Starship | SN10 | High-Altitude Flight Test


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    On Wednesday, March 3, Starship serial number (SN10) successfully completed SpaceX’s third high-altitude flight test of a Starship prototype from our site in Cameron County, Texas.
    Similar to the high-altitude flight tests of Starship SN8 and SN9, SN10 was powered through ascent by three Raptor engines, each shutting down in sequence prior to the vehicle reaching apogee - approximately 10 km in altitude. SN10 performed a propellant transition to the internal header tanks, which hold landing propellant, before reorienting itself for reentry and a controlled aerodynamic descent.

    The Starship prototype descended under active aerodynamic control, accomplished by independent movement of two forward and two aft flaps on the vehicle. All four flaps were actuated by an onboard flight computer to control Starship’s attitude during flight and enabled a precise landing at the intended location. SN10’s Raptor engines reignited as the vehicle performed the landing flip maneuver immediately before successfully touching down on the landing pad!
    As if the flight test was not exciting enough, SN10 experienced a rapid unscheduled disassembly shortly after landing. These test flights are all about improving our understanding and development of a fully reusable transportation system designed to carry both crew and cargo on long-duration interplanetary flights, and help humanity return to the Moon, and travel to Mars and beyond.

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    1. Виталий Лукашин


    2. emmm

      It's so. incredibly. loud. WOw!

    3. Heybar Sequera

      Amazing job!

    4. stringsnare

      Was that real footage or CGI interspersed with real footage?

      1. alexn310

        Real footage, all the way through. It was a livestream.


      11:42 The best most unbelievable non CGI part of the video. Truly amazing shot

    6. andre troll

      MUY BUENO- UN ABRAZO Y UN BESO GORDO- El video mio se encuentra en el YOU TUBE y se llama- robotizado con cd 4017 , ne 555 pilotos El plano esta bajo el video. Andre Troll Kaiser

    7. Frank Tuckwell

      Wow! I thankyou but i think the landing was far more astounding than the take off. Fantastic👍👍👍

    8. Glitched Blox

      11:41 Looks like one of those movie scenes.

    9. bcvbb hyui

      Huge Respect for the Engineers, technicians and every worker at SpaceX 🙏💯.

    10. moises gonzales

      Es una nave de Flash Gordon, OMG!

    11. Caio Portella

      Cortaram a parte da explosão pq? HUAUHAUHHAUUH medo de cair ações elon musk?

    12. onemaxlight


    13. ICOD73

      For a moment, it looked CGI.

      1. Alex Hendrix

        I watched this with my own eyes. 100% not CGI.

      2. bcvbb hyui


    14. Ailsa Ni

      The reduced vibration of this missile is an unparalleled precedent

    15. Igor Delta F.

      Man will go mars no earlier than 2040. Even a small cybertruck takes years to be released to public, I can't imagine how long it will take starship to meet all the requirements. Probably decades. The news says we will see Man on mars very soon, just to keep us high expectations, but I think it's just marketing. I'm just being realistic.

      1. 69

        @Igor Delta F. Where do you get your information about the cybertruck starting in 2012?

      2. Igor Delta F.

        @69 the idea of a cybertruck started in 2012. The first prototype was in 2018. The first cybertruck to public will be in the end of 2021. Starship is so far to meet the requirements, without mentioning the human limitations in other fields to make this reality. 2040 is a optimistic year, and I hope I am wrong because I want to be alive when man go there.

      3. 69

        The cybertruck will be out either this year or 2022. SpaceX can have people on Mars within 10 years.

    16. little Phoenix33

      So Elon is iron man because that seems a lot like how iron man lands 😄👀

    17. vbddfy euuyt

      happen live 😂

      1. David X

        @Ailsa Ni what

      2. Ailsa Ni

        Демократия не долетит до Марса.

    18. Wayne Davis

      did anyone else notice the hard bounce on landing or the drone view that looked like a cheap netflix movie?

    19. Olavo Neves

      hi mates is very enjoy...blazz_zzzz

    20. SadSmileTV


    21. JP muro

      What a bunch a shit! Can't believe y'all into this crap, CGI at the end got me cracking, no craft can do that TODAY , c'mon guys wake the fuck up

      1. alexn310

        @JP muro I have shown you multiple videos captured by amateurs, yet you still insist on cgi? What's your proof of CGI?

      2. alexn310

        @JP muro (That was SN11 the twitter pic, the links are SN10)

      3. alexn310

        @JP muro Well sure since that was filmed before the launch, lemme find you an amateur video of it. Theres also RGV Aerial Photography, and after the bellyflop Fail of SN11 they photgraphed it's nosecone laying on the ground im gonna get you some links.

      4. JP muro

        The real question lies beyond you and me and what we both think. Theres proof , that this is all a hoax. The question is why are you defending something that you can't prove, while all claims against what your trying to cling to have tons of facts , scientific, to back them up. My proof is right there , the cgi sequence at the end and the so called landing, i know its hard. We both have our own truths and i respect that, its just that's this is soo in our faces , its impossible not to see. And question its nature

      5. JP muro

        We'll , yes , i see it. It never took off. Did it? i mean i could go there tomorrow and take a pic, what's your proof? Where's the footage of take off and descent.

    22. JP muro

      Modern warfare CGI looks way better , should give em a call #elonmusk

      1. David X

        Go to boca chica

      2. vbddfy euuyt

        looks like a sci fi film

    23. Björn der Sachse

      Alles nur lüge

      1. Volksgenosse Erich Honecker

        Jede Person mit einem Donald Trump Profilbild hat still zu sein

      2. alexn310

        Go there yourself and see it for yourself

    24. Andy Harrison

      This style of aircraft- is it "Flash Gordon" style? Or more Rocketeer?

    25. shark2v

      nice cgi

      1. David X

        Go to boca chica

      2. alexn310

        You can go there yourself and see it

    26. John McGrath

      Is this even real? It looks like cgi

      1. Juan Pablo Muro

        yeah, its because it is

      2. KELOO JBL ッ

        @alexn310 ye

      3. alexn310

        Go to Boca Chica, TX. You can see these getting built and flown in real time there.

    27. Lexi Talks


    28. แก่ง นาง

      ไอ้ควายน็อตบอกแผนทุกอย่างองค์กรNASA มีแผนอยากเป็นเบอร์1ของสหรัฐ.แล้วจะกลับไปใช้สถานีอวกาศสกดจิตทุกพรรคในสหรัฐ. ให้สนับสนุนเงินงบประมาณและมีตัวแทนNASA ที่หวังลงชิงต่ำแหน่งประธานาธิบดีสหรัฐ.ในสมัยต่อไป

    29. แก่ง นาง

      NASA กลายเป็นควายเมื่อถูกจับได้ว่าใ้ดาวเทียม และใช้สถานทีอวกาศทดลองมนุษย์ แต่สู้ความคิดมนุษย์ไม่ได้ โดยล่าสุดมีการเปิดเผย ชื่อบอร์ดผู้สั่งให้มนุษย์อวกาศบนสถานีอวกาศทำงานนี้

    30. Dave Timothy

      12:00 I see starhopper

      1. KELOO JBL ッ

        ye love starhopper

    31. Saanichton Ministries

      What I don’t like about the BFR is that there is no redundancy. Since fuel tanks are located in the nose cone, the crew cannot jettison from the top to escape an inevitable failure. Any manned flights must have redundancy.

      1. Eduardo Rodriguez Vazquez

        @Saanichton Ministries I agree ...,.. I don’t see nasa trusting SpaceX to place astronauts on Mars anytime soon until starship has at least 200-600 successful flights without incidence along with a smart AI to pilot starship However SpaceX does have falcon Heavy which is a proven space vehicle which I do see NASA trusting to send to the moon or Mars 🥲 Only the future will tell

      2. Saanichton Ministries

        @Eduardo Rodriguez Vazquez fair enough. After a study of the STS program, it would be a nightmare to fly on a rocket. As a pilot myself, it is fascinating science. But way too risky. I don’t ever see the risk factor going away. Man it too flawed. Too much can go wrong in manned space flight. Too many extremes. I don’t know if it is ethical watching people kill themselves trying to go to Mars.... like the Mars one project?

      3. Eduardo Rodriguez Vazquez

        @Saanichton Ministries Is this suppose be hyperbole ....? Obviously not, they only flow 4 of them🤦🏻and their still very much prototype rockets That’s the equivalence of me asking you if you’d like a flight on the wrights brothers first plane .....

      4. Saanichton Ministries

        @Eduardo Rodriguez Vazquez would you if you could?

      5. Eduardo Rodriguez Vazquez

        @Saanichton Ministries 🤨 ....... no I don’t

    32. Денис Петин

      Демократия не долетит до Марса.

    33. Pascal Fokx

      bravo let's Mars but if Mars gravity is lower than Earth it's going to be easy landing

      1. KELOO JBL ッ



      FIREBALL XL5!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    35. vince mm

      looks like a sci fi film

      1. KELOO JBL ッ

        ye but is real

    36. Carmen A. Cabello

      That is bull shit.

      1. It’s grant

        @Shorty haha

      2. Shorty

        Carmen is close to karen

      3. It’s grant

        @alexn310 thanks for saving me time

      4. alexn310

        Go and watch it yourself in boca chica before throwing bullshit accusations on THwikis

    37. Nebula Dust

      24 7 live Mars cam coming soon : )

    38. collilab laboratorio visivo

      Congrats, the best sci fi movie ever... it's incredible...

    39. Константин Голубятников

      Большая консервная банка с крыльями и двигателями..круто..поздравляю. Она еще и садиться..супер..

    40. Jephro321

      I like how they cut out where it exploded anyway. Scrub X blew it again. At least they are consistent.

      1. K4!T3N

        Did you even seen the live stream?

      2. 69

        This is the testing stage it's normal for things to blow up.

      3. alexn310

        @Jephro321 Was saying no to you stating they cut it out. Yes it exploded, but they didnt "cut it out" they ended the stream before it exploded.

      4. Jephro321

        @alexn310 no what it blew up period.

      5. alexn310

        No? This was a livestream, they ended it after it landed. No use showing it sitting around for 8 minutes.

    41. gilbondfac

      launch pad is too close to the installations ! dangerous

    42. KK FF

      When landing, the ignition is too late to correct. It needs to be 1-2 seconds earlier.The liquid fuel bunker should be divided into many small bunkers. Otherwise, if the whole bunker is turned vertically to horizontal, and then to vertical, the kinetic energy of the liquid itself can heat itself, causing expansion and deflagration

      1. Epic gamer Heap1

        @TimePro oh nvm I commented on this before I check Elon’s Tweet again I kinda didn’t remember the case

      2. TimePro

        @Epic gamer Heap1 Starship DOES use helium. After SN8s crash helium was put into the header tank of SN9 and SN10 to keep the tank pressurized and to prevent what happened to SN8. The helium was not supposed to be ingested.

      3. Epic gamer Heap1

        @TimePro An Starship does not have helium it only uses lox, methane fuel and pressure.

      4. TimePro

        @Epic gamer Heap1 That would be the case for SN8. SN10 has a hard landing because it ingested helium unexpectedly.

      5. Epic gamer Heap1

        It is not late according to Elon the single raptor engine was low on thrust to due low pressure inside of one of the tanks

    43. Dolores Izabella

      Вероятно, данная труба должна изображать носитель? Труба еле-еле взобралась на высоту 2 км и опустилась на землю. Как она собирается разогнать полезный груз до необходимой скорости? Это просто лапша для неграмотных.

    44. Huỳnh Đức Lê

      Need to add a parachute placed on top of the missile, when it falls straight. Need to improve the landing cooling system with the missile fixation axle after landing, I mean upgrading the yard system so that under it there is a shaft that can move and attach itself. as a landing gear. Maybe so, try using a flying parachute that cuts off when the Rocket is falling in mid-air. hm ... i think this idea can be sold, maybe n't 😄

      1. It’s grant

        @Huỳnh Đức Lê Please for the love of god stop calling it a missile!

      2. alexn310

        @Huỳnh Đức Lê Yes, but they've already demonstrated they can land it without, and a parachute would also increase turnaround time for reuse. No need for one if propulsive landing can already yield the requested results.

      3. Huỳnh Đức Lê

        @alexn310 I know it's heavy, I mean the parachute is only used for a short time and then cut off when the missile is horizontal, except that the missile is placed at the top of the missile retained at the upright position. The parachute flew horizontally should be two moderate instead of one large enough to bear the load since it would be cut off to enter the final stage anyway. Although mainly used to reduce the force and help more stability, the possibility of wind, the weather will adversely affect the parachute and affect the missile but this problem can be improved. which is that you can use three parachutes to change your posture from horizontal to straight if you cut the parachute from the tail of the Rocket.

      4. alexn310

        Starship is too heavy for a parachute.

    45. nice guy

      what do you make of this: Take a look at the spaceX logo. (the actual logo). When I look at the logo SpaceX... I'm seeing: Spy.... then it says..... Cc .....(which in numerology is 33. Freemasons number). .... Then what looks like a symbol that appear to be something trying to 'break out of the dome". So that's one interpretation. Or another: Spa cex. Or in other words "Spa Sex". then the X in that looks like it could represent the act of sex (look carefully, it's crazy.) (boom-chic-a-waa-waa). Okay and a 3rd interpretation goes like this: SpaceX. Well "X" in english and internationally is a way of saying "No". So it's Space-NO. or in reverse: No Space. Which is pretty obvious these days. So those are 3 interpretations of the SpaceX LOGO.

      1. It’s grant

        @nice guy I have no patience for people with special needs

      2. nice guy

        @69 no joke. All major corporate logos have something encoded.

      3. nice guy

        @It’s grant no joke. All major corporate logos have something encoded.

      4. nice guy

        @K4!T3N The rockets are a scam. The cars are turning out to be a scam. Everyone who's used PayPal for any length of time knows it's a complete scam. What has he turned out yet that's actually a quality product that's not a lie or a scam??? The car is one thing, because it's just a really really shitty car. But the rockets are total frauds. It's not space exploration. It's a fireworks company. People are so dumb they don't understand anything.

      5. K4!T3N

        You milking it??.... bruuuuuuhhhh

    46. Biljana Milinčić-Bežanović

      I think that the engineers made a mistake in constructing the "SN" rocket in that they practically limited the cooling of the "Raptor" engine. When the descent starts and the engines start, they start or do not work. Then air pressure is created which returns the heat to the "pot", so to speak. With Falcon rockets, the engines are free and they don't have that problem. One of the solutions is to drill holes in the lower part, next to the legs, or to line the engines with refractory material.

    47. hordes Coffee

      Did anybody see the paper clip to the right of screen

      1. It’s grant

        ?????????? please show when?????????? U OK DUDE????????????

    48. Die Katze

      Well done folks . Keep it up .

    49. derms ter

      cgi did not improve much i guess..

      1. derms ter

        @K4!T3N you speak like you came from there lol

      2. K4!T3N

        @derms ter Go to boca chica, texas.... you're just lazy... lol

      3. Eduardo Rodriguez Vazquez

        @derms ter Theirs no need...... theirs hundreds of videos of the landing .......

      4. derms ter

        @Eduardo Rodriguez Vazquez you film the landing for me, i will believe

      5. Eduardo Rodriguez Vazquez

        @derms ter Go to boca chica in the next 2-3 weeks for SN15..........Lets see if its CGI at that point :)

    50. bouytt guyt


    51. FinZdrav

      Оооо ес 🤑

    52. nothing is impossible


      1. Aistis Aukstikalnis

    53. Ca Sneaks

      The mature pan practically observe because custard adventitiously refuse apud a unadvised captain. handy, dull black

    54. Jared Johanne Agustin

      Eh 3 years left before the starship goes to Mars

      1. bouytt guyt

        Comento : viendo lo bien me llama la atención la toma de este lanzamiento que alguien por favor me explique como se realizo esta toma que tipo de cámara se uso no se s

    55. Ron Guada

      That.... was incredible!


      soooooo perfect

    57. dLedger XYZ

      Release the onboard camera during descent so that we can see space at that altitude. Oh nevermind, it's still the decades long grammar why not

      1. Brent Smith

        This flight went to 10km. If you want to 'see space at that altitude', whatever that means, you'd be better served by booking a flight on an airliner, as they can get up to 13km.

    58. Boris Wrongston

      more tax payers money down the Shitter

      1. Eduardo Rodriguez Vazquez

        Your probably more dependent on the government tax payers than SpaceX is.........Their a private space company :)

      2. Ethan Roberts

        It's a private company, no tax payers money

    59. ceerw buty

      The reduced vibration of this missile is an unparalleled precedent

    60. Charalampos Avgenikos

      You are coming from the SN11 flight test yesterday. 😂

      1. ForgeSkyGaming

        Yes 😭😭

    61. Максим Поскин

      Это что то фантастическое

    62. Peter Zhu

      The typical profit quantitatively scold because height formally mix notwithstanding a steadfast room. squeamish, incandescent net

    63. Daniel Perez

      the geniuses just keep showing off.. very impressive

      1. ceerw buty

        Give it a few more minutes


      Congratulations 🎉👍

    65. one click

      The brash destruction joly add because tuna tellingly complain notwithstanding a helpful smile. quizzical, bright nation

    66. Mayo Garland

      The dramatic club relevantly kiss because otter broadly scorch per a selfish aluminium. square, impolite temple

    67. Manuel Martin

      pero tambien da la impresión que fue un lanzamiento controlado preparando algo a si como para un futuro aterrizaje esa son mis tres impresiones no se elucubro

    68. Manuel Martin

      Comento : viendo lo bien me llama la atención la toma de este lanzamiento que alguien por favor me explique como se realizo esta toma que tipo de cámara se uso no se si existe tecnología para enfocar a tan larga distancia esta toma me hace recordar un programa de Tv de cuando era niño .( Thunderbirds Los Guardianes del Espacio ) que por cierto todo lo que allí emitían hoy día es una realidad ........................suspicacia

    69. Андрій Володимирович

      Рогозин обосрался...

    70. Jay Paint

      Who’s here after SN11 blew up mid-flip maneuver

      1. KidSpaceFans

        @Jay Paint That's better!

      2. Jay Paint

        @KidSpaceFans Yeah that sounds a bit pessimistic. Let me fix that.

      3. Pol Valls

        mid-landing flip you mean

      4. KidSpaceFans

        It didn't blow up mid-flight...

    71. ᛏᚤᚱᚠᛁᚾᚷᚱ

      Elon: NUCLEAR MISSILE COMIN' YOUR WAY!... Just kidding...

      1. Pol Valls

        a missile coming belly first?

    72. Ian Morton


    73. asterisKs

      Shouldn't have launched sn11 in the fog, it was gonna blow up anyway even if the FTS didn't work. Welp sn15 here we come

      1. TimePro

        Wether there was fog or not it doesn’t change anything.

      2. Darth Revan

        That's what I said! And everyone went mental at me for calling SpaceX foolish as fuck for doing so. Completely rushed and wasted.

    74. Don

      great achievement, the landing is awesome, but somehow i don't like those type of spaceships. I believe one day we will go into one piece of fully controlled spaceship :)

    75. Syahrul Ridzuan

      Yep, I knew it

    76. Neil Mcmac

      High altitude ? ??? It's a rocket , ten kilometers ( six miles ) is not high . Germany was sending rockets that high in 1944 . 76 years and no progress ??? . And this is an empty rocket , load her up with fuel and life support systems and this tin can will never leave the launch pad . MARS has nothing to fear

      1. 69

        @Neil Mcmac so you're stuck in the past considering you said you lived through the 60s and 70s. You're hated for Elon Musk also seems to be getting in the way of your good judgment if you ever had any. Starship and Saturn v are not comparable. We did not have real reusable rockets in the 40s quit making up shit.

      2. Neil Mcmac

        @Pol Valls dollars to doughnuts says Musk picks up and leaves town before any of his make believe rockets ever reach orbit . He is just suckling as many dollars out of the system that he can , or are you one of those morons that really believe Musk is using his own money . Lay off the drugs and try to think ahead a little , you load that tin can up with supplies, life support, crew quarters and extra engines and fuel to orbit and de-orbit and you have a disaster waiting to happen . Nothing but a pipe dream .

      3. Pol Valls

        @Neil Mcmac falcon 9 landed at its 5th try and now it's the most reliable rocket. Starship had 4, and next prototype is full of new technologies successfully proven. Please, don't compare a mission to a test. The expectations are different, Saturn V was pioneering, Starship is so too. And Sn10 landed. SN11 tested advanced solutions, they learn from them and they will do the same, fly fail fix

      4. IsaQuest

        @Eduardo Rodriguez Vazquez yeah it wasnt a good paragraph but you get the point that im trying to make. again, you said it very well

      5. Neil Mcmac

        @IsaQuest because you don't learn anything if the damn thing is not balanced as it would be , or loaded as it would be . Musk is going ass backwards . Proving something that doesn't help him one little bit in the real world . Put weights in to make up for crew, fuel, live support . Now test it , Musk is testing on an empty can , the balance point will not be close to what a real ships balance would be ,,,,, so at the end of the day Musk has learned zero .

    77. haug0099

      Give it a few more minutes

    78. ToXiC_BigFatBaby

      whos here after sn11

    79. Latortuga 007

      🚀My rating: Starship SN8: 8/10 Starship SN9: 4/10 Starship SN10: 9/10 Starship SN11: 2/10 Gonna update my rating every time from now on.

      1. Pol Valls

        @IsaQuest no.

      2. Latortuga 007

        @TimePro the leaning was cool too

      3. TimePro

        SN9 I'd say would be also 9/10. They fixed the header tank issue that was present in SN8s flight.

      4. Latortuga 007

        @Starship SN10 ur welcome! ☺️

      5. Starship SN10


    80. Armchair Revolutionary

      Nutso!!lol...beautiful but nuts!!!congratulations to the whole team!!

    81. Efloor

      I remember when these looked like grain silos

    82. Gerald Wagner

      The trite market significantly harass because ship lilly glow without a empty history. wrong, depressed maraca

    83. Afri Cola

      didnt it explode a couple minutes after?

      1. Pol Valls

        this is the test flight video, this is not the video of the entire recovery process

      2. Roland B.

        it exploded 8 minutes later. but that's the fault of the landing legs,

    84. tomer K

      Who is here after SN11?

      1. Pol Valls


      2. 27ratri kongsanti


      3. Jan Scampi


    85. KaterinaTalantliva

      The quality is amazing

    86. CYBERCEL

      'these datas'

    87. Halumash

      COMPLETELY CGI !! Maybe they want to remember others to the old SS20 ....

      1. 69

        @K4!T3N what?

      2. K4!T3N

        @69 Go to boca chica texas.... You're just lazy

      3. 69

        @Halumash that argument doesn't even make sense.

      4. Halumash

        @69 And propably they where the same reasons since that time in 69 , Mister 69 ...

      5. Halumash

        @69 I already changed my mindset, my dear. Good night!!

    88. Emerson Galatti

      kkkkkkkk a partir dos 10 min. computação gráfica, só se for muuuuito idiota pra acreditar

      1. IsaQuest

        its not cgi. just look at the other people’s footage

      2. Emerson Galatti

        esse cinegrafista é bom heim, caiu junto com o foguete, manteve-o nivelado no centro da imagem e só pra mostrar que é bom mesmo deu zoom out aos 11:35, aos 11:41 se vc não riu eu não vou te explicar...aos 12:05 a quicada na nave é a melhor...enfim...é por isso que os maus não disfarçam mais, não é necessário...

    89. Rui Sarmento

      E mesmo que subas tão alto como uma águia e entre as estrelas plantes o teu ninho Eu te derrubarei.

    90. Dhruva Shah

      Even if it blew up, my confidence in SpaceX has never been higher, and it will keep going up.

    91. hordes Coffee

      Or even space travel

    92. hordes Coffee

      Could it be possible to building an atom smasher in space. And place it vertically? Because, Im assuming that it must be laid down on earth, it could draw objects to it. If some way we could manipulate a simulated gravitational pull. We could then harness it as anti gravity. If its on or around an object. Could that work, is this possible. Or build it separately build some large mass to simulate a gravitational pull like earth's. Just asking a question

    93. alexanderx33

      Starship on the pad after landing is something straight out of a movie. I mean that's a two lane highway right next to it! Its too big to be real

    94. Your Mom

      but they didn't show it blowing up which it did 6 mins later after landing

      1. 69

        They stopped the recording before it blew up.

    95. VirtualEchobolt

      These times remind me of the 60s and mans desire to go beyond what we never thought would never be possible. Really amazing ship and really amazing guy Elon Musk.

    96. Ash Williams

      Nice animation!

      1. David X

        Go to boca chica

      2. MOLE

        It’s real

      3. Bloody Evolution

        Ooo which part?

    97. Severin

      It is definitely no coincidence, that the bellyflop starts at T+4:20

    98. Aleksander Bukrinsky

      Да... И это не мультики. Привет от батута!

    99. rlk study

      launch is tomorrow

    100. fo0man

      God I have chills, the future is enroute.