Our Pregnancy Story and Loss...

JuJu & Des

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    1. JuJu & Des

      Hey guys, For anyone wondering, we weren’t necessarily trying to get pregnant. The beginning of the video was simply us sharing when I thought I might be and ended up with a negative test result. Much of my emotion in those clips came from a place of fear, as I’m sure many women can relate to. We were not trying to force anything, this is simply our journey. Thank you all for your kind words and support. We love you all so much ❤️

      1. The girl called Wanjiru

        Don't give up!!!🙏🙏

      2. Jasmine Hill


      3. R

        Literally in tears!!! I’m so sorry you guys went through this. You guys are blessed to have each other. As you guys said ... positive vibes only! Just wanted to say you guys are a beautiful couple we are sending love and hugs from south Tx. May the lord continue to bless you guys in you’re journey. ♥️🙏🏼♥️

      4. FirstClass1995

        This happened to me at four months and it’s been two years and I still feel sad it’s okay love just know that this will make you so much stronger gosh I just wanna hug you so bad !

      5. FirstClass1995

        Destiny I love you I know this is hard I was 4months and lost my daughter and I love you so much I’m here if you ever need anything on coping with this but this just means gods going to bless you with many your so strong for being able to come out with this publicly I’m so proud of you both and your good g to get through this you’ll never forget it but you will become so much stronger from it !!! I love you juju and des

    2. kenta freeman

      It's Gonna Happen Luvs, I Also Had A Miscarriage Last Year And Me And My Boys And My Fiance Took It Very Hard So I Definitely Understand. Just Know God Knows What He's Doing And It Will Definitely Happen Again..On God's Time. Be Strong💕

    3. K O-N

      Stay strong babe❤

    4. Lorenzo Trey sojane jr

      Destiny I'm so sorry i know the feeling I'm a single father i lost my 4 year old son he died 😢 I've never been the same ever scince then i even tried committing suicide ..I'm sorry I know the feeling

    5. Natalia Rodriguez

      God bless you ❤️ God has plans for u ❤️

    6. Sippity Manli

      She's the only person I know who still looks so beautiful when they cry😭❤️

    7. Miriah Rosas

      Omg November 22nd is my birthday! 🥺🥺 Yall are going to have your miracle baby! Keep yalls heads up!!

    8. OneHandedGamer

      Man this hit home very hard because me and my girlfriend had the same experience happened to us also but we found out she was 2weeks pregnant then it happened I'm guessing it waa because of the stress she had because of some issues then her sister Rip got bit on the face by pitbull and with that stress made it happened, then we I got us two puppys I'm really thankful for those dogs now because without them idk what I would b at right now at the moment but I look at it things gotta get worse before they GRT better

    9. Serenity 242

      The baby passed on your birthday to let you know especially Des that he/she's loves you and will always be with you 🤍 🕊 we love you ! Pls know that Gods timing is ALWAYS perfect. God is good all the time, and all the time God is good! 🙏🏼🙌🏼

    10. Tahira M

      awwww i tried so much to hold my tears in. thank you guys so much for sharing this with us i know for one it aint easy to share it. yall are strong and everything happens for a reason. I LOVE YOU GUYS

    11. Sandziswa Mamba

      I'm really sorry you guys ❤️🙇🏾I'll pray that God heals your hearts and helps you on your journey ❤️

    12. Sidney Shaw

      No judgement but is there a reason yall don't want to get married first? I just see how it is a trend to get pregnant first or get engaged and never get married.

    13. Sinda Ontiveos

      Sorry to hear tha i gone 3 Miscarriages nd I thought tha I couldn't have kids tha what the doctor told me

    14. Cleo patre

      Wow amazing

    15. Maryanna Perez

      Everything has a purpose 🥺💖 stay strong love you guys !

    16. Prettyshayy X.O

      I’m really sorry for your loss.. Everything happens for a reason and when the time is right you will be blessed with a rainbow baby. & I hope now that you know what pregnancy loss feels like this makes you realize that those pregnancy pranks are not funny.. many women can’t get pregnant and have lost a baby. I’ll never understand why you and many of your followers thought those pranks were funny. I’ve lost 3 so I know what it’s like as well. Pregnancy should never be a joke.. whether you’re trying or not I wish you both the best of luck!

    17. Siwe Neo

      Sending Love and prayers.. to them and anyone who can relate ❤️

    18. Matilda Kopshti

      I am so sorry😓

    19. Karla Hernandez

      I went trough this last year on march 😭 this is so sad and heartbreaking

    20. Monica Hernandez

      This video made me tear ,

    21. Lizbeth Garcia


    22. Lizbeth Garcia

      I’m barely catching up! Have been so busy with work but omg... I’m sorry for your loss! Destiny, you’re so strong and you had me crying all along with you. From that first negative, I know the feeling of not trying but still being excited for the what if. You are so strong for sharing this with us! We love you!!! ❤️❤️

    23. Hannah Garza

      When she was talking to her future baby omg 🥺😭 when the time is right you are going to be an amazing mommy and Julius will be an awesome daddy and support system I already know it 🤞 wishing you both the best 💕💕💕

    24. Joccy Alfaro

      I was pregnant with twins and had a miscarriage, the most traumatic experience ever and I’m sorry you guys had to go through that. Stay strong ❤️

    25. Ericka M

      Why do girls take pregnancy tests if they have no symptoms of pregnancy? Smh just setting yourself up to be disappointed

    26. Jmomma 712

      I am so sorry for y’all. I went through this video with you. Being happy and excited but also seeing the title just broke my heart 💔 Your time will come guys. Love yous

    27. Tiffany Doyle

      So sorry to hear that :( :( I miss-carried Jan 17th

    28. Diana Mabera

      Wow Des you gonna make the best mom

    29. Patron VlogChannel

      Why yuo crying whathappend

    30. selena Brown


    31. Amy Nicole

      I love you guys ❤ I pray for both of you and destiny you will have your baby I promise and when you do you will be an amazing mommy 💕

    32. Queen Girlygg

      I’m truly sorry for your loss 💔 you guys are so strong and beautiful! I’m sending prayers and love 🙏🏽💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕😍

    33. K F

      It was so emotional but damn all these ads were annoying. Please stop using them 😭

    34. christy cruz

      Sometimes things happen and we don't know why, just know God loves us and I'm so glad you guys are getting through this together 💕. prayers for you!

    35. Angelica Lola02

      My ❤ aches!!! Im sorry momma. All in Gods perfect timing. God bless yall

    36. Diana S

      Sorry for your lost ! I’m currently going through a miscarriage and it sucks. It’s a very mentally and emotionally exhausting. Lots of love boo 💕

    37. Diamond Sosa

      how you not trying to get pregnant but it keeps happening over and over? then you crying but you not trying to get pregnant? stop posting yo shit on youtube for clout when there’s people really struggling.

    38. Jasmin Solis


    39. Nan Caay

      I know that feeling I also found out I was pregnant on December and at 7 weeks I also had a miscarriage to my first baby it was devastating because I was excited about it but when I lost it like I can’t even explain. It still hurts but I’m trying to get through it because I’m pregnant again and I’m praying it doesn’t happened again I also pray you guys will have a second chance may god bless you guys ❤️

    40. Monique Danielle

      I’m so sorry !! I work for a infertility doctor. You guys should consider AI or IVF. We can test to make sure embryos are healthy before implantation OR there are tests we can preform on Dest to make sure there’s nothing in the uterus preventing the embryos to stay

    41. Bridget khainza

      So sorry dears. I love you guys be strong and you know, everything happens for a reason. God bless you. Watching from Uganda in Africa

    42. Olive & Rob

      thank you so much for sharing this even though i’m sure it was so hard. sending so much love and prayers your way!!! we love you guys 💕💕

    43. Jeffery Evans

      Praying for u guys

    44. Lew Crew

      Thank you for having the strength to share your story. It encourages others to share and further the healing process. We also experienced a loss. Our son wasn't breathing when he was born. They recusitated him, but he died 12 days later. We didn't even find out we were pregnant until i was 5 months, so it was very unexpected. I firmly believe everything happens for a reason. Thanks for sharing, you're gentle souls ♡

    45. Nely Ramrez

      Omg i was going to cry i love u guys cause u guys are so positive

    46. Rosa Garcia

      I'm so sorry for your loss. I came across your video & it touched me. I loss my Dad to cancer 7 years ago on my Birthday. Till today, i never understood why on my birthday. When you said it's a connection you will always have, it made sense.. I finally have realized losing my Dad on my Birthday is a special connection I'll always have with him...

    47. jo crockett

      Oh des 💓💓 I love you. You will be an amazing mother when your time comes!! I lost a baby at 9w and it was the worst hurt.. but my biggest blessing came to me 6 months later and I found out I was pregnant again. You are not alone! 💗

    48. Awino Oscar Oguta Oguta

      So sorry .it's really painful

    49. Sam Darden

      I am so sorry for your loss. Stay strong because everything will work out and it will come 🌧🌈❤ Wishing you two the best

    50. Ian Osman

      U will conceive twin another time u trust me ....just pray we will pray for u

    51. Ian Osman

      Congrat just pray and never used any drugs in pregnancy be honest life short and sweet ..I make a lot of mistake I throw away many

    52. Denisha W

      Oh Destiny....I wish I had the words for you... I'm praying for you and Julius!!!

    53. Hana D

      U guys are so strong may God be with you both

    54. Samantha Posas

      You remind me so much of me. I had 7 miscarries. They all were so painful. But now i have 3 babies. 2 sons ages 5, 3. A daughter 1 yrs old. Your time to will come. Im praying for yall😭🙏💗🙏💙🙏 I love yall💗 God Bless Yall Always🙏💗🙏💙🙏

    55. Brenda Landa

      Made me cry 😢

    56. Erika Espinosa

      I love you guys sm ): all my love and prayers go to you both! God timing is perfect and even though we don’t understand the way he works sometimes things will happen when they do. 🤎

    57. Arianna Thomas

      I’ve tooken a couple tests that have been negative shoot I still have one I didn’t take because of how the other said negative , I know it’s a bummed out feeling... but when he said shut up & started crying I immediately sunk in & started tearing up I felt that like it was me In the situation 😢 but hopefully soon ❤️ the baby would be so beautiful!

    58. Monika Basaria

      Two beautiful souls, you have a wonderful guardian and most importantly you will create such a beautiful family in the future 💖

    59. Evelyn González

      So sorry, I know the feeling I’ve been trying for a year, and after losing hope I missed my period and I took a test and sure enough It was positive. I’m 7 weeks right now and I just pray to god everything turns out alright ❤️ good luck on your journey

    60. Crystal Manzo

      Still cant believe this, you guys deserve the best!!!

    61. Yeselina Gerardo

      You guys are so amazing and so strong. You guys will get through this together. You guys will be great parents some day together ❤️

    62. Janelle Davis

      Please keep your head up beautiful , trust me it will happen 🤞🏾❤️

    63. Olivia Titoko

      Sending soo much love & prayers to you both🙏🤍

    64. Mpho Mamabolo

      I am do sorry guys I also cried

    65. The Hesson Family

      It will happen when it’s time. So sorry you two had to go through this. I have a family member that went there several miscarriages and now has a nine month old daughter. Keep trying

    66. Jasmine Walker

      God bless you guys. The best is yet to come because out of the wildest storms comes they beauty of the aftermath. ❤️

    67. Imya Price


    68. Angela E Vjr

      I struggled to get pregnant too And then when i finally did I had miscarriage. 6 months later after trying again got pregnant with twins but lost them again to miscarriage.. I was so sad but prayed for strength and continued to hope for a baby. I stopped trying to purposely get pregnant and left it in God hands. Got pregnant 2 months after my twin miscarriage. Was so scared I was gonna miscarry at every doc appointment I prayed cause I had so much anxiety. Didn't even share the news with family until after 20 weeks pregnant... But now I have a beautiful baby girl 2 months old sleeping in my arms. I love my rainbow miracle. Just keep faith stay close to God and put it in his hands. It will happen not in our timing but his. Your in my thoughts and prayers.

    69. Radah Kathleen

      Sorry Destiny🥺🥺🥺🥺😭❤

    70. Suliana Tamasone Ekwonye

      Believe in God,you will be a mum n dad soon, heads up n God Bless

    71. Gabriela & Amir

      Anyone who reads this comment..... I LOVE YOU

    72. Ashlee Kamargo

      Im so sorry for your loss! I know exactly how you feel. My husband and I have been together for 13 years n we finally are expecting. We went through a miscarriage about year n half ago n it was tough. Just keep trying and pray n it will happen when you least expecting. Again im sorry but we will be praying for yall!!❤️

    73. 192SE619

      Love you guys! Been trying since we both miscarried 2x together 15years. Bless your hearts.

    74. Jasmin Valdez

      I’ve never cried so hard before 🥺

    75. Irma Music

      I lost my first pregnancy and it was the worst experience ever. But now I’m a mom and everything is going good. Sending love to you guys ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    76. heaven sent

      I love you two with all of my heart. You two are like my family.🥺 I'm so terribly sorry for you. I cried tears of joy when she was pregnant and saw the joy on her face, I got a bit emotional with her. It breaks my heart this happened, but I know that when the time is right Destiny will be the most incredible mother and I pray that one day when it's right, she will have such a healthy and beautiful pregnancy. 🙏🏼💕

    77. Amanda Bartholomew

      I just started watching you guys. Came across this video and it literally made me cry. I lost my baby October 31, 2020 at 14 weeks. It was the hardest experience of my life. I am still not completely okay and I look at other women that were pregnant at the same time as me having their babies and it hurts even worse. Not that I'm not happy for them but I dont understand why my baby was taken from me. I also see all these horrible people that end up with kids and I don't get how someone so terrible gets to have a baby but mine got taken away. I'm slowly becoming okay. It's all a matter of time and im working through it. Stay strong . You guys have tons of blessings coming your way ❤

    78. Olivia Alvarez

      I’ve seen this video on THwikis but have been trying to avoid it because I already knew how hard this video was going to be by the title but today I finally saw it and I am so sorry you have to go through this and just know your in my prayers🦋💙

      1. Hadiyah Atkinson

        Same this is my first time watching after avoiding it for months

    79. lorna quezada

      I was just telling my BF about this and the crazy part is we went thru this same thing about the same time ... love you guys

    80. Glo Perez

      His reaction to the test made my watery eyed 🥺 god bless you both your time will come ♥️

    81. Genesis Garcia

      🥺🥺 this made me so sad , I know you guys gonna be the best parents one day

    82. Melissa Silva

      that's is very common to happen with your first pregnancy, I lost my first pregnancy but my second pregnancy its already three. do not feel bad nothing that happen it was your fall. you did great it just Gods plans. I will keep you in my praying. keep strong and your soon will received your miracle

    83. Shavana Moores

      Hey guys, I’m so so sorry for your loss. Please don’t ever give up though. I’ve had 5 miscarriages & 1 ectopic but I have 3 beautiful daughters too. You won’t ever forget your baby but you will start to slowly heal & when the time is right, you will go on to have your beautiful little rainbow baby. Sending all the love & strength in the world 🌈 ✌🏼❤️

    84. Berenice Rodriguez

      So sorry for your loss 😭iam 12 weeks and i can't even imagine 😭prayers for you and Julious so much ! only time will heal if it ever does ❤️

    85. Swt Shifra

      Your going to get your beautiful baby this year 💖💖💖💖

    86. Angelina Johnson Martinez

      Sorry des and juju, hope yall will get your rainbow baby soon prayers you will be a good mother oneday des. love yall✨

    87. New News

      God will replace it guys 👦🙏. Sending you love.

    88. Lizbeth Bird

      Cried the whole video 😢 hopefully you’ll feel whole again ❤️

    89. Damaries Figueroa

      I am sooo sorry for your loss... I cried when I seen this video... I too lost a baby... I have 2 boys 29 & 16... And got pregnant with my third baby... Was hoping for my little girl & was due on Christmas Eve of 2017... A month later is when I lost my baby... It was really emotional for me when I lost my baby...😢 Haven't tried anymore...You will get pregnant someday & will be great parents... God Bless you guys...

    90. Hundo and Slim

      People with the best spirits, best hearts go through so much 💔 but in the end you come out so much stronger. I love that Des positive attitude hasn’t changed. People like her are such lights in this cruel, and dark world. I’m just glad that she has a platform to spread her positive spirit.

    91. Grace Inskeep

      It isn’t your fault, I know it’s hard I mean it’s your child but don’t give up with the fear of losing another because unless your doctor tells you so it was most likely just this one time. Again, I am so sorry and I hope you guys can cope with this together! I cried watching this....Much love ❤️

    92. vanessa garcia

      So proud of you two for being so strong during this time. I’m so sorry for your loss. I pray you guys overcome this and soon conceive and deliver a healthy, beautiful baby boy/girl. ❤️

    93. Princess Love

      #DES# n I got pregnant in December at the same time and I miscarried a month after that Jan 2021 🥲🥲🥲 it’s so hard I was mad at myself, I’m sorry DES I love u

    94. Destiny Nesseth

      I recently had a miscarriage as well just over a month ago and was also just over seven weeks. It’s hard when it’s your first baby and you’re so excited. It’s traumatic knowing it’s happening and there’s nothing that you can do to stop it. I still cry about it just about everyday

    95. Ruby Castillooo

      we love you guys

    96. Ruby Castillooo

      they are gunna be the best parents ever.... they are just so humble

    97. Aiza Itucas

      hmmm😢😢i feel u both sorry for ur lose...(i'll been there)year's ago and till now iam hoping and pray that GOD almighty give what our heart want's...ill pray for guy's..loveU😢😭😭my tear's cant stoppp😭😭

    98. Julia Vassar

      My heart is so heavy right now. I am sending all my positive vibes and love. July 25th 2018 I lost my son. I was about 3 and a half months. My due date was February 18th and I'm still struggling and recovering. Its not something you will ever forget, but I'd like to believe he is our protection the same way your baby is for you. We tried for him and it was the happiest time of our whole lives. Losing him my whole world crumbled. I really needed this today. I have been missing him sooo much especially lately. I'm so sorry. I could feel every tear yall shed and understand I will cry with yall everyday for all of our beautiful babies. I had an amazing doctor, and found an amazing funeral home that cremated the remains of my son. I still havnt had the strength to do something special with his ashes but this helped me so much. Thank you fir sharing this heart break with us. Some of us recalling needed that love and positivity yall gave us.

    99. Liz J

      I am 23 and I had a miscarriage back in October. I was between 6-8 weeks. It was/is the most sorrowful and heart wrenching experience of my life. God bless you Des 💖

      1. Red Flamingo

        I hope your ok 😥

    100. Sophia A Raghunanan

      Miss Destiny and Mr Julies, I am deeply sorry to hear about your loss. My wishes goes to you both and I pray to the lord above that you are able to try again some time soon once you have properly heal from this sad time, able to focus on yourselves and on each other physically, mentally and emotionally. I really hope all is slowly getting better for you as a young couple/THwikisrs despite what is going with the Covid-19 pandemic. Stay strong, sending lots of love and blessings towards your way from the United Kingdom.