This is a chill love song playlist.... i miss u (slowed down songs)

chill street

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    #slowedsong #sloweddownmusic #chillstreet
    👍🏻 may we find our way back into each other’s arms. -
    👍🏻 the loneliness came back, worse than i remember. -
    👍🏻 it will end in tears. -
    👍🏻 love when you're ready, not when you're lonely. -
    👍🏻 being alone was never hard before I met you. -
    👍🏻 take me back to the night we met. -
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    1. Melani Figueroa Rojas

      Amooooo :3

    2. Shinta Wagania

      Indo sendri

    3. Yan_Vlogz_HA

      Me in my mind: *moves my head side to side slowly* Me rn: all of these songs..are making me want to see my girlfriend in person...since i love her so much than my life.

    4. Karoll Lizeth Delgado Rodriguez

      The peace this video brings me is another level ♡

    5. Edilânea Flávia

      Hi, I'm from Brazil and I really like the style of your videos, congratulations! Would it be possible to tell me what is the name of the program you use to edit your videos? I'm very grateful!! Thank you!!!

    6. Mhaleshano Kezo

      Jus don't wanna be in a Lonely Vibe...Someone Help!!😢💔

    7. Jelbern Bonete Arandia

      Hi there ❤

    8. Khalissa Tanimoun

      00:00 before you go - lewis capaldi 4:09 forever - lewis capaldi 8:07 12: 45 - etham 11:33 never not - lauv 15:03 always, i’ll care - jeremy zucker 17:54 heather - conan grey 21:45 falling like the stars - james arthur 25:53 impossible - james arthur 30:47 too much i miss you - chealsea cutler 34:31 no tears left to cry - ariana grande 38:41 /again/

    9. Joseph Lagman

      When you dont feel better then you heat this song

    10. ChocoChipMint

      I hope my crush wasn't a fictional character lol my previous real life crush just saw me in a sexualized way which breaks my heart, maybe someday someone will see me as someone who has a heart and mind.

    11. Zaina Santillan

      putting it in 0.75 hits hard

    12. _Margareth _127

      I can't ☹ stop crying 💔🤷‍♀️ when I listening to this song I miss him so much💔💔💔

    13. nataly danielle

      Não ame ninguém, assim ninguém poderá te magoar

      1. Erica Coutinho

        Bem isso

    14. nataly danielle

      Doe tanto quando uma pessoa que vc ama te machuca

    15. Mentoska lol

      Thank you. This made my day better 🥺 have a nice day/night

    16. Iyanna Lopez

      Songs on this playlist 00:00 before you go - lewis capaldi 4:09 forever - lewis capaldi 8:07 12: 45 - etham 11:33 never not - lauv 15:03 always, i’ll care - jeremy zucker 17:54 heather - conan grey 21:45 falling like the stars - james arthur 25:53 impossible - james arthur 30:47 too much i miss you - chealsea cutler 34:31 no tears left to cry - ariana grande 38:41 /again

    17. Alessandra Boy

      hi guys what is the fourth song's name?

      1. Daniella Haddad

        never not - lauv

    18. Brama Alvino

      I love it

    19. Than Naing Oo

      hello. ...i have some problem..... i think i am so ugly and i have brown skin i am always impressed for that... but i have smooth face but i am still ugly how can i complete from these problems? please give some advices ....i want to be pretty but it is just a dream... 😞 i hope for reply

      1. Than Naing Oo

        @ChocoChipMint thanks for your advice❣

      2. ChocoChipMint

        You're beautiful just the way you are, beauty comes from the inside, not a pretty figure. Your skin color is valuable like you are, don't let others change that fact for what is true in the beginning! :) Outside beauty doesn't define you, the inside is. Have a great day/night too!

    20. Klxzzy

      Why when you listen to this just all the memories hit you of the person you loved the most left you or just me?

    21. 3'sMarias vlog

      Im good

    22. Eiona Lim

      elloo i made a discord server incase some of yall wanna be friends... well we do have the same music taste so i mean thats a good start lmao anyway heres the server

    23. Marcos Gonçalves


    24. Naya Army

      I don't love anyone and I'm so sad, I wanna someone who would be my side , I want to be in love, experience this beautiful feeling, I want to hug someone, lugh with him and cry too. I want it. I really want it. I'm so so empty. My soul is so empty. What feeling is this? When you're sad because you have no one.

    25. Tijana

      My dad is gowing 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    26. Алёна Нефедова

      Дочитала под это мангу «ты здесь», спасибо за такой уют💕

    27. olga barroso gonzalez


    28. Nourin NOvus Ojikin


    29. Silvia Camarillo

      The first song Made me cry because of My dad he left (he did not die) but he came to visit me and he left and that was the last time i huged him i miss him so Bad🥺😭😭😭😔😔❤️♥️💘💝💖💗💓💞💕:( T-T

    30. anel

      Well this is a really good song I really start to listen to this today and I love the song keep making phones like this and this is really helping me when I'm there was that or I'm going to I'm really mad

    31. mel

      It’s crazy that I don’t cry to these anymore I just smile when thinking about the memories of us. I hope you’ve moved on, I do miss you and always will, I love you dearly J but I couldn’t be more grateful for the memories you’ve given me. Thank you, in another lifetime loser. We’ll always be an epic duo to me, stay safe you. 😌💗



    33. •mxhirx•

      ty for this I listen to it every night!

    34. Connie March


    35. Tamika Kurilla

      OMG that helps really to chill:D

    36. Tamika Kurilla

      Thats so good

    37. Fernanda Ortiz

      I'm the only one who gets this kind of songs and found this jewel and when I do homework I put them

    38. Lyah Victoria

      Alguém 🇧🇷?

    39. lavish Bree

      the best play list to chill with

    40. Fat Cat

      Play the songs in 1.25x speed. It sounds like a male singer covering the artists songs(its really nice:,) Falling like the stars is especially good in 1.25x speed in this vid 21:45

    41. Sophia Stone

      i think I'm in love with the idea of love :)

    42. Thickdino_ rawr

      ive been listing to you for awhile i tried showing my best freind you,but she said no so i just she doesent like it but i listen to you when im upset like when my parents made me stop hanging out with my best freind because she was bisexual.

    43. Ludo 040

      Let´s just ignore the horrible cover of no tears left to cry..... yeah if it wasn't there....

    44. Jillian Crites

      I. Like. O

    45. Abu Talha

      Love yourself 🥰, fuck relationship...

    46. Yoshua

      I just Think about my Crush when I hear this

    47. Ario Gholampoor

      Why they ignore me?

    48. Daniella Haddad

      the first song makes me sad bec like me tell u a story me:hey bestie what's up bestie:good,i have to tell you something me:yeah what is it?! bestie:so i-im mo- me:what's wrong! why are you crying? bestie:im moving away.... me:... no no no are you serious? :( bestie:y-yes me:*cries* bestie:im sad too :( me:well me and our other bestie will miss you so much! bestie:well lets enjoy our last years together me:ok *covid happens* me:noooooo! covid messed this up! me:now ill be sad forever I'm still sad......

    49. Natalice Matos Pereira Das Neves

      "We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark, the real tragedy is when a man is afraid of the light" -Plato

    50. Indah Ponsel

      Kane bangett😭

    51. Afiq

      For everyone who's having a bad day here’s a hug: ༼ つ ◕◡◕ ༽つ

    52. Maliyah Silva

      Love this song period go sista And i oop sksksk

    53. Bad_Philipp[08]

      My day is better

    54. Jack

      hehe feels like a dream floating in a cloud

    55. Ezekiel Mendoza


    56. Rafael

      00:00 e 40:00

    57. diego gomes

      hello you soy brazil

    58. Steffen Perk


    59. Ruth Ximena Zevallos Franco

      hey..... you .... everything is going to be ok

    60. Petr Frič

      Omg good

    61. Gabriel Luiz

      Cd os br ?

    62. puppy love

      i love vibing to this it is so peaceful to me 1000 out of 10

    63. iriscleia silva

      Boa noite

    64. Lynelle Redeagle

      Won't last forever

    65. Sabrina Flores

      can you maybe make a spotify playlist of this ? :))

    66. Noor ÒwÓ

      00:00 before you go - lewis capaldi 4:09 forever - lewis capaldi 8:07 12: 45 - etham 11:33 never not - lauv 15:03 always, i’ll care - jeremy zucker 17:54 heather - conan grey 21:45 falling like the stars - james arthur 25:53 impossible - james arthur 30:47 too much i miss you - chealsea cutler 34:31 no tears left to cry - ariana grande 38:41 /again/

      1. Noor ÒwÓ

        @Alex Jones NP

      2. Alex Jones

        Thank you

      3. lol king


    67. Nik akmal Hafiz

      Hello Ma’am/Madam! ☺️ I hope u get a good day and everyday! 🌸🌹

      1. Nik akmal Hafiz

        Edit : Pls don’t give up! Your not alone until the end, we’re always be there! Let it all out and calm down! I hope you get a good day! 🌹🌸♥️”

    68. Ronie AMV


    69. Jazmín Mac Donough

      mi mejor amiga no va a estar para mi cumpleaños /my best friend cant come to my birthday

    70. PotatoChip

      I broke up with my gf..... and this gave me good luck cuz like 1 day later she said sorry and now we’re back together happy....🙂😕 🌹🥀

    71. Daniel Gonzalez

      Nombre del cantante?

    72. whatthehonk_karll

      When your to young to have a crush: I always blush at school under my mask when im with him..:( whenever we are far away in lunch i hear him talking to someone else and i glare at him and glares at me back:)💗

      1. whatthehonk_karll

        Does he?:( i really like him sm but i dont think he likes me😞

    73. Pikachu gacha

      Forever never lasts forever it just lasts for a long time... It will all end one day ☹️ but my love for u will never end

    74. Joana Mendoza

      Tal vez estrañamos esa persona , porque siempre lo era todo para nosotros, pero hay que recordar que la vida sigue y sin importar que esa persona ya no este con nosotros debemos seguir adelante, y es normal extrañarla mucho pero tal vez esa persona nunca le importamos, solo jugo con nuestros sentimientos, debemos dejar esa historia en el pasado, hay que enterrarla de una vez por todas :(

      1. Estefania Pérez borquez

        voy a llorar XD

    75. Hunter Crist

      Am I the only one here because my girl cheated on me and is with my best friend p.s I need someone edit: can I pls get pinned

    76. Johneliz Hernandez


    77. Johneliz Hernandez


    78. Johneliz Hernandez


    79. Johneliz Hernandez


    80. Johneliz Hernandez


    81. Maja Mazurowska

      every time I hear it, I feel sad and cry

    82. Andreea Raducescu

      is so cool 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕

    83. The Magic Planet

      my boy friend just broke up with me😒🙄🤍😵🖕🏽😣😒😏🙄😟😤😓😥😢

    84. Edwin Veles

      I’m in love with my best friend but after trying to explore my feelings she did a complete 180 and now doesn’t want anything to do with me

    85. Jaylen

      Who is the singer?????

    86. Randi Giddings


    87. vanya Termopolis

      since now this video is my favorite as well as the songs =)

    88. SweXx

      Why. Everytime i feel like im feeling good it takes abt. 2-3 days and my life goes like: SIIIIIKE. Fuck that shit

    89. millaray gamer

      the music is amazing and incredible

    90. Soothing Ambience

      Awesome video! I really enjoyed it!

    91. Sofia Rendon Cantillo 6a

      Nadie que hable español y le guste la música en ingles ¿? ¿Alguien?

    92. well, duh 123

      you have amazing taste sis :)

    93. Roxybella Serrano

      2010: I’m depressed Someone: aww wanna talk abt it 2019: I’m depressed Someone: Same I’m so sorry 2020: I’m depressed Someone: stop faking it your too young to be depressed We arent too young just because kids 8-10 say their depressed doesn’t mean they want attention we may be young but we aren’t too young to come home to abusive/fighting parents, we aren’t too young to have divorced parents, and finally we aren’t too young to be bullied…there are other reasons people can be depressed I’m not saying this is it

    94. Akhadam Hasna


    95. google comcom

      This song is so sad i remember my bff we always call but now wi dont 😥😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😗😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 i really cry so much

    96. Brynlee Denton

      Hey Charlotte

    97. Aqilah Basirah


    98. sasuke uchiha AMV

      Before you go is not a love song he wrote that about his auntie that killed herself

    99. Nerius Master

      Hey stranger take care your being loved by someone out there😍

    100. Rishela Belleza

      Make my heart melt💓😭i want to download it please ☹️