Pokemon TikTok Star Reacts to "I Attempted a Pokemon Platinum Nuzlocke"


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    edited by: Jook bit.ly/3kLXc6Y
    Reacting to JaidenAnimations Platinum Nuzlocke!
    Original video: thwikis.info/section/w-d-xo/ncuurJmnjZexeK0.html&pbjreload=101
    Pokemon TikTok Star Purplecliffe reacts to JaydenAnimations : I attempted a Pokemon Platinum Nuzlocke
    #purplecliffe #pokemon #nuzlocke

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    1. Grey Fox

      Ohhh synthia💓💓💓

    2. Maggie Eubanks


    3. Ocelot Man

      I don't like that sene either

    4. Galaxy Wolf

      When he said “I JUsT GOT A REALLY WEIRD CHILL” I look behind me and there is a smile ink bug. I was a little scared 😞

    5. Lily Russell


    6. Lily Russell

      WAIT I GET WHY THE ONYX IS CALLED DWAYNE Dwayne The Rock Johnson I didn't get it when he even pointed it out

    7. Janti Louw


    8. Queen Of Robots

      Flint looks like Ronold from mcdonals

    9. Ja G

      SIMPPPPP but am ok

    10. Rochelle Bernal


    11. Pump daddy C

      Have any of you ever heard of pettyartist

    12. HyperKid

      Jaiden added those scary parts in her animation for fun I didn’t actually happen

    13. Leif Gustafson

      At 5:23 I'm like homerun

    14. Lucas Quinn

      I play a pokemon gold nuzlocke, right? He would 90% say "so hes playing crystal" because he plays the 3rd versions most so he would say the 3rd game.

    15. mastercraft 6820

      0:36 people are saying she lied, but when we look into it, Pokemon Emerald's champion is Wallace, not Steven, the champion she battled was Steven, not Wallace, that means she did not lie, she played in Ruby, and not Emerald

    16. Melanie Ellerton



      She made one twich stream where She lost and She made a video again where She won

    18. dave miler101

      I know the reason due to the glitching she was torn in half butt the reason the glitching happens is her looking at other universes how she could have lost in multiple ways this is why she doesn't think she won

    19. NN_ jax

      Jaidens evil

    20. Thomas Dale

      7:36 f

    21. Muhammad hakim zaffri

      Hello content creator I don’t know if you know this but and dark is weak to fighting

    22. Midnight Koalas


    23. Lawrence david

      i like the blue ones

    24. Rick Avalos

      Shinx so sad🥶

    25. Rick Avalos

      No in the distortion world when giratina separates Jaden in two she was seeing glimpses of the other Jaden

    26. Krish Blom

      Those glitches explain when she 1st did it

    27. D.A. B

      Purpllecliffe: PINK SHELLOS GANG UNSUB TO MY CHANNEL!!!!!!!!!!! 150k people like Pink shellos gang and unsubed

    28. I simp for mcyts

      bruh i was going through so much emotions while watching jaiden lmao

    29. brawl theory

      Jaiden riot noooooooooow

    30. brawl theory

      Bluueeeeeeeee gang

    31. kori

      crobat is HOW TALL???

    32. Tristan Doyle

      ___________________O \_I_/ I / \ am i fine._.

    33. Lawrence Chiuh

      Cliff there is another video about Pokemon in Jaiden's channel

    34. Ile Burns

      I am in blue shell is gang

    35. Dan Riequen Tolentino


    36. Dan Riequen Tolentino


    37. Gravity Gacha

      I think u use a metal coat to evolve syther

    38. districted

      I started crying when Squoop Died and I Vowed to Kill every Porygon

    39. Yoon Hahn

      Ok you CAN get a scissor without trading but you have to use either a game genie or game shark other than that there is no other way to get a scissor other than trading

    40. Son Shawnzy

      Yes she lost on another playthrough at elite 4

    41. Son Shawnzy

      Cynthia can destroy me anytime

    42. TheLinkHelios

      2 attempts

    43. TheLinkHelios

      21:48 22:08

    44. Sueann Govender

      You need to watch more jaiden animations but this time it's going to be the pets

    45. TheLinkHelios


    46. Wolfie Chan


    47. Wolfie Chan


    48. Troy Mullins

      I cried at the end of video of Jaiden when I watched it

    49. james whitaker

      No, your luck is you find a legendary and you kill it in one hit.

    50. pvprogamer


    51. Peyton Covington

      I have a blue shellos

    52. UraniumGhost

      Well Good Thing I Don't Have To Unsub Because I Was Not Subbed In The First Place

    53. Mudkipmaster

      i love blue shellos and i hate pink shellos

    54. John Dave Boleche

      It's a vision like the fire thing in the three Pokemon right there that was a vision of she losing

    55. Travis Plant

      Duo video of Pokémon trainers farting on Pokémon

    56. davi lins and mr evil and eltavoz Lisboa

      The video is in urs video

    57. Alicja Soroka

      She got splite in half so there was a stream and she lost the first attempt at to the elite four and she decided to atleast win the game so that’s why she got splite by giratina and it explains those glitches.the glitches are glimpses to the timeline where she lost

    58. Cammison Hayes

      I’m both

    59. Adam Andreas Mortensen

      Purple cliff:i would never release scizor Mandjtv and pokemen7: what did he say

    60. Buckaroo Banzai

      can you check 2:03 on jpthe vid

    61. Lizzy Holmes


    62. TEY JAPHETH Moe

      She lost to flint first time

    63. Darragh Coughlan

      Guess I'm unsubing pink shelos is way better

    64. Milan Bauwens

      Uh why has jaiden a bidoof and a starly

    65. Sanooj Sanu

      Yay blue shellos gang

    66. Peter

      Razor leaf is like throwing bananas and acting like there knives turt is a bit a strong arm so that why leaves can go through their skin

    67. Pickle Jar

      Tik Tok is actually awful

    68. Daniel0702

      “All of Texas this week” Me: *dramatic flashbacks of the harsh cold*

    69. Zaijan Clyde


    70. Poké Titan

      blue shellos all the way!!!!!!

    71. RedLac McC

      Ok that snow is fine but minus 54 and snow is worst

    72. Pix Lazarte

      Jaiden thinking about Arceus 18:11

    73. Just Jort Jayt D

      Your favorite color pink

    74. miguelabro

      2:15 o7 7:35 *F* 9:01 *blue shellos gang!!* *B.S.G!* 13:32 o7 14:41 youtube gang 16:16 o7

    75. Diana Moore

      F to pay respect for Failure Not truly a failure in the end

    76. OtomeChoice

      Blue Shellos Gang!

    77. MyGirly91

      Cliff Jadien died to the capin pokmon thats her 2round

    78. Randomguy 123456

      the video and the reaction itself was great

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      ꧁i͜͡s͜͡ h͜͡e͜͡ p͜͡r͜͡o͜͡ i͜͡f͜͡ h͜͡e͜͡ i͜͡s͜͡ t͜͡h͜͡e͜͡n͜͡ w͜͡o͜͡w͜͡꧂

    80. Doodle Bob

      Jaiden lost the first run

    81. Edward Farquharson

      *I would never release a scizor* Mickey and John: *ANGRY NOISES*

    82. Lilliana Roman

      Blue shellos gang forever!!!

    83. ShokkZ PlayZ

      2:21 "Knowing my luck i would have thrown all my pokeballs and i wouldn't have caught it anyways" and then he would forget to buy balls

    84. Aidan Nguyen

      Purplecliffe: I Hope She Loses Pokemon: oK lEtS mAkE hEr lOsE dUe tO cRiTs

    85. melissa cuevas


    86. TheLinkHelios

      3:02 3:21 3:57

    87. Grzegorz Tarka


    88. CryGuy

      In emerald u fight zigzagoon and in ruby you fight poochieana she caught poochieana

    89. Ihor Kindyak



      The giratina spliting 2 thing is that when Jaiden did went into the elite 4, Togekiss died to Aaron, garchomp and quagsire died to Bertha. Because the remaining pokemon of her team were weak to Flint she decided to give up so she put a poll and the chat wanted her to keep going so she did.

    91. Christian Donaldson


    92. Christian Donaldson

      If garitena split her into to and one fell then did that one die but that one was the real jaden

    93. Christian Donaldson


    94. al jeph endangan

      Simp alert 😏😏😏

    95. Dylan Ingratta


    96. Chase Snyder


    97. kiyaan plays


    98. Julia Dragg

      Blue team

    99. Dragonlover victorino

      Why you didn’t react of Jaden caring puppy