What Pokémon Games Could and Should Be (But Sadly Aren't) (Series Comparison and Retrospective)


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    The Pokémon series has seen a shift in game design over the past decade, but not in a positive way. This transition has been accompanied by a large amount of criticism from some of the series' long time fans. I try to identify how exactly these games have changed and why they're worse off for it (if they truly are).
    This is a retrospective, review, analysis, and comparison of the entire mainline Pokémon series, and as such, it covers a large breadth of topics; it's a lot to take in, but I'd appreciate hearing your thoughts on the game.
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    I also forgot to credit PokeaimMD (aka Strong Jaw Joey) in the credits for the trick room footage, shoutout to him!
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    1. jackdonsurfer

      Given the announcement of Pokemon Legends Arceus, what are your hopes for the game and the future of the series?

      1. charlie z

        guys you do realise Legends: Arceus looks like a cheap BoTW mod, just like someone correctly mentioned above? the graphics is SUB-PAR as fuck!!! I seriously can't believe someone can defend it. yes, it is a good general direction but it seems to need at least 18, better 24 months of development. right now the graphics is garbage.

      2. Hello Internet

        @Swasome58 How About _FUCKING NO._

      3. Hello Internet

        @Jeniffer What About The TRUE Community???

      4. Swasome58

        Copy Pokemon Brick Bronze.

      5. Swasome58

        It gets better.

    2. Teutonius

      Pokemon is much more about lore than story. The old games had a lot of lore in them and the story was told through environment, atmosphere and exploration. Not by endless boring cutscenes.

    3. Ney Penido

      Nintendo makes games just to sell their shitty consoles, they should give up that shit and focus on making their games better. With advance of VR and a really good investment, a pokemon game could be real, really searching for the pokemon in their natural regions, needing to throw the pokeball with right angle and force to match the distance. Constructions could be better too and more interactive. Thats just the tip of the iceberg here. With more computational (PC) resources, if they really wanted to make a FEVER GAME they could, would be a lot of trouble and long years,but they could, just wait till VR is "ready " , ppl in the industry saying that is evolving faster than anything. So if it really succeeds and they want to make an insane game, they could add training points to invest in your pokemon and an IA based on that points, I do not mean Turn based combat , I mean something more fluid like FF 13 and even maybe a XV combat based on IA. Because it is easier to make and IA fight and program that and (masquerade a real and complex combat system) than making a real pokemon fighting game where you are in fact the pokemon. Still, if Nintendo doesnt do that in time VR is Ready and a rich company gets this goldmine revolutionary idea, pretty much pokemon will be dead.

    4. Xisme cwilliams

      Pokemon are a cheap development company. They make half assed games on a concept that can hold it’s own. They have the revenue and the skills to make more advance games but they choose money over quality.

    5. Wilko Badberg

      Pokemon is made for the Mobile Generation nowadays. - Very less difficulty. - You always know what to do. - You always know where you have to go (handholding). - Success comes very quickly. Kids nowadays will not have the patience to play a Game like Generation 1-4. Yes... we played through the whole games back to than. But back to than I got a new Video Game maybe on my Birthday or at Christmas. If I want to play a Video Game I had "no choice" but to play the same game over and over again. Nowadays the market is flooded with Games. Every Kid can get thousends of Free to play Games thanks to the Mobile Market. If a Game is too difficult it is given up. So the new Games are made for the new Generation of People. Not for the "day 1-Fans" who grew up with Pokemon. This Evolution really sucks in my opinion.

    6. ZiroWatt

      3:55 what is that music??? so nostalgic I love it

      1. jackdonsurfer

        It's "Eterna Forest" from Diamond and Pearl

    7. tozuky

      i think pokemons should have "hm slots" (maybe only one per pokemon) so that you don't need hm slaves and still can bound with them

    8. Line

      I also wanted them to make an anime style game. Where mostly everything is drawn. I could just imagine how fucking cool that would be to have encounters with legendaries and other pokemon drawn to scale against your tiny character. Cutscenes where a gyarados breaks the environment out of rage. They could do so much and they refuse to put effort in

    9. Jastine Cunanan

      I always hear that the expshare has a new feat. But I remember that this feat was the same as the expshare from gen 1.

    10. Beast Unbeatable

      Me watching the Nintendo direct a week after this video 👀

    11. Artist3 Artist

      We not cheap we rich

    12. Artist3 Artist

      Human to anime are the official graphics these graphics are the beginning of evolution a God is a man strong enough to make his thoughts reality pov living as the cartoon itself and if you say otherwise you dumb

    13. Bob Smith the Second

      I agree with everything in this vid But the notification sounds near the end of the vid confused me so much lol

    14. Asymptotik BAC

      No one: Absolutely no one in existence: No alternate universe: Wulfric (in the games*) : *I cOuLd Be A tOtAl PuShOvEr* *anime Wulfric was _so_ much better

    15. Tanyo Dachi

      I dont know why they did not ever consider doing a New Game + mode. With Harder level Spikes. Harder catchrates. Romhacks set a entire new tone for the Games, altering routes and forced trainer encounters etc. The current Pokemon Games are SO BLAND ITS SAD! :(

    16. Social1

      I made the mistake of avoiding all spoilers for sword and shield, which resulted in me picking Sobble as my starter Pokemon without realising the consequences. Agree with everything you're saying. Here's hoping someone at Pokemon HQ takes these points into consideration. Even the music in the new games is less memorable.

    17. lu- nezo

      Check openworld Genshin impact, it's amazing

    18. Captain Daf's personal private youtube channel

      I knew from the trailers over the years I was not missing much...This is a fucking joke though. Pearl was last one I played I think

    19. All Might

      Please show this to Nintendo. WE WANT A CHALLENGE, BOND WITH OUR TEAM AND EXPLORE. For gods sake, its like they are only making games for 10 years old.

    20. Auroraflair

      Yeah I don't know if the company is tired, but give it up to a different company. Heck let a picked fan group that love it and have the ability to make it. Stop talking in board rooms of the same people who don't seem to care about making something they love. Maybe they use to love it but it doesn't seem like it any more. Time for a new team sorry to say, it should be shuffled out with new minds ever 5 years or so. Make it a contest of who wins rights to make Pokemon games for the next 5 years and if they are voted on by fans then continue, you'll sell more merch...... and I want to be on the merch team... I'm so tired of the ugly and reused visuals..... I want artys (and no a grid patter of the same design does not count >.< I hate the shirts. I love that they tried .... but I want better sorry to say. We have money, we want to spend it... but we are getting tired. Its 2021 and they are using tired minds that do not care. At least thats how it looks. And please yes, take time to make it good, I loved that it would take months or a couple years for a new version to come out. I can wait, thats half the fun.

    21. Ryzard

      Which song starts at around 3:55?

    22. Jassper

      I'd like a rival that has 6 pokemon of each type and aside from 2 pokemon(the starter and a pokemon that's their special pokemon) get chosen by the ones in your party(or box if you for some reason have less than 6 pokemon in party)

    23. karim Saiyan_DZ

      Reboots of movies, tv shows, cartoons, animes, and now games their purpose is to target kids cause what gets them the most profit forgetting that people grow up with all of the old games and tv shows by having a huge audience of adults I mean they literally did it in the game where they don't let you explore the explosion telling you that this is not a job for kids hinting and telling you pretty much that this game was made mostly for them it's why their putting little effort in making this game by reusing animation and models from the older game, the list goes on of bad stuff about it

    24. Fabian Kirmse

      One of the most missing features in pokemon are level caps. It doesnt matter if you can level fast as hell if you can always level until a certain point and not further. One simple change and the games would become much harder

    25. Lütje Müller

      wowowowow you are so right! just let me say this: when i played through diamond, i was super hyped everytime i met a named character, especially my rival. when i played sun, everytime i saw a returning character waiting for me somehow, i got the urge to turn of my 3ds and cry in sorrow.... though i did feel that tehy toned it down a little with the cutscenes in sword and shield, at least in some areas of the game. especially the end game content before the dlcs came out had very little dutscenes.... *sob* EDIT: didnt we get a difficulty switch option in black and white or bw2?

    26. MaartenE

      28:50 I thought someone pinged me on discord

    27. Cheddar Sun Chips Y e s

      28:53 I thought I had a friend for once. :(

    28. Morpheas

      Some of this "the new ones are bad, the old ones are great" feeling, is due to nostalgia and falling in love with some old pokemon game, when you were a kid/teen. Notice how jackdonsurfer keeps referring to Pokemon Pearl (not Diamond, Pearl specifically), when he is giving examples of great features and pros. It isnt a coincidence, its because this is what got you to fall in love with the series to begin with. For some of us, this game is Pokemon Red/Blue, for others, its Pokemon Crystal, and so on. jackdonsurfer, I understand that you made some valid points in this video, and the newer Pokemon games have indeed been known for being a bit dry and stagnating, not to mention they hold the player's hand more and more. But it isnt such a stark contrast as you make it out to be. Pokemon games have always been easy, always held the player's hand to some degree, and always been a little cut and dry to begin with. What I'm trying to say here is, dont overlook the nostalgia factor, and dont think that at least half of what you said isnt subjective. For instance, about 3/4 of your suggestions for future games, I found myself strongly disagreeing with it. The remaining 1/4 was stuff I agree on. And as for Pokemon Diamond/Pearl? For me it was the most forgettable gen of the series. Seriously. I finished the game, became champion, didnt want to play anymore, and didnt feel like going back. Its mostly subjective, and a lot of it has to do with nostalgia and which game you played when you were a kid and fell in love with the series. Thats it.

    29. Abax

      "it is literally just a dude" dead

    30. Grand Adobo Man

      How about they let western RPG directors direct the next gen? It would make it better.

    31. ukno918

      unlimited budget. it's a franchise not an art. old pokemon games were probably cheaper to make as well.

    32. Richard Hodges

      I love the latest generation of games. I really don't mind the handholding, or the permanent exp share, or how easy it is. I work a lot and play video games to relax and disconnect from my job. So on my few days off I would rather be able to pick up the controller and mosey through the game without any real difficulty, than have to spend half a day grinding just so I can beat a gym leader. That's not fun and feels like a massive waste of time and is part of the reason I stopped playing these games in the past. I'm sure people don't relate to this, but please spare a thought for us "casuls" who just want to have fun.

    33. co ro

      anyone, anywhere at anytime ever: *mentions whitneys miltank * me: *PTSD *

    34. Temujin wills

      I think they need to slow down ob legendaries as the main plot. Remember when we discovered mewtwo in cerulean cave for the first time and mew was only available via glitch. Gen 3-4 had entire areas for event legendaries

    35. 4d. walka

      I'm still trying to beat ultra necrozma

    36. • Zcoll101 •

      I think a cool thing they could do is have a typical story mode, and in the post-game there could be a feature where you can play as a Pokémon of your choice (that you’ve caught of course) and play a battle-royal style game mode with other players, where each Pokémon has their own move sets, and you can find items that will boost your attack, defense, HP, etc. and whoever wins the mode could win a cool item or something. Just a thought. I know it’s kinda ripping off Fortnite, but it would be such a cool mode that you could play in postgame, that would keep players engaged after becoming champion. This isn’t to say they should rid things like the wild area or raid battles, but it’d just be another added feature for players to enjoy. Just a thought 😊

    37. drarkular

      never before have i ben so offended...by something that i 100% agree with

    38. falconicole

      I keep running out of videos bashing one of my favorite series, so I’ve returned to rewatch older ones I’ve already seen

    39. DeathRaze

      So to sum up; the later games hold your hand to a ridiculous degree treating you like you're stupid, combined with horrible unrewarding rivals who now pick the type advantage that you're strong against and with exp share and experience boosting items that make it to where you effectively can't fail, thus taking away all sense of accomplishment and fulfillment in the games. This sound about right? Yeah, seems most games are going this way now. Too many games have quest markers and treat you like you're stupid. This problem is only going to get worse.

    40. Nick Wolf


    41. Atomic Owl

      I played x n y more then 5 times

    42. Derpaderpy

      Most of the complaints are usually from competitive worshippers crying that it's too easy.

    43. Yolo Actual

      No bro, lmao, no! They are objectively bad in every way. The only thing that ISN'T bad is the Pokemon themselves. Which is kinda hard to mess up in a game that is centered around that one aspect alone. The "story" is bad. The dialogue is bad. The rival is HORRENDOUS (so much so that my 5 year old baby sister hates his guts). The wild area is absolutely lazy, and thus bad! The side characters including the villains motivations and designs...are bad! Exploration is limited and incredibly unrewarding, and thus bad. The only redeeming qualities of the game, were the map design (outside of the wild areas), and even some of that was critiqued heavily for their laziness. There are countless piles upon piles of people who reviewed the game through an entirely objective lens, and plenty more that did it through the eyes of die hard fans that ruthlessly shit on this game.

    44. YouDo You

      What I do not get is that Breath of the wild looks so good on the Switch and yet they cannot even make a small area of Sword and Shield come close to how Breath of the wild looks. Gamefreak has no excuse.

    45. Solar

      I still think Z and Y is still up there with the greats, but gen 7 is horrible and so is gen 8

    46. Astro Dan

      Braille isn’t a language bro it’s a code.

    47. Astro Dan

      5:03 Pacifidlog was literally marked on the map, so I’m sure they would find it lol. It’s also right next to sky pillar.

    48. Silesseia

      Lol that last bit about sobble cracked me up xD. Nice video, you made many great points and i wish the game developers would watch this

    49. Official Critz

      Im new to the pokemon scene but these new games feel like the characters are dead.not the same size, explorations very bland, and basically everywhere. Imagine if they did a proper vr version of it or just simple added much more depth to every layer.

    50. Amaterasu YT

      not to brag but i completed diamond, black ,and white at the age of 6, whilst also not being able to understand and speak english (at the time). I think that these games are worse than the previous gen games due to them being so ridiculously easy to complete, as well as EVERYTHING that was mentioned in this video

    51. Kenny Kennedy

      And I thought sword and shield were good

    52. yackster three

      28:49 that is a quote that belongs on a plaque.

    53. Levonaire

      Am I the only try hard that makes my starter Pokemon go through first evolution before battling the first gym? 🤔

    54. Josh Kung

      15:10 You're literally fighting a giant cake, I think that sums it up

    55. Josh Kung

      9:01 damn clefairy u good bro?


      Me a person who thinks inteleon is cool watching this: -_-

    57. Wolf Ouellet

      the gow music at the end aha

    58. AofCastle

      What the fuck is this subscriber count. I just subscribed because such a quality video doesn't deserve to be stuck in a small channel, it deserves to grow

    59. Igeere 320

      I started with pearl, but now i want to stop at sword...

    60. Mr. Rene Moreno

      Cool to see now! Great video now! Keep up the good work now! Be well now!

    61. Slixbrah

      2D > 3D

    62. Ultra Violet

      While I personally loved X/Y (because it was my restart into pokemon after ruby) I noticed very well how easy the game was. And gen7 and the switchdisaster just handled me like iam a mentally disabled 6 years old. Even my 5 year old younger sister was bored because "everyone is telling you constantly where to go and what to do and you are always overleveled" I get that Nintendo in general is more for the younger generation but seriously. Nintendo and Ganefreak are the crazy helicoptermoms nobody likes

    63. Alberto Zalon

      I think just opening up the map to more exploration making the wild area more wild, fixing the pokemon designs to be more animal like less human and removing a good bit of hand holding would makr these games great exp share and leveling is annoying if you dont like it but the balance of the game isnt affected all that much it gives you the ability to try out alot more mons without having to constantly switch out. In the past i would over level my starter at the beginning. With only using a flyer for the msot part as a secondary now i actually swotch out pokemon alot more often.

    64. Ryan Owens

      Pokemon 3d worlds should be built on unreal engine

    65. Arnar M.

      It is at times like these that I wish I could double-like a video

    66. Lyan Heartale

      Please Nintendo, don't make Pokemon a Genshin Impact or Zelda BOTW game

      1. nothern lights

        Why not?

      2. JxHNNY C.

        I think the series must progress in some way, as we saw pokemon sword and shield it did not do very well in criticism, I mean, the formula they used is already worn out in this era of video games I mean people want to feel more within the world, for that and more reasons BOTW is one if not the best Zelda game since it knew how to EVOLVE ...

    67. Christian Hurtado

      I was extremely satisfied when playing pokemon diamond. such a good game.

    68. Chuck Mullins

      I love the idea of having pokemon follow you (if its optional), and Legendary encounters to be more intense. But hey I loved how many legendaries there were in alpha/ Omega. I think EVERY legendary should be available on EVERY title. I never even caught all the legendary dogs! Pro mode sounds amazing. The training from X & Y should definitely get brought back but more like when you go to give TLC to your party I like the idea of training being an option that is specific to that particular mon. (Like how pikachu cant control its electricity and hitmonlee/ hitmochan are boxing and kick boxing etc..) R.I.P. HM's!!! HELLOO DLC's! Would it be bad to want EVERY region and its specific Champion challenges in one game? Even if that means you could use Z moves or mega Evolution on say Brock/Misty? The trainers could all match your Growth Level at whichever time you decide to challenge those Leaders. 😌 I dont want Pokemon to stop advertising to kids but this is a cult classic that i have grown up with and watched them improve. Pokemon go was a grand gesture I appreciate but really underwhelming and I think the brand can and should reach for bigger, better and more creative things ON THE HANDHELD. Also the stories and lore should ALWAYS be available but I agree that most dialogue should be sought out by walking up and talking to people. Making every building one that you can actually walk into is a great way to accomplish this for players that like walking up and talking to any and everyone and learning the histories of each town and the pokemon in them. OH and for god sake i would gladly pay more money for a pokebank that works across every game instead of losing every pokemon I caught in the first game. and bring back the "trainer VS" thing that lets you fight people you fought before. Remember the cell phone you could call trainers and fight them again? OR the radio? Both of those things could be DLC's. Nintendo should do some research on what OTHER games most of their users enjoy playing BESIDES pokemon and take some notes.

    69. Emac Johnson

      Ni no kuni was the Pokemon game ever

    70. Gerald Moore

      Open world mmo Pokémon game wit all the Pokémon and regions 💯

    71. Nyxboo

      10:25 I was a big fan of the xy anime so the gym leaders there are iconic, however the gym leaders in swsh? bro i can't even remember their names

    72. at StewingInSusumu

      that anakin joke got me good.

    73. Crawford Klinner

      Pokemon ultra sun and moon were my favorite games. Sure the graphics were.... just strange. But the plot, the amount of pokemon, the areas, the ultrabeasts and aether paradise, they were great. Although I sort of get pissed at the way the battles work. In the animes, pokemon do awesome tricks, they evolve during matches, they can move around and opposing pokemon can actually do things to defend. While the combat In games for me sucks. What I mean is the combat in the anime is the combat like in pokken tournament, which is great with the combat and areas. But storywise sucks a bit. If we could have a game with good graphics like battle revolution, combat like pokken tournament, and a great story like pearl, diamond, sun and moon, it would take a few years but it would be worth it.

    74. Un shitposter genérico

      Finally someone puts inteleon in it's desserved place,the trash can

    75. Yanco Lima

      Gamefreak should see this vid

    76. Callum Harvey-Slager

      Discord ping at 28:52 got me

    77. Conor Lamb

      So I am revsiting the series after years on hiatus, and its sad that I have zero desire to play anything after balck and white 2. Granted B and W 1 and 2 where the pokemon games I grew up on, but ever since returning to the world I have had so much fun with fire red, plat, and heart gold. Between the old graphics nostlogia and the carefully carfted stories I still love the games a decade later and recall my struggles in B and W on the ice gym, or the castle. Part of me wishes theyw would remaster xandy to the old five genartions graphics and add to the story. Maybe im too old for the new games but it no longer feels like an rpg and feels just like pokemon the fighting game.

    78. Vaporwave Vocap

      I really disliked Unova but really liked Alola and Kalos, but even I can tell the games have been downhill since Gen 5. I'm so sick of it, it feels like they've given up on any move forward for the series.

    79. Ibuki

      Man, it hurts how much I agree with this. The most I want out of a Pokémon game is to be able to interact with Pokémon more. Like, in SWSH all you can do is throw balls at them, and talk to them? That’s all you can directly do with Pokémon. I wish they would go all out on those kinds of features. I would like if they fused the LGE/LGP and XY Pokémon mini games with this one, that way you could customize your Pokémon, pet them, feed them pokepuffs, have your Pokémon bring you gifts, play with them, but even more. What if natures effected their personality? What if you could teach them tricks? I want to feel like I’m really bonding with them. An attachment like it’s a real creature. Wouldn’t that be amazing to get from interacting with them not just from battle?

    80. Ryan Wiseman

      I wish there was an option for a grindy version and non grindy version. At the end of the day, the goal is to bring as many people interested to Pokemon. I like difficult games, but I get burnt out when a games "difficultly" is grinding for advantage. There's a reason why I stopped playing Pokemon games after thoroughly finishing Pearl; the grind burnt me out.

    81. DragoniCuZ 28

      This aged well.

    82. -

      it's just an easy cash grab

    83. phantom130 5

      Agree with most of the points. Of the latest games i thought Sun and Moon was on the right track when it came to rivals and Sword and Shield for gym leaders.

    84. jellystars

      The one thing that prevents me from buying sword and shield is how honestly ugly the wild areas are. Like it’s bare with not great graphics for the same core company as Animal Crossing: New Horizons or really any Mario game on the Switch or Wii U. I mean compare it to Breath of the Wild for the sense of bad graphics even more. I do enjoy the character and Pokémon designs though, they basically always do them well.

    85. Gustavo

      Problem is people create expectations on things of course I want an open world online multiplatform Pokemon game but that's probably never happening Sword & Shield are great games if we look back to Pokemon Yellow that an astonishing evolution the problem is that Nintendo don't want to change the direction of the franchise of course they could do better or different but I bet 100 billion dollars that if Pokemon changed it's format along the times today we would have people complaing and crying that Nintendo don't make Pokemon games like before there'll always be an excuse to complain about anything

    86. Kuro

      I mean I haven't played many Pokémon games. But I'll be honest, I just bought a few because I thought the box legendaries looked sick

    87. Taylor North

      I remember being huddled around each other in our classroom, trying to figure out how to capture the Regis in Pokemon Emerald, how to survive victory road etc. I played X for the first time this week and I was underwhelmed by how the game basically spoon feeds you EVERYTHING. It's like they're afraid people will lose interest if the game was too challenging

    88. CoolWeegee123

      28:53 @everyone

    89. lazy0nara

      Was kind of annoyed when you recieved a free latios/latias on the 3rd gen remakes so early in the game

    90. ABoiNamedJesse

      Very valid points made here I still remember the days playing my first game, White. I felt much more attached to Pokemon, I remember strategically passing around the Exp. Share to try and keep everyone equally leveled. I also remember I had to spend an entire day grinding just to beat Elesa because I was under leveled and didn't fully understand type advantages at the time, but the satisfaction for beating her finally has been unmatched since gen 6. Nowadays if I decide I want to breed a new Pokemon, I can breed it, have it to level 100 with the best nature, EVs and IVs in under an hour, which is ridiculous considering it used to take me an entire day to raise the whole team 10 levels. Plus the insignificance of the main character has gotten out of hand. It used to be up to you to stop the evil team, with some occasional help from a rival or champion, or maybe a gym leader. With bosses like Cyrus, N and Ghetsis, it felt like you were the only one who could save the world. But with newer teams, all of your friends are also fighting, and it puts a lot less emphasis on the player. I also miss the expansiveness of the routes. Nowadays you literally just go from one town to another no problem, but I used to enjoy seeing what the route had to offer. One of my best memories in gen 5 was stumbling into Mistralton Cave. The darkness and the music had me pretty creeped out, but I was determined to find what was down there. Eventually I gave in and taught one of my Pokemon flash, and eventually got to the bottom and remember freaking out when I saw the Cobalion sprite. When I caught it I was so excited. Now if you walk off the main path, you get a Great Ball or a Super Potion, or if you're lucky, a PP Up. They just don't make the games like they did in the 2D days, and don't even get me started on how boring and underwhelming the 3D models and animations are compared to the 2D sprites.

    91. Max Steven

      The Rival was annoying all the time

    92. Swasome58

      Me: At least they didn't kill the Zelda series...

    93. Francis

      Y'all complained about Sword and Shield, now we got Brilliant Diamond/Shining Pearl graphics. Hope you're happy now (I'm not)

    94. GLKA

      I love this video! You literally perfectly put into words everything I feel about the recent games too. I wish Gamefreak would go back to their old formula, because like you said the newer games lack all those key elements, remove challenge/rewards and railroad you/hand you everything, and are not fun or memorable. This whole video was spot on. Well done!

    95. EeveeMan 39

      People say that games where challenging back in the day, and forget that the reason they where is due to how slow the gameplay is, making grinding absolutely annoying, getting you impatient so you try to tackle the gyms without a second thought, im not saying they cant be enjoyed, but it is fair to note that as a pretty unfair and dumb aspect of the old games, there is no excuse for the new ones to be so easy however so the point stands

    96. Grima the Fell Dragon

      1. I find that what they really need is to unshackle the game release away from merchandising. Just go back to how they introduced Blaziken and Lucario ahead of their gens. 2. Add a properly scaled hard mode; or take a hint from Nexomon to make the AI smarter, to satisfy adult fans while not alienating kids. Look I've played enough fan games that think difficulty is making it hard to level up or hard to get type diversity.

    97. knegge_YT

      I have to admit that x and y are my second favorite pokémon games tho bc I love the kalos region

    98. M.L. W.L.

      ...one of the weakest points in the franchise was plot, since gen 5 that they are giving care to history it's somehow a problem again? Also leveling every single party mon per time to me was really grinding and monotonous...don't have nostalgia of this. The thumbnail inclining that diversificaton and quality in the worlbuilding is missing I do agree pretty much, also nintendo has some fetish in making easier and easier games in favor of console gimmicks rather then solidifying the pacing of the titles.

    99. God of Hercules

      I love Pokemon emerald and heart gold.

    100. lunatone sonata

      i used to feel really bad about not being able to afford a nintendo switch and my many failed attempts at downloading a 3ds emulator and roms to play the newer games. but after seeing this video, i'm relieved my enjoyment of playing pokemon games hasn't been ruined by experiencing the newer gens. gen 5 was by far the best gen imo and i hold all the older games dear to my heart. the only things worthwhile about the 3ds games are the characters, the lore, and the potential headcanon materials for me to indulge in. all in all, i ain't touching those accursed let-downs anytime soon until gamefreak gets their shit together again and fashioned upcoming releases after the old games once more.