Pink Sweat$ - At My Worst (feat. Kehlani) [Official Video]

Pink Sweats

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    Directed by: @courtneyloo & @davekarp_
    Production Company: @thricecooked
    Producers: @jamiarceoo @evanthicke
    EP: @fordtheboys
    Commissioner: @shadehsmith
    Product Manager: @gracekimjames
    Director of Photography: @franklinspov
    Production Design: @mamovernet
    Art Direction: @samneidenbach
    A&R: @adamjschulz @xcodybwarex
    PM: @kelseyy_andersonn
    1st AD: Cort Carpenter
    2nd AD: @wyattstromer
    Floral Artist: @clairefagin
    Floral Assistant: @jasongarofolo
    Set Dressers: @blak3hilt0n @al0ndra.pdf @jackmassura
    Colorist: @mikeypackage
    Color Producer: @actuallygoodwin @blacksmithvfx
    VFX: @brentenburg
    Pink Sweat$ Wardrobe: @boyslie @kidsuper
    Kehlani Stylist: @jasonrembert
    Kehlani Makeup: @patrickta
    1st AC A: @acheung_
    1st AC B: @mitch_be_cool
    2nd AC: @brooke_muellerrrr
    Steadicam: @steadistanke
    Jib Op: @limitlessnow
    DMX Op: @chris.van.lieshout
    Light Design: @specialpurposelightingandgrip
    Gaffer: @glowingambersproductions
    Key Grip: @helloitskip
    Grip: @danjobo @cibrah
    BBE: @tayhudd41
    Electric: Ben Perez
    BBG: Zachary White
    PAs: @kaziahthorn @saaam_thurmon @21maxsavage, @cheapchepe
    Picture Car: @seoulonsixth
    Locations: @thebeehive_la @jonnystiegler @nelsinhocury
    BTS: @macksimo
    Covid Officer: Ricky Burrum
    #AtMyWorst​ #Kehlani

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    1. Tania Naznin

      I like it at my worst

    2. Abhishek Jain

      His voice gives instant relief to your mind😍😍😍😍

    3. Poly Noms

      you ditched the other girl. not cool man.

    4. Bee Lemonade

      Ummmm what happen to the Doritos??????

    5. tess castro

      I need somebody who can love me at my worst know I'm not perfect but I hope can someone know my worth

    6. tess castro

      Wow so cool🥰🥰🥰❤❤❤❤❤💜💜💜💜💜💙💙💙💙💙💙💚💚💚💚💚💛💛💛💛💛💛💎💎💎💎💎its cool so much and tagalog version is cool everyone love at my worst song singer by pink sweat🏳️‍🌈🇵🇭💲🆒️🌈

    7. Gacha Cheese! XD Alisa

      U sø cUte

    8. Laura

      Beautiful music, beautiful message, and sweet style makes me so happy. This is a treasure for the world. xo

    9. Maria Vida Music

      one of the most aesthetic music videos + songs ever produced. perfect duet, voices sooo on point, the colour work, the melancholy .... man it's just got everything.

    10. Miss Catulin Channel

      This is one of my favorite song

    11. rita s

      Pink love 😍😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋

    12. Claudia Alice

      Que som incrível, ameiii, algum BR aqui?

    13. ISAAbeast

      Whos here from desmond dennis?

    14. Maimuna Hossain

      Uhh this song:333

    15. Tasha Mohanlal



      Get in the feels, you know?

    17. Vera Wati

      I LIKE IT

    18. Nursa sefu

      i think i need some body who can love me at my worst me too

    19. Sourav Das

      A beautiful song with a beautiful lyrics and rhythm. Fan from kerala❤️

    20. Ruang Sari

      number one

    21. yaowalak mananat

      I like 💖

    22. Walker Alexander

      Real talk. Who saw peng soo`s cover and came to see this video? LOVE!! This song. 🥰🥰😍😍🤩🤩

    23. Brian O'Conner

      *Pink!! Twerking*

    24. ทายซิผู้ใด๋เอ่ย ?

      พิมรี่พาย โกอินเตอร์แล้วเหรอ 555

    25. Alice Wamaitha

      Stick by my side even when the world is caving in YEAH😘😘😘

    26. meme chit

      My Favorite Song ❤

    27. 빨간치마

      폭신폭신한 분홍색 이불 속에 푹 잠겨있는 것 같은 노래♡ 펭수야~ 넘 예쁘고 좋은 노래 알려줘서 고마워^^

    28. Star Dawid

      This song is the best thing I'd listen and for this song I swear I'd do the worst cuase for this song there's no pretend and I swear I'd put this song first😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😉😉😉😀😀😁😁😁😁😁#Instagram name is

    29. Ahmed Han

      At my worst Her song was beautiful, but I think joonkook sang from Bts, and she sang better, and I was really fed. Jk sang live at my worst like a real one or 💜😘

    30. Shela Sai

      Kehlani dose not sound like she look

    31. 동해마을

      펭수가 부른 노래. 원곡 들을려고 왔도다 🤣

      1. 정진희

        저두여~ 펭수 꼬리물고 왔어요~^^ 듀엣곡이네요.. 울 펭수에게도 펭순이가 생겨야는건가...싶네요~

      2. 동해마을

        @우비빔밥 펭~하 ✋

      3. 혀니

        ㅎㅎ이런 글 있을줄 알고 왔지요

      4. 우비빔밥

        오~ 펭하입니다 떤배님!!

    32. hitman

      Starting feels like no women no cry bob marley😹😹

      1. Yu Yang

        @hitman I get what you mean now It does sound like it

      2. hitman

        @Yu Yang listen to starting music . It feels like no women no cry music from bob marley💕

      3. Yu Yang


    33. タ ウઽώєєτiє

      Que coisinha mais preciosa 💗🌻

    34. Abigail Forbes

      Love this collaboration.. Simply the best😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

    35. Amongla Ao

      Dear Pink Sweats n Kahlani, such a good song.... playing on repeat evryday. This quarantine is made better with songs such as this. Wishing u come up with more of these again. Love from India 🇮🇳 ❤

    36. Lizeth Ackerman


    37. Bruno Aristóteles

      Quero Pink Sweats no Brasil

    38. Nathalie Sicard


    39. MilesMiles593

      Me: *In my feels* THwikis: Are you looking for a quality watch for under $200?


      Omg, hay quá🥰

    41. Annaliese Shaw

      My boyfriend sent me this song😭♥️

    42. Hak Music

      My art my world ❣️ thank u so much song😘😘💞

    43. Toxic Boners

      Dis song is my mood 💯💯

    44. Brittany Brooks

      I literally love this music video so much! It’s so cute. I smile hard asf every time I watch it 🥺♥️

    45. Yoyo Guitarist

      Who is here after jk live... 😍😍It hits hardly

    46. kim yianes

      😘😘😘 ~ apong

    47. Succ Balls

      Theirs a samoan version to all my poly ppl! Stay blessed ya'll...

    48. 3rd April

      I really love this song🔥

    49. The Daily Melvinlytical

      Kehlani omg Makes Sense

    50. Ricky Septian

      My favorite❤️❤️❤️🔥

    51. Bhavya Ganji

      We are connected to this song 💞 Superbbbb song ❤️I loved it😍

    52. Thai Series From para subber

      Ada doritos 🤣🤣🤣

    53. Dayat Phb

      Mirip lagunya aduh kamu bikin aku lemas from indonesia

    54. xavier william

      This song hit me hard when I was dating my ex and I used to think about what could've gone wrong between us🍃💐

    55. Ruelle Madankar

      Never wanted the song to end....... Mesmerized by the video and the lyrics WhAteVer I'm replaying it for the 50th time!


      Brasileira 60 anos encantada com letra e voz LINDA!

    57. Ronny Cruze

      Sweet bro

    58. sandra callanta

      Happy mother's day🎂🥰

    59. Xara Marcus


    60. Prabhaharan Vellaipandi

      I'm here after Shakib Al Hasan's mention.😎.

    61. Sandra Kwarteng

      This song gives me hope about true Love

    62. Jermida Tlau


    63. Morine Toko 7C

      Here before tik ruins it 😊

    64. Mike Wang


    65. chach700

      Such a sweet song. Literally tearing. :*)

    66. Destiny Smith

      That was so beautiful 😭🙌🏻🥰😍💖🔥💯 Nothing but good vibes, and I'm here for it.

    67. Tanusri Banik

      Love this song💓

    68. Ako Si Tonyo

      Can we talk about the color grading of this video?

    69. Jordan Waterman


    70. Pels Llido

      Came here from Desmond. Lol.

    71. Christina Sanchez


    72. Ahmad Cole

      Always heard this song in the radio but never thought to look it in THwikis. I thought the singer would look like some sort like Charlie Puth, Justin Bieber or else. Kind of shocked when I see that this black guy wore pink sweaters with double corn rows ponytail.

    73. Shaniqua Taylor

      I love your song that when i go to bed i go to sleep evrey time

    74. ไส้เดือน บิน


    75. Lay Naris

      พิมรี่พาย ร้องเพลงโคตรเพราะ!


      Amazing .....

    77. Natasha James

      mahn i love this songgg..... such a beautiful song... ❤️❤️

    78. Afsha

      The old version is the best 🥰

    79. 김 아영

      Jason Derulo when he gains weight---😂

    80. Time Music

      My favorite songs that great ❤️

      1. Hương Ly Vũ thị

        @Ji Soo Husband l

      2. Xhafa John

        Thank you so much my dear you can also contact me on my private hangout email

      3. Ji Soo Husband


    81. ต้อง เอราวัณ

      ชอบมากๆ 🇹🇭🇹🇭

    82. The Play Fellow

      Thanks for gifting us this song 💜 I keep singing this song the whole day😅💜

    83. Moni Riba

      I never thought you were look like this before I saw you.... Nice song

    84. Elenoa Singh

      I love this song ...

    85. Longjam Amar


    86. tita coleen

      Pink sweats is such a blessing to this generation

    87. Sangita Gurung

      It’s so soothing 🤗😚

    88. Shanelle Malaga

      Love this song for real (¿Salik del jeugo?

    89. MsStotheZ


    90. Darkie

      Doritos 😍😍😍😍

    91. World youtube Official

    92. Lalchawimawii Hrahsel


    93. Taemeister

      This dude full-blown gay

    94. Mikhum Nembang

      Lot's of love from Nepal 🙏🙏

    95. Akanglemla Jamir

      I had this song

    96. Marie H

      Ok but that doritos ad placement was far from smooth LOL

    97. LifeRoute Awesome

      Once you hear the song you probably wanna listen to it and sing it over and over again.

    98. shirleen sim

      Awwwwww love this song so much

    99. Ei Shwe Zin


    100. Pantera Black oficial

      Alguém mais do Brasil apaixonada por essa musica? ❤️