The Reason Why AWM is King of Game | TACAZ PUBG MOBILE


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    1. Tacaz

      *Love awm like this video!* 😁

      1. ZEUS Gaming

        Love you tacaz

      2. Eluni Moonstar

        I love awm but no one allow me to used it 😭😭

      3. Dewi Murthasiyah

        Ths awm hiaj ian

      4. Dipankar Roy


      5. هه هه


    2. Ganaa Gg

      two flare gun

    3. Rajesh Kumar


    4. Atal Tiwari

      You mis flare

    5. anand mawatwal Vines channel comedy central

      youtube recommended me this video after 1 year anyone else.

    6. YT Memes

      Meme lovers = 1 subscribe 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

    7. R R rangsha marak

      waoo Impressed

    8. R O Z Z A H avakinlife

      1:31 فليرجن🔴🔫

    9. Csaba Fulop

      Brutal😯😯respect 🏆

    10. فرج ياعيوني

      انا بحبك 💙

    11. Vasile Sima

      Only books, play în ace tire looser

    12. Reha Vohra


    13. Sohail Iqbal

      Paisy bhi flare gun thi

    14. The Phoenix

      Iam here just to tell you that after wiping the first squad,on the container you missed a flare gun,it was there you jumped over it..


      I love AWM

    16. Akash Roy

      Ending was just ❤️


      heyy why dont u teamup when opponents are asking?

    18. Navin Singh Singh

      Bhai apka k.d Kitana hai

    19. Irshad fareen Fareen


    20. Toca Queen Love

      your so good at it wow

    21. RR cutz

      😕 u 💥💫

    22. BCツSymon

      You forgot 1 flare gun on gorgepool container... Watch 1:30

    23. Ninad Jadhav

      there are team up fans of you why are you killing them

    24. willie mae millhouse

      How do he know where everybody at

    25. TikTok Khani

      Good game

    26. Manel Wijesena123

      Man gawa eya innawa

    27. silentwalks1 ANGLE

      Tacaz killed me lol

    28. Ygor Thalles

      coitado do carra que morreu o da awm

    29. ABDO SHOW

      انت عبيط في فلير في الحيويات

    30. Zaki Charb

      Very very strong🤣

    31. Baqiy Abani

      His aiming is like auto-aim.

    32. Bhushan Jade

      Game fake ahe

    33. Aini Noor

      they were jumping and you kiillad them

    34. Ennii Jack

      Contact FASTHACK_1 On Instagram to recover your PUBG ACCOUNT BACK.. I just got Access to my Account 💯✔️

    35. Gep Hanief

      he knew the enemy's movements, even those inside the building, he also knew the number of enemies in the building.

      1. Chau Chau

        He hear footstep no 1 in VietNam , that fact . So he has IQ 200 too. He is no 1 in my country 🤣🤣

    36. Stylish Star

      This is bullshit🐂💩 He even kills his fans! 🤬

    37. Ulvi Isgenderli

      Oh my god it so beautiful

    38. mythpat, beast boy shub fan

      and kr 98 is the queen of the game😏😏😏😁😁😁😁,!!!

    39. Defence Technology

      What a game wooooh waaaa❤️

    40. Emmanuel Ameh

      Wow this is wonderful!! Big thanks to @ola_tools on Instagram he do perfect and nice work

    41. Planas YT

      Wow 34Million Views 😯😯😯😯

    42. Huslee 224

      tacaz panda room pliss

    43. M Usman.K khan

      Conquer in a day

    44. PUBG Fans

      Hi, follow my channel for mobile gameplay videos! Thank you!

    45. Joydra Saha

      Vai op khelaa tumneeee🤭🤗😶😶👌👌😙

    46. Daniel Zulu Jr

      i bow to this guy !!!!!!!!!

    47. Chitranjan Singh

      Super bro👍

    48. Ak47 basha

      no doubt about its power

    49. Aashu Thakur


    50. Mr Pubzee

      Tacaz will complete his 10M by the end of this month. Who agrees.

      1. Yudha Ridwansyah

        Nobody 😂

    51. Bs Pandya

      😭😭😭😭 r.i.p pubg😭😭

      1. Bs Pandya


      2. Bs Pandya


      3. Bs Pandya


    52. Housefull Hd videos

      They want team up they ate ur fans and u killed them selfish man my last video to watch of u going to see leveno he is better than u bcs he didnt kill his fans he team up with them

    53. Housefull Hd videos

      Why u killing fans

    54. Sanjar Sultanov

      Привет Таказ

    55. Rakesh Uikey

      Don't kill your fans

    56. Саид Ооржак


    57. sahar gyan

      love 😘😘



    59. idree t

      Chingis khan

    60. idree t

      I am mongolia

    61. Nouman khan

      I wonder how much time does it takes to be a pro player like him? Billion years?🤣

    62. GNB video clip

      Plzz I need gameplay with 2finger

    63. Talat jabeen Hafeez

      power of grenade.

    64. Kothai 1718

      Nagala free fire pulligo

    65. Gaming beast

      1:32 flare gun missed

    66. Мавлуда Исакова


    67. INSULT

      1:30 WTF

    68. Hafuza Al Haidar

      Pantes ez banget yang dikill India🐼

    69. Great Papyrus

      1:30 lol tacaz didnt take the flare gun

    70. Mohim Rahman

      1:30 He just ignored the Flare Gun...

    71. VENOM KHAN

      Respect your meet up fans plz tacaz

    72. Chaminda Priyantha Gunathilaka

      Scope sensetive plzzzz

    73. pubg Master gaming

      My Chanel pubg master

    74. Luqmaan Haniffa

      34m viwes omg

    75. Asmila Ashraf Ashraf mannuparambil

      Grenede king

    76. MusicMorePlay

      Who noticed that at 1:32 he missed a flair next to him

    77. Oraganti Betty

      Bro killing 2 plyers with AWM and telll that AWM king haaaa



    79. Janpolat Bakhiev

      7.32 hehehe ( LoL ) 😂👍

    80. s1av _


    81. Arul Arasi

      You are playing like a beast. Then why dont you have eppuiped a pant

    82. vakil Vakil

      Kay bat h bro 😎 Kati jair

    83. MD Imran

      Tum Sale Chutiya Ho WoTeemup Ke Liye Kud Raha Hai Aur Tu Use Maar Diya Haramkjor

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    87. Mohamed Basiouni

      1:30 1:36

    88. Khushi Goyal

      1:35 there was flare



    90. Заур Юсупов

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    91. usman Hassan

      Giving respect to fans matters levinho does n see where he is how

      1. Samuel

        What are you trying to say, rip english ngl

    92. aras veissi

      It's a room

    93. Gaming Rakwal

      He killed his fans

    94. Bakchodi wala Bhataarji

      😘Tacaz is a great player 😘 tacaz fan like here 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻

    95. Lucky Mishra

      Op bhai

    96. PradeeP Kumar


    97. Aleena Sarfaraz

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    98. Athul Krishna

      Anyone noticed in 1:31 he not see the flare gun

    99. Jatt Soul

      Why you killed your fans

    100. ShineHit YT

      You know on the contains was an second Flare gun!!!