[TREASURE MAP] EP.42 🏴‍☠️ 강화도 해적단의 슬로우 라이프 🏴‍☠️ 이제 겨우 한끼


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    1. dance4ever

      whoever said that idol life is all glamorous, lol...

    2. wizoncezy


    3. Kira Army

      hahaha really two insurmountable things first Mashiho's wardrobe and secondly Asahi and JeongWoo's performances 😂Even with strange clothes they look beautiful 😍💓

    4. ᅣᅵ C


    5. Syintia Nurmala

      I love you

    6. deedoodee

      Please go to 20:00 to see the cutest shot of yoshi!! My eyes been blessed.

    7. Ava Toshe

      "seoul milk? no no no. ganghwa-do milk!" "isn't that my cup?" "my bad" now, this is my type of commercial

    8. cha Nee Nee

      Junkyu and Haruto can be a model 😘

    9. cha Nee Nee

      I can see Hanbin in Haruto😥

    10. ノムノム

      Mashiho the super mom, who save the lunch 😂

    11. chocoyoi

      treasure 💞💞

    12. Dania Misnan

      5:47 physique put to waste lol i laught very hardd

      1. Dania Misnan


    13. Mrs. Takata

      I'm so inlove with their bare face. There's nothing different between their bare face and their face with a makeup. They are really born handsome.

    14. Daus Kim

      That three love comedy😭🤚

    15. Junkyu Watanabee

      I will never comment asking Any Lazy Ass Teumes to Stream BOY Again , If you’re Lazy Okay

    16. Pattyshy

      I remember Gose i love big groups 😂 I struggling names first but worth it My quarantine never gets bored My Wed and Friday Is happiness♥ CaratTeume here♥🙈

    17. Treasure's Gang

      Suggestions for treasure map content 1. debate competition 2. Treasure enters magic school (Harry Potter theme) 3. Futsal matches 4. Treasure vs Zombies (treasure members on the bus (safe zone) must take the treasure box outside (full of zombies) 5. all day in the dorm can not make a sound (Silent Place theme) 6. Carpool karaoke 7. fishing competitions 8. learn magic tricks, play Rubik's cube, create a domino effect 9. Draw graffiti on the wall 10. Treasure Map Award (Voice of the Treasure Maker)

    18. one fine day


    19. TREASURE MAKER 트레저 Official

      Hi !! Treasure

    20. Nasi Goreng

      4:57 Wow Jaehyuk Gonna Be The Next YGA to Fit into the Fashion Show. He's Have That Aura, Classy n Elegant

    21. Allaina Joi Bautista

      Ackk,i remember iKON doing this... :< gosh i miss them so bad,YG BRING BACK iKON TV AND HANBIN!!!! btw they all look so cute barefaced ;)

      1. Allaina Joi Bautista

        @Nasi Goreng oh yeah? That's not my real name btw😆

      2. Allaina Joi Bautista

        @one fine day idk why he don't wanna comeback like a fr legit comeback 😭😭 but he's meeting sum fans in korean tho.

      3. Nasi Goreng

        @Allaina Joi Bautista anyway your name remind me to a Singer Christian Bautista

      4. one fine day

        @Allaina Joi Bautista but why he have to leave just bcs ppl will attacking him and other members without thinking about fans and ikon's future?... I mean, yes he's thinking about ikon and everything at that time but yooo!! even a year or 2 years after the scandal ppl will not attacking them again right? Look at gd and top, they are fine now.. eventhough ppl still remember their scandal but nobody attacking them right now Hanbin shouldnt left the group if he didnt do something wrong😭💢

      5. one fine day

        @Nasi Goreng i have no idea too lmao

    22. Gillian Peña Hernández

      Parece domplín dominicano hahha

    23. that cute little mole on yoshi's face

      aw, mashi help junkyu looking for his shoes 🥺🥺

    24. Nur Hidayati

      Hyunsuk bare face just amazing 😍 I'm falling in love all over again ^^

    25. Army dominacion

      como aburrirme con estos episodios , si Los chicos son tan divertidos , me encantan ameeee :"3

    26. وَايجِـي فَامِيلِـي ستَـان𖤐.

      1:11 I’m dying😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😂😂😂😂😂

    27. Jill Lopez

      Mashiho TT

    28. Krys J

      after knowing that Hyunsuk don't eat sujebi nor kalguksu but he never mentioned anything about that the whole time they are making the food, maaaaaaaaaaa it makes me admire him more 🥺

    29. Anita K

      Jeongwoo and Asahi the duo we didn't know we needed. XDXD

    30. cut the cameras


    31. ふ た ば 。

      8:37 8:37 8:37 8:37

    32. Watanabee Junkyu

      I hope Teumes don’t forget that we need to make BOY MV 100M

    33. autumn, winter.

      I can watch at least 5 times each episode and still laugh like first time watching it

    34. Jhevy Spencer Gomez

      Haruto looks like a bit like Joji wearing that black beanie 👁👄👁


      I want to make list of jeongwoo's nickname given by our editor- nim....

    36. _1021 Orange


    37. hoonie bee

      but all of them are very funny and cute, i love them

    38. hoonie bee

      treasure member is so funny, especially asahi and mashiho

    39. hoonie bee

      they’re making me laugh 😄

    40. Cherylph 03

      luv u

    41. Luca Manoban

      They are babies!!! ❤️

    42. 小切手。

      help, i'm addicted to 2:44 T^T

    43. Pjiirrr123

      Do someone make a ringtone for asahi ft. Haruto 'park jihoon park jihoon gejebrasgejebrus'? It must be amazing ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

    44. ぽ*

      8:23 豹変まっしー

    45. Vea Michaela

      15:25 pumpum

    46. Angel Apodaca

      I love how everytime they cook they always say They appreciation their moms and feel bad for them 😭,I love them

    47. Boinot Stay

      Jae Hyuck : This feels so good! Haruto : Jae hyuck, can you not wear that hat?

    48. mina

      They are so funny

    49. Lalala


    50. Alisa Widya Sari


    51. Zary Mejia

      me at the end dance also me waiting for them to have a song out of the ending part

    52. Lesyeuxdenini

      13:06 omg Hyunsuk just called me gorgeous!!! ಥ_ಥ


      No one: Not even the J-line: Jihoon: OKAY-DES we stan a multilingual king

    54. Lets get It

      3:52 Haruto: *awra* hahahahhahahhaha

    55. Jovs_ Blinkue

      19:59 baby yoshi look so cute in his hair pig tail here😳💕

    56. mini cherries -_-

      i love it

    57. Its ROSÉ not ROSE pls

      I"ll never regret for stanning them!!

    58. Amari Yotin

      There’s no sub title?

      1. Lalala

        there're japanese and english

    59. kahnee


    60. Sandra Maliga

      mashiho has cute voice than others uwuuu

    61. dhyxxshijnee


    62. Mia Rasmiati

      Or the content to complete the mission or guess the music content for the sports mission or something

    63. jjkookrs _

      Junkyu best boy🥺

    64. Elihoon Beth

      My favorite comedians I mean Idols

    65. Dewie

      I really love the concept for this as well as the past episode. more on like this please

    66. Lensi Anggraini

      Junkyu look like a baby,,,, hahahhaa

    67. PRINCE S•A


    68. Chicken Army

      jeongwoo and asahi joking with each other is so cute HAHAHA and funny

    69. Chicken Army

      no one can deny that jaehyuk in that beanie hits different

    70. Novie Mae

      This is the funniest Tmap Episode ever,it makes me cry from laughing 😂

    71. MyNameIs Mabz

      15:00 Jeonwoo reaction to live for 😅🤣😂😃

    72. Loana

      so funny

    73. Nuzhat Naaz

      15:53 5:27

    74. Tae Anu

      Famous Destroyers loved by everyone😂❤️🔥🙌 RM in Bts 💜& Jung Hwan in treasure 👼

      1. Tae Anu

        @Loana great minds think alike haha 👉👈

      2. Loana

        I thought the same! hahha

    75. Rochelle Paixão

      Was it just me who realized that junkyu doesn't stop sobbing in this episode?

    76. Camille Kim

      guys i’m having trouble telling who is who (with the exception of ye dam) how can i tell them apart?

      1. hichan

        4:35 Jeongwoo Junghwan Haruto Jaehyuk Hyunsuk Doyoung MASHIHO Junkyu Yedam Asahi Yoshi Jihoon

      2. woopy ru

        Try to watch other treasure maps episodes, you'll get to know them more and get used to their face ☺️

    77. Mayda Percy

      Asahi park jeowoong 🤣🤣🤣

    78. Attanayake Keerthiratne


    79. orereoo reo


    80. Windi Yastuti

      Tolong adain subtitle indonesia dong🥺🥺🥺🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

    81. Mirie Surepinkon

      Asahi and Jeongwoo are such a chaotic brothers😁🤗❤

    82. Jw jw

      They still looks good even when bareface, like... C'mon visual

    83. Giraffes Are awesome

      Welcome to another episode of ..... ✨Treasure respecting their moms ✨

    84. iKON always have iKONIC

      jeongwoo and asahi is so funny pls i cant stop laughing, they both such a crackhead so they really complimented each other 😂😂

    85. iKON always have iKONIC

      i love how editors keep babying them, l

    86. ColainCanBtch

      I will treasure every mashikyu interaction!!!

    87. izzati

      19:55 junghwan looks like hanbin a little bit right there 😂

    88. Patricia Alvarez

      ASAHI and JEONGWOO making excuses to their mom is like 😂

    89. killua gon

      masih ngakakin jeongwoo asahi 😭

    90. jklove forever

      Jeahyuk feel sorry for Potatoes😂😂😂

    91. Koli Brothers

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    92. Zia Perez

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    93. Karyll Imperial

      junghwan their baby

    94. Karyll Imperial

      mga baklakooo

    95. Karyll Imperial

      im so late

    96. Kimberly L

      replaying 5:51

    97. E R A

      2:39 look at yoshi at the back. so cute!

    98. Mara

      junkyu ahhahha hes perfect

    99. S G

      5:59 YEDAMIE BESTIE ARE U OK??? 😭😭

    100. Miro Vio

      Remember Jeongwoo saying hes6just an 'ugly citizen'? Look at his handsome 'just woke up/no makeup' face. I don't know if I should be crying now or should be twerking...