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    This is the new Toyota Corolla! It’s fair to say previous generations of the Corolla (or Auris, as it used to be called) were known for being good value for money, but relatively dull. However, it seems Toyota is looking to put that reputation to bed with the all-new Corolla! But does the interior and drivability match up to the exciting new exterior style, especially when you consider it costs slightly more than a VW Golf or Ford Focus? Join Mat for his in-depth review to find out!
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    1. Camillo Leighio

      This new toyota corolla is more than able to take the ford focus, vw golf and the skoda octavia on as it has a good amount of standard equipment, it looks well and it has an efficient engine.

    2. Benderswe1

      at 5:52 he say let´s move on to the AURIS back seat

    3. David Mortaz

      Nice review, but the Hybrid Hatch has NOT yet made it to US which is very odd!

    4. Bubble Gum

      That was funny! 🤣🤣🤣

    5. ebi cha

      I think yall should show base model first, it'll give a standard for people who arent billionaires like yall.. i have a 2020 corolla and she's le and aight.

    6. Gordon Ferguson

      Maybe could you do a review of the saloon version of the Toyota Corolla ?

    7. Digital Migrate

      Isn't a manual going to be there for this Car ?

    8. Profir Andrei

      Who the fuck buys a diesel 8 series

    9. Syed Mohammed Salman

      We saw the camera man

    10. Conny Karlsson

      How can anyone buy a dull VW Golf over this Corolla?

    11. Chris Litton

      That infotainment looks basic. Hope it comes with android auto.

    12. David Rumming

      VW.....the Japanese are coming for you.

    13. master yon


    14. Stu Goodson

      Great presenter...give him a job on Top Gear 😁

    15. Bashir Aminu

      10:17 that car horn part got me rolling on the floor 😂😂😂😭😭

    16. Umit Hayim

      chuck them into the bushes like that sıowbobıqwsnpobnqarwo

    17. Alexandre Sato desbloqueio da central multimídia + macetes do piloto automático

    18. Terry Ball

      I would get the estate for rear space but it kind of isn't a Corolla then really. Still a really great car though. Smooth and quite. I want one.

      1. Benderswe1

        i got the estate gr-s and its great

    19. Marko Lubar

      I don't know about you guys, but the interior looks just... Bad.

    20. Usha ruchchan

      I agree with your verdict

    21. Piotr

      Interior and exterior design is DISGUSTING as always in Toyota. Quality of form is like Dacia Logan or Fiat Punto. Overpriced car.

      1. Benderswe1


    22. Reema Shahin

      For me the horn its good👍🏻

    23. Reema Shahin

      Is a cute car and the horn its so funny

    24. ranitha ranuraka

      It's a really good looking car

    25. Hanis Mirza

      Please bring it in to Malaysia 😩

    26. Omegad30

      shit automatics toyota stil makes boring cars no turbo's only yaris gr dets it ...

    27. CGI Future

      Toyotas last longer then any relationships 😂

    28. Michael Howell

      Head rest on these look nice as they are bent forward as a lot of head rests are to far back

    29. Michael Howell

      Surely this would be cheaper on insurance my quote for a vauxhall corsa limited edition is £2,200 so hopefully being a hybrid it will bring it down to £1,00

    30. Ibrahim Aliii

      Can you use apple car play yet even on the icon?

    31. Matthew Newman

      At 5:52, did you say Auris? 😂

    32. tony Chen

      Just got one last month, everything was great but there is a noise coming from the engine compartment every time when release a break sounds like a vibration sound. Factory service say it is cost by the movement of the engine feet. But the noise so so annoying tha is doing it every time when you release the break, never in my 40 years of driving that I heard the sound caused by the engine feet can transferred all the way into the drivers carpet. Very annoying very disappointed still waiting for them to solve the problem. So made in Japan it’s not as a good as they used to be.

    33. MikeKay1978

      I have tested the corolla hybrid and 1.2 turbo. Both a really nice to drive. Hybrid has incredible fuel economy and the 1.2 turbo is really fun to drive if you like manual gear box.

    34. Wiktor Wierdak

      My lov! Where is Mazda cx30

    35. Theodore Vasilopoulos

      Never used to like Toyotas, but they've been absolutely killing it since 2019... The Yaris, Corolla and C-HR are really good looking.

    36. A smith


    37. Waj Q

      Any chance you can review the saloon please Matt?

    38. Reuben

      Poor guy's kundi

    39. Maurits Maertens

    40. Spaketti Carbonada

      Beautiful rig.

    41. H S

      "But then, there are a few Toyotarisms" 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    42. Piotr

      Toyota infotainment system looks and works such elegantly like PDA with Windows Mobile 5. Hello? It's not 2005 anymore!

    43. Matte

      i would like to buy one but in sweden it goes for 200,000 kr or more

    44. The other John Smith

      Nice review, mate. One question: the infotainment screen kind of looks collapsable or detachable. Is it?

    45. Emil .S

      This is sort of my dream-car tbh. Alas, in Denmark its 40k euro in the good configuration atm. IMO, a much nicer, better-looking and dependable car than its german and french peers.

    46. Niall Church

      Are you sure you're not a VW GOLF agent?

    47. Anthony

      Shame it isn't in diesel anymore :(

    48. Mobile games gameplay

      New dacia sandero review please?

    49. CarsofGlasgow

      Great video, I really like these! I just uploaded a video on the Corolla Trek hybrid :D

    50. MagnataAtCoD

      I just watch because i like the british way of speaking

    51. Eric Ralph

      the glove department has a attitude

    52. PurplePanda Guy

      It’s got cup holders? Can we stop and get a cup?

    53. Sandy BoleYT

      The base model seems to have spades of standard stuff Nice

    54. Nikos x

      If you dont drive in the city buy the 1.2 turbo.

    55. Nikos x

      Great looking solid car that will run forever

    56. Mitt P

      Noooooooooooo.... I'll take my own time :p lol

    57. Zahid Khan

      This car actually looks nice

    58. TheDivide9

      You know it's a good car when one of the 5 annoying things is merely the horn ;)

    59. Elite FF Squadron

      My 2016 Corolla gives me 9.5L/100km of mileage from a 1.6L petrol engine which is not a hybrid

    60. Radojka Boskovic

      This is great car!

    61. Apk Darter

      Polymer is here to stay. Can you say “Glock”?

    62. Andreas Kahr

      This Corolla looks really nice!!

    63. Scott Rawdin

      Thank you for these pleasant and informative videos. Does carwow app work for France ?

    64. Daniel Niefergold

      Great video. It Look good, exept this CVT Nonsens what a drag. Sorry but the CVT Kills it for me. CVT is for People who hate driving, permanent high rev sluggish reactions are shit.

      1. Daniel Niefergold

        @Jinn Genie Not Wrong. The most important is that you like the drive and the car. I Am more and more attracted by DACIA incredible value for money not thirsty, good resale. OK not sexy at all but an honest reliable tool. in a couple of years hybrid with Clio tech.

      2. Daniel Niefergold

        @Jinn Genie I Loved the golf GTi with DSG but still prefer manual.

      3. Daniel Niefergold

        ​@Jinn Genie Yes you are right, DSG Are Expensive to fix and they need double clutch replacement. But Audi Uses DSG too. do not misunderstand me I Would like to see a good CVT but the one i drove made me wonder how people could accept such a terrible system It made me hate Toyota Hybrids as well. I Would have loved to see the new Toyota corolla with a good CVT But it is still terrible. Pity. CVT needs servicing too (Belt change) and if its snaps you are stuck. Sorry but having driven them made me hate them.

      4. Daniel Niefergold

        ​@Jinn Genie No i Drove several CVTs and now I Drive a Volkswagen with DSG and this gearbox i can say is a work of Genius . Toyotas CVT s are just a Mopped Gearboxes permanently slipping with a painful loss of Power. I am a Rep and had many cars but all CVTs were all terrible and Ruined the mileage and give you a Weak acceleration response, The construction of CVT induces by construction the permanent slipping and Kill the hybrid savings. Try a DSG and you will see what I mean...

    65. X

      fortunately UK is no more UE country, UK buyers gonna like new toyota pice especially with the steering wheel on the right (their national fad....)

    66. Aman Soni

      Almost all toyota cars have cheap plastic in the interior

    67. Heffalompen

      Something has happened over at Toyota, cars are stiffer, chassi stiffer, better handling. Interesting yesch.

    68. La Buse Toujours

      Leningrad sounds much better

    69. Imtiyaz Jamadar

      Hi just want to know which one better new prius or carolla compare to best mpg

    70. Mark W

      and of course, yet another model that isn't offered in the US. Because of course only Europeans enjoy the practicality of hatchbacks...

    71. George Leonard

      just had a drive in the new coralla. What I have to say, is this car is cramped with technology and because of this, it is very expensive. But do not be fooled. It's just another corolla. Cheap interior, rear space, and boot are limited, and ride quality is simply.... nope....... It's not exciting at all. Just a corolla. So, if you want a quality vehicle, with mechanical refinement and a pleasing interior.... simply, do not give this thing a chance.

    72. Arturas nesakysiu

      toyota will drive and drive while others brake down

    73. Ana Chaudhary

      Like your jacket more then this car 😀😀😀😀😀😀

    74. Dicksonmatola

      Toyota is my favorite

    75. Steven Obinator

      CARWOW can blow me. But love the videos!!!

    76. Kindhesten Kaj

      Good video, Matt. Thank you. Happy New Year. Greetings from Denmark. I hope you survive the corona pandemic. My little sister and my mom have died of Covid-19.

      1. A1mZ

        I am sorry for your loss

    77. Samuel Watson

      Title: Toyota Corolla 2020 Me: Toyota Corona 2020

    78. Rafy Raffy

      Woow very nice car 🤔👍🇸🇦

    79. Karl

      I have just rented this car for a few days and put over 2000km on it... Its painful to drive. Yes its super efficient, yes its probably super reliable... but damn, the seats have terrible back support, it rolls around like a boat on rough waters, the interior panels creak and groan as if its a 15 year old car and the CVT transmission is gutless. Of course most people will buy this car for a reliable point A to point B machine... and that's all it is.

      1. George Leonard

        a last... someone told the truth. It is not a good car. It's expensive, uncomfortable and in my humble opinion, with all these electronics plus the shity CVT, not reliable anymore. The only good thing is that it is economical. It's a COROLLA..... not a Mercedes. If you can not buy anything better, it's perfectly ok. I have not a problem with that. But be honest and do not try to convince me that this is a good product.

    80. Spiros MGN

      Wow very beautiful car

    81. Kenkiun

      2:46 😂

    82. Benderswe1

      5.52 HE SAY "THE AURIS"

    83. Toyota Universal

      Hi Mat thanks for doing this review! A special thanks from Toyota ❤️.

    84. Jason Saddington

      How far does it go on ev only mode?

    85. emgee44

      I saw this at a dealer and it looked rather nice, I was most surprised, I also liked the estate version too and would consider either one if I was I the market for one.

    86. Javier daniel Alvarez

      Wtf USA don’t get those options

    87. Saber is love, Saber is life

      I like this style of review. Unique and funny from other reviews.

    88. Clarence Wood

      This guy is the definition of “animate” 😂

    89. ッ


      1. alan wells

        1.8 Hybrid , Exel

    90. Alister Satchwell

      Nice looking but rear legroom is shite and it’s too dark. Why aren’t we given choice in the UK for interior colours like in other countries ?

    91. rickman

      Presenter is a joy to watch! From Adelaide, South Australia.

    92. Andrew Hailstorm

      That’s a nice Corolla Would be a shame if someone Lightly scratched it

    93. Ultra Jaff

      Kia ceed looks better imo

    94. Fiona Banyai

      Would love a review on gr sport 2 door

    95. Ombili Naikaku

      I like his humour

    96. samtrue3


    97. Rock Micah

      10:18 😂😂😂

    98. brian Gallagher

      you said the Auris back seat its a Corolla 5.40

    99. joni chy


    100. c s

      mazda 3 vs toyota corolla... totally the hardest question ever.. I think if you are the type of person who loves toys&tech in a car you should go with the corolla but if you are the one who cares about the spirit of driving you should choose mazda 3 without any question..