Pokémon, but you can donate to release them (ft. Jaiden)


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    Jaiden and I raised money for charity by sabotaging our teams in Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire.
    You know, for the kids (and comedy).
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    1. jdogzero silverblade

      "jaiden will never understand the pain of losing a soul" me remembering her losing her gastridon in her nuzlock.

    2. ratt _

      Jaden:*hears someone loose their mom 11 years ago* Jaden:Thats what we love to hear!

    3. Curtis Newton

      23:05 Top 10 saddest anime moments

    4. Curtis Newton

      Plot Twist: Alpha and Jaiden invented the "for the children" line from WandaVision

    5. Squirt Rabbit

      you know this is a good video when in the first second mudkip/pikachu gets released in JUST the animation

    6. Ashley Ellis


    7. Paul Taylor

      Tails never fails

    8. SixtyOne

      the best stories are never made or wrote.

    9. SixtyOne

      that's a lot of money

    10. Dan P

      "All we need is one more Jeff bezos" Alpharad 2020

      1. Dan P


    11. Dos Dosru

      when you flip two coins there are 4 different out comes, both land on heads, the first heads the second tails, the first tails the second heads, and both land on tails so statistically that means there is a 50 percent chance that one will land on heads and the other will land on tails as that outcome happens twice but it being both heads is only a 25 percent chance and both landing on tails is a 25 percent chance.

    12. killua k

      The saddest moments in anime dr bustdown

    13. Jack Ace Acid

      I cried when Dr. Bustdown was Honorably discharged. He will forever be our best soldier

    14. Duckish

      5:57 full metal alchemist reference poggers

    15. Devin Doesn't Like You

      12:59 alpha trying to be good

    16. Vez Life

      Next, do another charity stream but instead of a race, do a randomized soul link

    17. pixelTGG

      for the kids!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    18. kaden wooster

      *g o o d b y e r e d d i t*

    19. The Living Glitch

      17:16 I feel like we’re going to only get to use it after the pandemic. And even then, it’s gotta be renamed.

    20. Jason Sproule

      Dr bustdwn u will never be forgotten and I feel like some one else put this comment and I’m to lazy to check

    21. PinkCraft Pika Girl

      2:43 Me an only child: *H A*

    22. Lucky Jero

      13:00 OUCH

    23. Jett L

      The rumor comes out "Is the google coin flip wieghted?"

    24. Thefishforthedish

      why are your avatars so s m u g

    25. aluminyo

      Dr bustdwn will live on

    26. aluminyo

      Mcrib moment

    27. Jam Pie

      F in the catch for drbustdwn

    28. Shiny Jirachi

      Top ten characters who can beat thanos with all stones: 1.Dr. Bustdown 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

    29. Milosava Tomic

      Dr. Bustdwn. WHY

    30. Zuko


    31. Lollypop :3

      Alternate title: *We raise money to ditch very unique creatures*

    32. Aaron R

      I watched the vid for 8 hours

    33. Brandon L

      you can do a randimizer that isn't a nuzlocke!!!!!!!!!?????

    34. JamesG 23


    35. Kristal285

      'the Jaiden depressive arc' Little did he know, he would have a depressive arc' later on aswell

    36. Shadow Charmer

      I don’t get it

    37. Weston


    38. Henry Stickmin

      Fun fact jaiden got an ho-oh idk if she captured it or killed it

    39. SilverSaga2 Saga

      RIP Bustown

    40. Aidxn

      This must’ve been one of the most painful and fun time ever

    41. Dipak Limbu

      Nice vedeo

    42. SpeedyBoi 69

      22:40 we miss you dr.bustdown who else cried

    43. Raisin King

      Alphas luck vs chuggas luck

    44. duolingo

      RIP dr bustdown You will be missed messed

    45. Tara Citron


    46. Jake

      Alpha rads super power is hitting tails

    47. Disgusting Pumpkin

      16:47 listen to jaiden

    48. itsjustcharlie :3

      rip dr bustdown 2021-2021 he'll bust down.. up there

    49. George Ager

      What is 5000+44x4=

    50. gon vibin ゐ果ソ


    51. Chronicles of AJ

      "I can't believe he didn't cry at the Titanic" "Do men even have feelings?" 22:34

    52. Greg The Shark

      Jaiden getting a new bird: Me who hasn’t watched jaiden in a while and remembered she got a new bird: oh yeah

    53. Ewok Pilot Studios

      technically jaiden won the coin flips, she just got the worst prize :D

    54. Marcus Sherman

      Dr.Bustdown we shall remember you for eternity

    55. Marco Robles

      next goal is 1 trillion

    56. Alejandro Rodriguez

      Slugma balls

    57. Hunter Barnett

      11:00 Tails four times in a row is .5^4=0.0625% chance of occurring :)

    58. Dionisius Jonea Lesmana

      Mr. Bustdwn will never be forgotten, as he was a legend in this story

      1. QwertySub

        Dr. Bustdwn did not live and fight to be called a basic “Mr” it is “DR” please have respect in this time of somber, as we remember this legend.

    59. Oliver Baker

      Jaiden of the animations variety

    60. photonlive

      I have watched this video 8 times like bruh it’s so good

    61. Jacob Ridgway

      Wait... Your name is Jacob too??

    62. Unova Trainer Lola Go Com Day

      Who came here because the magic rotten apple in the back of the fridge with sugar told them to

    63. Your friend Orcanos

      Yeaaa *for the kids*

    64. ender kid

      Ligma balls

    65. Cole Westing

      Completely unrelated but I just rewatched RTGames Bugsnax vid so Alpharad Milotic named Bunger made me laugh

    66. Outerhavens gaming

      Song at 22:24?

    67. Jurassic Tyrannus

      8:38 If you know you know ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    68. Sammymeows

      For the children ✌️

    69. Prucked xox

      "trans rights but latias is cool too" -Alpha 2021

    70. plague toon gaming

      Rest in peace dr bussdown

    71. Skorpion 88

      Good boi

    72. The pokemon dude

      Hes a xenoblade player of course he can see into the future

    73. Raymond Valko

      I’m sorry can someone explain the gulpin joke

    74. Yuukom Playz

      Him : your probably not the favorite child. Me (a single child) : WHOS THE OTHER CHILD?!?

    75. Lindsay Total Drama

      Alpharad cheated the coin becuase the odds of 2 times in row 15%

    76. Cam James

      Rest in pizza rolls dr bustdown

    77. add_xtive

      F O R T H E K I D S

    78. RandomGuy98

      22:34 Top 3 Saddest Anime Deaths

    79. Pastykake

      I like how we can see the coordinates from the art sprites being dragged by mouse.

    80. Vyldim

      Alpha you do know that Starters can't be released right?

    81. FireRed Gaming

      Sad moment when Dr.Bustown got released

    82. Thoams Carlander

      i,m saloting dr bustdwn

    83. Thoams Carlander

      im sad:(

    84. Thoams Carlander

      i startade crying I screamde not dr bustdwn

    85. Namrata Nenawati

      alpharad says against all odds jaiden literally losing most of her good pokemon me: hey that illegal

    86. Piero Gomide

      "I mean it's for the children, ok... BUT WHAT ABOUT MY POKEMON"

    87. GamerJacs

      I'm subscribed to both so when they both uploaded their video it was really weird

    88. Jacob nowakowski

      I relly like this these two are my favorite youtubers I love colabs

    89. starchilld UwU

      jacob rabon the third is ur name

    90. Dorisov

      1:27 accurate

    91. Obi-wan Kenobi

      What do you guys play on? It doesn’t look like a gamboy

    92. Max Webb

      22:35 Everyone is crying so hard

    93. Klausi555

      17:05 Latias is cool. Transphobia is not

    94. Edward Baez

      I shed an actual tear when Dr Busdwn had to leave

    95. Korok

      nooooo dr bustdownnnnnnnnnn 😢😢😢😢😫😫😫😢😩😩😫😫😫😩😩😩😩❤️❤️❤️

    96. Redling

      For the kids am I right :)

    97. NeoShadow X

      16:43 😂

    98. Florin Cocilea

      Ask mr beast for charity

    99. ReVo's Residence

      I just did 10 coin flips in a row and it was a perfect 5-5 split. but heads came back hard on the last 4

    100. eman ahmad

      One of the greatest stories ever told 😌