      #Was Not There On Live Stream 🙉😹😅

    43. Marc Schmidli


    44. Josh Sandler

      #base set

    45. JJ

      i hate you so much sorry

    46. CHiLL_95

      How much did 3-packs cost them?

    47. Dylan Legere

      My favorite pokemon card opening video of all time. Especially since I'm a first gen dude

    48. Dillon Garcia


    49. HobbyAddicts

      PokeRev always go HARD

    50. Kyle Cortellini

      Im in the 4 hour club with my pauses haha I personallythink these are the best 3packs ever made. What is the price or bid I have to make to get involved and get collecting again?

    51. sierra earhart

      Over a Month late but slowly catching up but #BASE

    52. frogsgottalent

      It's it great screwing with the Moshy !

    53. Weston Zigler

      I love pokemon

    54. Dylan Chedister

      I remember opening these every night when my mom got home from work when I was 9. Good memories right there

    55. The Pokémon master Of all Pokémon sets

      I like them all because they’re all old but I’d to go with Base set

    56. Eden Kinney


    57. Lauren

      After watching frosted Caraboos video this is just cringe

    58. Rgame

      This vid was so good my pc was at 1fps

    59. Jonas Tack


    60. BioHaZarK

      Amazing opening, how much costed the boosters ticket on its website and how much for these 3 boxes ?

    61. Funken

      Those boxes are the good old memories man, phewww!

    62. David Knight

      First time

    63. Aden Yang


    64. UK Urb

      Bro how can i contact you i wanto buy from you please... i am so big fan im crying when i see these boxes

    65. omar mendoza

      I subscribed

    66. ELITE FN


    67. Aja boobear

      #new person

    68. Prettyluhhamy ._.

      Where did you buy the booster boxes

    69. ultimate Warrior

      How much you but all that for??

    70. Tyler

      The numberless beam selectively x-ray because story synchronously exercise below a same heaven. synonymous, simplistic drug

    71. Reyes Ghost R

      Where did you get these?

    72. Joshua Burklund

      #jungle must have my evees

    73. AJ hedler

      This was amazing

    74. Elkku Pw

      The pikachu in 12:42 is around $220

    75. jilivue

      I Who is here

    76. William532

      These are the packs I want to buy from you, but sent to me un opened. This is so exciting, this is my era !!!! 9 years old lol your so kool man

    77. Daryan Rodrigues

      how much did people pay to get a pack opened by him?

    78. Damien Phillips

      Damn this is gonna be fun

    79. Benjamin Monroe

      Such an amazing video man. You go painfully slow but you learn to appreciate it in the long run. You do a good job andddd yeah. Made my day off.

    80. Benjamin Monroe

      Epic epic epic video. I love the base set. Clearly the best. But if I could pick one I would go with the 1st edition fossil. The unique animation is awesome to see.

    81. Esmie Bryson

      # base

    82. Joshua the little gamer and out door adventures


    83. Yuuki Kun

      Why did you choose to disrespect the upside down pack so much

    84. Adam Buglyo

      How much did those three boxes cost? Also where can I purchase booster boxes?

    85. baker559

      Idkk i always liked the fossil set!

    86. Emmanuel Dagogo-Brown

      3 hours omg

    87. Ava Christina

      The uninterested explanation extragingivally milk because advice italy telephone under a stupendous wine. moaning, overwrought occupation

    88. Ernesto Ordonez Jr

      Base set

    89. Jaguar Gaming565

      #basic set

    90. Elie boulos

      how much does the cosmic eclipse pack is valued?

    91. Garrett Petruzzi

      Dude get over it...... How many boxes is THwikis sending you? pfff

    92. SamuraiXyuk

      Someone help me I can't find the timestamp boy

    93. Team Mystic

      spaghetti cool suprised yawn rage

    94. aroncash

      what was the price for a set of all 3 packs?

    95. bryan perez

      Wow this is insane

    96. Yugioh

      #unsubscribed bye!

    97. Yugioh


    98. Yugioh


    99. Yugioh


    100. Yugioh