Pokemon Legends Arceus Trailer Analysis

Austin John Plays

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    The Pokemon Presents February 2021 unveiled two new pokemon games, Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl as well as Pokemon Legends Arceus, here's the analysis of Pokemon Legends Arceus
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    1. Austin John Plays

      Just remember. We’re probably a year away from this game. And very good chance it’ll be updated :).

      1. Andy Blettner

        A year is not a lot of development time, a year should be mostly polishing, bugfixes, etc. Not...we are still in PoC and still need to basically develop the whole game.

      2. Adell Denapoli

        I dont know if anyone gives a damn but yesterday I hacked my friends Instagram password using Instaportal. Cant link here so search for it on google ;)

      3. Gorilla Zilla

        I have a theory about what the game’s concept revolves around. Now bare with me: So I’m sure some of you are aware that Arceus can change its type depending on the plate it has equipped right? So what if you have to challenge certain tribes in order to get those plates, and whoever collects all those plates has the chance to summon Arceus and challenge it! I’m sure there’s a bad cult or something that’s trying to steal those plates as well, and the plates are guarded by Tribal Chiefs (Gym Leaders), but what do you think?

      4. idiot#1

        Yeah it's almost like it's got a year to be developed...

    2. Laura Reichaiet

      I’m most likely going to skip the new diamond and pearl... I don’t like the art style at all. But this, this is what dreams are made of!

    3. Faris Helic

      Old balls 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    4. Sevaun Mason

      The well-groomed harbor peroperatively warn because message spatially employ within a torpid geese. voracious, sleepy attic

    5. Misguided 823

      By the time this game, which is still a year or better from being released, it will look, feel, & be so much better than what we're seeing that we can't fathom. This game, fingers crossed, I what all of the hardcore Pokémon fanatics have been dreaming of! Ik I've dreamed of a Pokémon game like this one, & this one is just going to be the test game or the "pre" version of the next generation (I hope & pray anyway). I hope for them to formulate next generation like they are trying to do with this remake release that we get every other generation of games, by making a more kid/beginner version, plus an open world, harder, & more technical version for the life long fans & competitive players. Make them sorta like diamond & pearl for the newer & younger Players, & the Legends: Arceus game for the O.G.'s. But, anyway, I just wanted to add that, bc you(if by chance AJP sees this)/he kept talking like this was the trailer right before the game is to be released. When in all reality, it could be 2 years before the game is actually released. Great videos, & keep up the great work!

    6. Lieven Hanssen

      A year is very short in development time. And they actually have less, because of logistics they need to have the game done a few months before the release date. Best case scenario they will push the release date, otherwise it will probably will be rushed unfinished garbage again like most of their games.

    7. Kristina E

      If we know the game is still in development why nitpick things that are clearly not done? It doesn't make sense.

    8. TheSubtleCow

      The beach scene had a surprisingly giratina like monument in the background. Also you totally said crotching instead of crouching, and I laughed for real.

    9. Max Power

      I was exetremely excited but now im not

    10. Lawson Mayfield

      they should have put in froakie

    11. sleepy_gammer

      lol it looks like farfetched

    12. Colby Wycoff

      reminds me of pixlemon in a way

    13. Haden Cariker

      Can we get a new Pokémon Colosseum style game please?

    14. Joaly Rodriguez

      The preorder for this game is on amazon allegedly releasing in December this year idk if that means anything

    15. Everest


      1. Everest

        I LOVE HOUSE

    16. Ty

      at this point i would like to point everybody's attention to the bottom of the screen "GAME FOOTAGE NOT FINAL"

    17. CAS

      Looks trash observe pokemon throw ball catch. Booo...

    18. Wisgarus

      Something really weird I noticed: the water in the Piplup shot is cel-shaded-like, but then the water in literally all other shots is far more like the water in SwSh or maybe even BoTW. Weird

    19. Update ???

      It’s a shiny rhyhorn

    20. Oliver Williams

      Lol i get your point but why u getting mad about some grass?

    21. MadMaxim

      Most people I've seen talking about this have been really critical of the trailer , and I just don't see it , yeah it's not perfect graphics but that honestly doesn't bother me to me the concept is like stated "the game we always wanted" but I guess I do somewhat get jt... gamefreak has disappointed me time and time again. And that pokemon at end always moves like that?? I don't see most of these complaints

    22. Z Batt

      Can’t wait to instantly box my starter !!

    23. The Grapevine

      I wonder if the new upgraded switch will run it at higher specs

    24. high ground

      as long as you can get all starters and get a garchomp and blazeiken than i'm in

    25. [Ally_ツ]

      Honestly I wouldn't be surprised if this is like super early footage. I could see that being the case. Because like the overworld has no NPCs besides what we seen in the town. I think it's not current to how the game looks. I'm hopeful that it's going to be good. I feel even a bit excited seeing that they are jumping into a style that they haven't really done much on their own. Giant leap of faith for GF. The game looks like a proper console rpg. I'm looking forward to anymore updates we get as 2022 gets closer and closer. Edit: I feel like there are going to be new pokemon that are exclusive. I'm thinking they're more a long the lines of extinct pokemon. Like how dog and cat breeds have just disappeared entirely irl.

      1. [Ally_ツ]

        Also Bidoof fears no one. You should fear it. Which is why we bow down to it lmfao

    26. Matt Preece

      so the thing thats off .. is that the trees in the background have no lighting effects and no shadow

    27. anssi lehtimäki

      I swore not to buy another pokemon game but if they actually are doing something new and unexpected with this game then I'm down

    28. Twinmage

      I rather have a Pokemon MMO but that's never going to happen

    29. Cedric Wells

      Austin: "And Oshawott from whatever game he's from" Gen5 Fans: "Ohhh Helll Nawwahhah!"

    30. Gacha Carma Playz

      Its ARK-EUS

    31. GuyWhoMincesCatsForAsda

      I think the thing with the fade-y ended grass on the beach is 'cuz they're going for a Japanese watercolour vibe... The reactions to it are making me realise why Americans need foreign content to be localised instead of just translated. "Hnnnngh foreign culture hurt me brain."

    32. Carlos Alejano

      Dude it's breath of the wild but ink art animation(most common in japan),i think that's why the grass and pokemon graphics is more like an artwork(maybe) since the trailer start the story in a book(old Japanese book)it seems the game itself is just telling your story/adventure in old era long before gyms or league ever existed...love it if ever

    33. Cayla Lindsey

      Okay wellll which Pokémon starter y’all gonna get??

    34. Heehok Noobo

      Its cool how in the battle sequence shown Garchomp's level isn't on the screen. It would give more of a feeling of discovery if this was in the actual game and I hope it is.

    35. Evan Henderson

      The riolu was using quick atack

    36. Trevor Bailey

      Awesome. A game to tide me over until botw 2 comes out

    37. HaoMin Lin

      when Austin doesn't get the traditional ancient japan painting vibe

    38. Niels Bax

      I hope there is tracking the Arceus plates

    39. Jeremy Kurtz

      Haha old balls 😄 I'm an adult.

    40. Jeremy Kurtz

      I would like to knock out a pokemon and have a chance to catch it instead of it shrinking away. I always thought that was stupid.

    41. Z -

      I feel like something is missing but I can't put my finger on it. This game needs to develop its own innovations, charm, and life the way BOW did. Not just pick up the aesthetic and concept, but the essence of it. Also, not just that but find how to make their art style a bit unique where it creates its own brand in a way? Idk, I think it'll most likely be trial and error. For instance, BOW made sure to fill up their open world where it doesn't feel empty. There's main quest, side quest, developing stories, inaccessible areas till unlocked, etc. It feels like BOW because it's literally its own world. I know this series will most likely be different than the typical story line but they can really create a whole different world for Pokemon franchise, even if it won't be established this game. I really hope the franchise considers this because they can make some really stunning and lively games in the future. If anything, I hope we're surprised with this game.

    42. Nick Bahrs

      Damn I can really tell you never played black and white, some of the best games Pokémon made on god

    43. Reed Tokez

      Is it just me or wouldn’t “ The ninja frog” Froakie be the perfect starter Pokémon for this game!??!

    44. cameron dekat

      Just a thought we could be tasked with creating the Pokemon League

    45. D0cT0R Hu

      Suckerpunch should help them out.

    46. Jesus Guerrero

      I can't wait for the Pokemon diamond and Pearl remix to come out in 2021 and I can't wait for pokémon Legends Arceus to come out in 2022

    47. Kijavi !!!!!!!!

      Oh nooooooo!!!!! This game will only be a catching Pokémon game with battles only against wild Pokémon. No trainer battles, no gym battles, no Pokemon league. Smh

    48. Geoffrey Pfeffer

      Thank you thank you for talking about the graphics Austin John!!! It's just too over exposed and it's driving me crazy. It all looks fake and cheap in current state

    49. afromarco005

      lets hope they animate the models a little bit more

    50. The 5 Star

      17:29 for leaked images

    51. MetalHeartEagle

      Pokemon riding only makes sense, because it seems like a point in the lore where the bicycle hasn't been invented yet. They better not let me down.....

    52. MysticGuardian WOLF

      Idk... I feel like they just took some rushed gameplay for the trailer, ik for sure that the graphics won’t look so choppy

    53. Dylan Duke

      Maybe I’m overly optimistic but it is a year out.. I have hope. This looks really cool.

    54. King Squid

      Kinda hate it that every time a open world game comes out for switch everybody immediately compare it with breath of the wild

    55. The1440pBoombox

      5:53 "here we have some prinplup". They're not prinplup austin. They're still piplup.

    56. Bob Smith

      “Old balls” “Crotching” You did this on purpose sir

    57. Moonlight 7

      I always thought the sinnoh region was more european, Because Arceus and the other legendary pokemon look like christian gods. Also in the movie Arceus, When ash went in the past it was like ancient Rome

    58. 『Mango Tango』

      What bothers me is the fact that it's coming out *next year.* It looks _significantly_ less polished than BOTW did back in 2014, which, as you know, needed 3 more years after before it could release. And this is Gamefreak we're talking about. They would rather let half of the Pokedex remain unfinished than delay the game.

    59. John Shirayuki

      one of the things i want the most from legends is to be able to ride pokemon and have pokemon we've caught out of the pokeball

    60. Dragonitelovestogivehugs

      Did u just call piplup prinplup

    61. Mr dirt

      the “not grass” I’m pretty sure is beached seaweed

    62. Mr dirt

      Wait what if they bring back fossil Pokémon

    63. 高電圧ピカチュウ

      I just wonder if there will be more "Pokemon Legends" games after this. One for the Unova region talking about the legendary dragon that was formed by Zekrom, Reshiram and kyurem in the place of Arceus in an olden version of the Unova

    64. Sjoerd Lammers

      This looks awful in My opinion. Graphic whise.

      1. MysticGuardian WOLF

        I don’t think it’s finalized yet... they’ll definitely do a much better job on the actual game

    65. Lol Troll


    66. Freddie Strain

      I dint know this was a real game I thought it was a botw mod

    67. Tom Simmons

      Keep in mind, Breath of the Wild was designed to also run on WiiU. It should run much better now that it's only Switch. Digital Foundry discussed this in their BotW2 trailer analysis.

    68. Hollis putt

      I am Very Excited for the game to come out

    69. Chillycrab96

      Think we’ll see anything about Kubfu in this game

    70. Will V

      considering the pretty much confirmed switch pro complaining about frame rate and Graphics seems like a waste of time. especially when they say this isn't the final product.

    71. Carl Fredericksen

      The trainers look like greninja

    72. A cat with internet

      I will be disappointed if we can't ride our Pokémon.

    73. Maranico Mario

      The true goal of this game is a open world where you the fans finally get to freely roam the earth to catch all 980 pokemon you find in a open world. It's not what you wanted? Open world and catch pokemon with your hearts content? We all know there will be more to be seen. It's only a early teaser trailer. Give them time to polish it all up when we get it's true official trailer and not a teaser trailer. Teaser trailers are never going to be down right perfect or polish. Look at monster Hunter Rise? It looks great when we got the official release trailer and game demo. They polish that bad boy up good. But that's my opinion Don't start hating the game when there still very little we know. And there more to what they been leading on because teaser trailers do that.. Will cast Judgement on it soon as normal. Just not yet....but soon.

    74. Jasher1125

      The idle Pokemon animations of them just plopped into the wild areas had me DYING WITH LAUGHTER :p especially Chimchar... it made me think of a Chimchar popping up in Pokemon Go and he's just there, vibin'

    75. Usagi Peko

      the lore is a little janky

    76. Rhys Telfer

      Do you recon you can get volcanin in the mountain/volacano?

    77. Allenrich88

      Yo...it’s not that bad bro...it’s on a switch. Ppl that over critique any and every little thing bothers me so much

    78. Psycho Schematics

      The only thing that this game would need to get me hyped is a more dynamic battle system where your Pokémon could freely move around while battling (similar to the Pokémon anime battle style). That would make Pokémon battles WAY more intense

    79. JefJef Amores

      Well kinda makes sense why cyndaquil, oshawott and rowlet are the chosen starter for this game..... Ancient Sinnoh is a Old Feudal Japan like..... Also decidueye is an archer, samurott is samurai and typhlosion looks like ninja

    80. Kobe Belmans

      Those Bidoofs look like they are made in Roblox

    81. Zanarkke

      It's not 'over sharpening' it's called 'aliasing', its because the resolution of the game is low and the edges of objects are rigid. Games have anti-aliasing filters normally that help reduce these artifacts but the devs can't/haven't baked it in.

    82. chesh21-0

      Am I the only who thought the Rhyhorn looked insanely blue? Like way more light blue than grey!

    83. DarkSephrus

      Looks great but i don't know why they don't go away from the standard combat system we're use to and do something different? fk it, breath of the wild wasn't a real Zelda game. Lets get a Pokemon spin off that's still Pokemon. There's a few fighting pokemon games out there but maybe think outside the box and do something different.

    84. GamerVoltsy

      So.... Basically pixelmon

    85. maong morcon

      Ngl, both looked like trash. Guess pokemon fans are really blinded by their love to the franchise that they're accepting whatever crappy stuff the Pokemon Company is doing on their latest games. *Big Sigh*

      1. MysticGuardian WOLF

        Pokemon open world is extremely hype.. idk man

    86. Nathan Wolters

      I’m so tired of everyone complaining about the graphics.If the game came out as Us I would still love it.It’s still a Pokémon game and if you want graphics quality over actual gameplay go buy something else because the switch in general is not for you

    87. Zeta Alpha

      My guess is that you have a higher chance at catching pokemon if you damage them in battle first

    88. Chosen one

      I will get this game to see pokemon battle in the open world its so good I can’t wait

    89. T Terrortuga

      Can't wait for this to come out!!

    90. Soup Soup

      This is so cool. Really excited to see what they do with this.

    91. Fisto Roboto

      its very early on but so far it just looks pretty bad. maybe im spoiled by the new series x but dang the switch is starting to really lag behind in both power and visuals

    92. Neku

      A step in the right direction for Pokemon and I can't wait for it. So sick of the same game with different creatures over and over again.

    93. Calamity

      Hmm looks funny...

    94. Connor Davidson

      If this becomes a success it'll be interesting to see in we'll get more pokemon games along this vein such as: Johto, Unova, Kanto or Alola legends games maybe Galar but thats too soon.

    95. Robert de Boer

      Love this, but would have liked to start this of in the kanto region. (if we are going to see more of this pokémon serie)

    96. Hydra Tower

      18:45 Wait, that looks like Sirfetch'd

    97. Noel Gonzales

      How u pronounce Arceus, R-see-us, how other pokemon youtubers pronounce it, R-key-us

      1. MysticGuardian WOLF

        Ar - k - eeus

    98. mikiyachi2

      Hear me out - The towns might be ment to look like that - they look like old japanese postal towns

    99. Tsukuru Tazaki

      This has absolutely NOTHING to do with sharpness or over sharpening. It has EVERYTHING to do with the rendering of the animations and textures within the game. Also the FPS is probably has to do with the rendering. This is super early development. It’s not a showcase, it’s just a “hey we’re actually working on something new” announcement.

    100. elliot clark

      This game makes me wonder if Pokémon evolve in the traditional way and if we’ll see some new Pokémon and not see others because that didn’t exist at that time