Toyota GR Yaris review - see why I plan to buy one!


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    Introducing what might be the most exciting car Toyota has EVER produced - the new Toyota GR Yaris!
    This super-sporty edition of Toyota’s popular small family car is effectively a rally car built for the road. Hidden under the bonnet you’ll find a 1.6-litre 3-cylinder turbo-petrol, which will produce 261hp & 360Nm of torque! But it’s no surprise it’ll put down so much, given it’s the most powerful 3-cylinder turbo available in 2020!
    So, are you loving the sound of it?! Of course you are! The question is, would you be willing to spend over £30,000 on a Yaris?! It's going to be super rare, with only 25,000 set to be produced worldwide! But even with that in mind, would you be better off spending a bit less & picking up a Fiesta ST?
    There’s only one way to find out what you should do - stick with Mat for his latest in-depth review!
    00:00 Intro
    01:19 Exterior Design
    03:44 Interior Design
    05:29 Engine
    05:58 0 - 60mph
    06:34 Drivetrain
    08:28 Price
    09:08 Five Annoying Features
    10:57 Five Good Features
    12:25 Twisty Road Driving
    14:25 Motorway Driving
    16:10 Verdict
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    1. Christopher Perumal

      Didn't wash his hands, disgusting.

    2. Cathal Canavan

      59000 euro in Ireland with the circuit kit .😐

    3. simon johnson

      I want one ☝️

    4. naitomeaxst

      Cries in USA*** I don't care much for buying new cars but this...this is an exception

    5. Chafic Abou Zahr

      All the GR Yaris reviews absolutely laud this car. 4 wheel drive, modern engine and all the attributes required in a compact and subtlish package. The 996 was never my favourite. But in the world we're living in today I would get one in a heartbeat. My comment is 4 months late. Have you gotten one?

    6. Nkosiphile Mpofu

      Is this the proper replacement for the Supra ?

    7. Surendran Nambiath

      Noo! Don't sell your Porche!!

    8. Australian Turk

      Great Marketing move, opening of a video while the guy pees...and asks ppl to subscribe to his channel...

    9. Simeon Selmon

      I've bet it cost a fortune on fuel

    10. Garry Croft

      261 HP is not the most powerful 3 pot engine. How about 600 HP in the new 2L twin-turbo Koenigsegg. 😁

    11. SsjLiano

      Why can’t these be sold in the states 😞😞

    12. knight of the sun

      Did you already buy it?

    13. Paul Gracia

      Wish we got them in the states

    14. Thelifeof Pewpew

      I30n vs YarisGR...thoughts?

    15. Bird Lover India

      I wish I could buy it here in India. I absolutely love this car.

    16. Bird Lover India

      Just 25000 of this beauty to be made 💔

    17. Christopher Tan

      yes you should get this!! so much fun !!!

    18. InstantNoodles005

      I see, this basically is a Yaris WRX, isn’t it

    19. mastafixa

      Bout time we had some homologation cars

    20. E.C.R

      I love how the guy is bump out that he can't get the circuit pack and the other pack at the same time yet the U.S can't get the car at all hell the U.S don't get the base Yaris this year at all

    21. Ahmet Cemiloglu

      Why would you even buy a 996 in the first place? I was sad when Porsche ended the air-cooled 911, but I was deeply disappointed with the replacement. RUF recently came up with the proper replacement car, but $800k is slightly more expensive than pretty much everything.

    22. Spenser Tracy


    23. trevz1048

      I've been looking at car wow no deals at all everything is top price what I'm being recommended

    24. Ronin

      Toyota you've gotta bring this beauty to the US!

    25. mike o

      YES, kick the Porsche out. The good people in Stuttgart needs to know that we love affordable, straight forward, light and fun cars.

      1. No

        Sooo Porsches?

    26. Nate

      it's either between the Toyota GR Yaris hatchback or the toyota corolla hatchback both really nice cars

    27. Lee Rose

      Think u should do a drag race against your porsche and the winning is what u end up with . Im just looking at deals on these want the lsd but also want all the blind spot monitoring sucks u cant have both

    28. Adam Catford

      do it

    29. alinapetito

      Love the start of the video ! 😂

    30. Devendra Saini


    31. Rekt Allain

      This Yaris GR has back seat or nah?

    32. geezer

      Hows the reliability of those 3 cyl engine?

    33. Jeff Ryan

      God damn that is so fuckin cool. Everything you'd want in hatch rally car. I'd drive that in a heartbeat in the US but of fucking course we don't get it :(

    34. AK

      I'm surprised you didn't like Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifolio straight away.. I was waiting you would say that..

    35. Steve H

      I dont understand how Toyota spent all this money making a bespoke yaris but couldn't spend the money and R&D to build the new Supra off the Lexus LC chassis.

    36. Simon Ploug

      i am so in love

    37. marco osvaldo

      The neighborly test unsurprisingly muddle because sidecar outstandingly cheer modulo a extra-large extra-small exuberant typhoon. delightful, alcoholic level

    38. kayzd

      The only problem when I first saw one on the motorway was how big or tall it looked, almost like a compact cross over. I'm sure if one would lower her a little (not slammed) it will look better proportioned and mint 👌

    39. Apple Cider Siphon

      The fact this isn’t coming to the US is criminal. I’ll say if we don’t understand what an amazing car is, so caught up in cylinder count and Ci. Do I love the Shelby GT500? Of course! But I love this Yaris just as much and they all have a place on State side roads. Edit: I know the Corolla is supposedly coming with the same engine, but that chassis is purpose built and perfectly balanced for rally and the Yaris is what’s meant to be powered by that glorious three banger.

    40. Ride With Bear

      Bought one and reviewed it, next turbo upgrade

    41. SKODA20V

      Sell the Porsche I`ve ordered one with circuit pack and am selling my 1996 mint Impreza Turbo 2000 for it - no brainer. There will probably never be another car like this.

    42. Ron Williams

      Hellloooooo...hand sanitizer Matt?

    43. caTpuccino

      This is a true driver's car. The 'GR' actually means something here. Not the other R or Sports styling package crap in other brands.

    44. marwood1969

      Mine gets delivered tomorrow. I feel like it's 1998 again!

    45. Vicky Loayon

      My favorite rally car to go to ormoc

    46. Gfx Grafix

      toyota spent money on this that is why bmw had to make the new supra

    47. Nick Martin


    48. cyberdyers

      I waiting for my GR Yaris, in Need For Speed.

    49. Steven Garrido

      I’m definitely getting one :)

    50. Jan Ulik

      incredible,...i would never say that somebody will claim , "this car is all about driving " referring to yaris

    51. Gunfight. SC.

      Yea buy it I love that car it’s amazing and unique

    52. Kerry Read

      carwow don't offer the GR variant as far as I can see, so I rang them, and they were not taking calls, so I emailed them, and they haven't replied, I assume Mat Watson got his by some other route.

    53. FPVDriver

      Sell old Buy new

    54. Mr. Spooby

      Please send this to the states!!!! I need it!!!

    55. 7B_26_Tyrant Qiu

      4:18 *Clears throat* That sounds pretty gay

    56. Barbara Bartos

      Mat, in answer to your question at the end - yes!

    57. Rasputin

      Sell everything and buy a bicycle. Much better for the environment and would more suitably fit your lame evaluation talents. A commedian you are not.

    58. Banz SanJuan

      30K for a yaris 🥲

    59. Manuel Lopes RS


    60. FSOTELO26

      Por favor pásalo a español; Latino America

    61. Ethan humphries

      I think just eat is gonna be getting a upgrade on take away vehicles haha

    62. Ben Ferns

      Matt is unsure if Toyota engineers understand Physics.. lol what a guy

    63. Ozgur Cirak

      Yes, sell the crappy Porsche and buy this great car which has the spirit of a rally car!

    64. WISI

      Some automatic gearbox ?

    65. Ahmad

      Mpg ?

    66. RifqiDharmawan

      yaris gr looks like a scirocco new version from japan market

    67. Oti Amankwaa

      yes you have to

    68. ゆま

      I think he seems to be clever

    69. Humza Siddiqui

      3:16 is what I tell my crush but she doesn't agree :(

    70. rozaane _

      buy it Mat!

    71. Iseenoobpeoples

      Torsen is shit you need to upgrade right away.

    72. Fachri hs

      Saya kesini dari Om Fitra eri.

    73. MattsterHatts

      Why cant this car be released in America.

    74. Alfin Pradana

      Om fitra eri udah nonton ini pastinya yaa?

    75. Colin Wilk

      Damn I want this thing

    76. Mahir Fredericks

      it looks a mile high off the ground... could really benefit from some coil overs

    77. Chetah Society

      We need this in America ...

    78. Nia Novitasari

      Kesini gara gara abis nonton Chanel om Fitra Eri.

    79. Contact LeonardusCung[dot]com

      Buy it Bro....

    80. mahendra angga

      Apa cm gw yang mampir ke video ini setelah nonton video om Fitra?

    81. samudragung

      Om fitra eri bring us here 🇮🇩

    82. Mr. Awesome

      Toyota: we have the most powerful 3 cylinder turbo Koenigsegg: hold my beer

    83. alec newman

      Yes do it

    84. Seamus Johnson

      This is a awesome Toyota Yaris gr!

    85. Nightcore Adrenaline

      If only it was actually available in America 😭

    86. jawad aburumman

      you should rename the channel to carwee

    87. Joel

      WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK?? This is amazing, cant believe that i would be hyped over a fucking yaris lmao

    88. MIT 151392

      I'd buy one if its a proper 4-door saloon or hatchback bodystyle. Not a 2-door hatchback as it is impractical.

    89. Chris Sheen


    90. Blood disorder

      The Yaris is a true drivers car.

    91. Krod Krod

      I would but one but they are not selling them in the U.S.

    92. Sam Partogi

      Yes!! you do have to sell ur porsche to fund your new GR Yaris. Without a single doubt!!

    93. Martyn Stanley

      I like these. Might of bought one, but I think I'll pass now.

    94. Graham Crossman

      Everyone loves a nice firm Yaris!! 😂

    95. Aaron Sadat

      I am genuinely a Toyota enthusiast. But i don’t understand the hype of this car. It is nothing to be excited over. It is very slow. 0 - 60mph/100kmh in 5.2 seconds is very slow. It is the most powerful three cylinder engine in the world, because hardly any car manufacturers produce three cylinder engines, or are interested in them. In my opinion, it needed a 2 litre four cylinder engine, and the option of having a automatic gearbox.

      1. Chris P

        Well it's a homologation car so they can enter the a 2 litre is out of the question straight away. I think you're missing the point of it🙄

    96. Albert Ochoa

      how much did they pay you to say u want to buy one?

    97. Hirza Ahmad Mutahari

      AWD? Really?????

      1. Hirza Ahmad Mutahari

        @Can't think of a name lol it ok

      2. Can't think of a name

        @Hirza Ahmad Mutahari ok. I misunderstood your comment

      3. Hirza Ahmad Mutahari

        @Can't think of a name not wrong, its awesome an AWD in a freakin YARIS

      4. Can't think of a name

        what's wrong with awd

    98. Stelios Gerochristodoulou

      No Mat keep the Porche !!!

    99. Jon Andrews

      Ordered a circuit pack today ... white ...haven’t seen one yet alone tested one ... December delivery

    100. anonimo nimoano