When BigHit Staffs are so done with BTS


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    1. Soltan Samer


    2. Ashmitha Kushi

      Cute jimin love you soooooo much BTS 💛💛💛💛

    3. Siya Sharma

      2:20 jiminie Pabo defends his height cuz he smoll he has small cute baby pinky finger 😂 he is small like a baby that's why he is our maken line am I right??

    4. Siya Sharma

      Jimin:see ARMY I can reach but I am pretending that I can't reach😉 (you can definitely see our mochi is complicating his height he on his toe) 1:34 Jimin is sleeping with straight hair ends up waking up in clury hair his eyes are still closed Me: WTF 😒 Raji what are you doing in here 🥰 why u look cute *OOF am dead* jiminie Pabo look cute and handsome in clury hair❤️

    5. Siya Sharma

      0:35 raji OOF soo cute 💕 0:38 Aww sooo cute hah ha gee gee

    6. Holly Hill

      No one will ever be done- BTS+ ARMY FOREVER!

    7. BEN Ben

      What's the song name 3:43

    8. Viih Miilous


    9. Desangel Sisters

      ahh im not even gonna say but his finger looking like a witch broom 0.39

    10. Prajwala Naik

      Love uh so much BTS💖 🥺💖🥺💖

    11. prashant sirsiya

      How to apply for this job 😂😃

    12. Lily J

      At 5:51 why did they call him Leon?

    13. sadat AM

      Every army : want to be a staff of bts 💜

    14. Nora Loubi

      Vous êtes prêt 😂😂😂

    15. Tintu Jins


    16. Athoy Das Gupta

      You see bts?

    17. Chana Park

      3:41 4:07 Чимин~и пугается милашка

    18. ARMYgirl

      Jk smile is so cute

    19. Shaneza Khan

      I wish I was a staff too

    20. Shaneza Khan

      The staff are lucky

    21. HabahHabah

      Love BTS❤

    22. HabahHabah


    23. Durnisa Siddiqui

      1:19 it's so cute part 🥺💜🤣

    24. Alyssa Panici

      9:38 poor suga xD cant even stand still without : waaaah he looks cool XD

    25. Alyssa Panici

      8:40 V just being flat out adorable

    26. Alyssa Panici

      7:43 poor director XD

    27. Alyssa Panici

      7:28 JIMIN: i have a palm? where?

    28. Alyssa Panici

      3:28 V just wants cotton candy ¬

    29. Alyssa Panici

      2:48 im so tired of love songs tired of love songs tired of love songs (lol)

    30. Alyssa Panici

      when tae avoided the bee i couldn't help but smile i dunno why but i think that was my favorite part of the video XD

    31. Maryam Javed

      The staff is so so so so so so so so much lucky😭

    32. Damaris Cabral

      Agradezco tanto que los chicos esten rodeados de este staff que los cuida y los protege....💜

    33. eysshhh

      I love how kookie recklessly laughs at anything he finds funny never trying to hold back

    34. EDDwenniie 1708

      (3:49) I didn't expect jimin's eyes to look that pretty

    35. Noor Army


    36. MyGraphicsTutorial

      Cute tae with cotton candy 🥰

    37. Keila Ferreira


    38. Subash Subash

      8:45 tea is so cute his action 😘😘

    39. Nini Jikook

      the namjoon slipping like a baby hhah

    40. rodycutzamihaela

      At the end when the staff says: Suga, no need to be cool. just relax. Suga: I am so relaxed right now..I can fall asleep. 😂😂 He's cool by nature..he ain't trying 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

    41. Mairam Mohamed

      Tae Cute ☺️ Wow 🥺 BTS 😁 Love BTS

    42. Adrija Sen

      0:42 which mv?

    43. 오정원

      B T S STAFF 와 함께 긴밀한 뒷바라지 매우 중요 합니다 👍

    44. Lalaine Angelica Tabbada

      8:26 the tiny smile, I can't- 8:30

    45. Basheer Ahmed

      🙄🙄🤨🙄🙄😲😲 what 😂 cute 😘💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

    46. nur izzati

      I love Bighit❤ they are forever family

    47. Nallely Ramírez Teran

      Ay es cuando te das cuenta que V es el más desmadrózo kskskskdkdk

    48. ꧁༺Sammy༻꧂

      I liked when jk run to the stage when lift stopped working😊❤️

    49. tea for tae

      the staff members are only women whom jungkook doesn't fear

    50. Ольга Скобелева


    51. Asmita Baul

      V: eats the cotton candy. Me: *google how to be a cotton candy*


      Vote for bts V for the most handsome king fan choice award he is the only bts member nominated so u cannot vote 4 others please he is on 4 we will have to bring him on 1 just search most handsome king choice award on google scroll down and u will find a green website click on it scroll down and search for v name as tae hyung click on the box beside tae name scroll down and click vote thn ur vote will be registered please armies we have to make him win

    53. Vicky Rose

      3:18 ☺️9:40 9:45 9:48☺️😄

    54. 삐빈Ღ

      이렇게 친근한 스태들만 있었으면..

    55. Yağmur Yelin


    56. Yeahright

      6:54 When you're having a reporting in class and your idiot best friends are making faces and laughing at you and your fighting not to smile lol

    57. Vinzon Ayalin

      BTS was had a hard time during concert so thank you to all BIG HIT STAFF!

    58. คคɭเץคђ

      Sana all

    59. Stefania Correa

      8:54 que lindo kooki

    60. alexaroblox 001

      aqui los que amamos a bts

    61. Meylee Adilene Ruiz Lara

      Como se llama la canción del minuto 7:26 alguien?.......

    62. priyanka rai

      The girl was so Lucky that she is touching 💜ᗷTS⟭⟬💜

    63. Khristy Suzet

      0:41 me aventó a kukencio 😢

    64. Sara Carballo

      So cute!!!

    65. Waterfaery's Domain

      Doesn't seem like "so done" to me...more like, "if you can't beat them, join them" lol. I know it has to be a lot of work keeping the group at the ready, but they take such good care of them and cut up right along with them. And you really have to praise a stylist that can do someone's hair while they nap!

    66. Selda Farhoodizadeh


    67. jeshika rastak

      aww our baby monchi looking cute while sleeping though he was cute from childhood

    68. jeshika rastak

      i think staff is lucky than us some armys only see them in youtube or social medias (like me) but staffs oh my god so close to them but anyways we love them they love us so no worry saranghe ARMY and BTS

    69. Marleny Alexandra

      Lo mas hermoso cuando tae come el algodon 🥺🤗

    70. Laura Collao Zuñiga

      Tan lindos estos chicos cada uno tiene una belleza de persona diferente

    71. Duarte

      o Jimin tomando susto é muito tranquilo eu pareço o Jin

    72. Sakshi chandra


    73. Perla Martinez

      5:31 Hobi🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺

    74. Виктория Собор


    75. Aj Tomlinson

      V and staff is the cutest thing ever

    76. Anna Solovjeva

      3:53 so cute

    77. •Härmønie Lïfe• ÙwÚ

      2:26 jimin: yes im cool 😎

    78. Jessica

      Bighit me contrata plmr de senhor

    79. Angelina Baptista

      Jimin es lindo 🤴🤍🤍

    80. Angelina Baptista

      Que bonito video 🤴de bts

    81. María José Chango Jaramillo


    82. Rajula Rajulaasharaf


    83. Darrien Jack. H

      The staffs are lucky cuz if they handle BTS handling their childrens will be so much easier 😂😂👏👏

    84. Darrien Jack. H

      I'm really proud of the staffs cuz in 1:21 The staff tried her best to protect V from the bee

    85. Hehehe 2dx2xe

      Bts forevery love

    86. Nightingales Night

      Aaah that's so relaxing moment when someone making my hair , or do oiling 😇😇😇

    87. Sweta Uniyal

      Jimin telling army that he can reach to that shelf😂

    88. Ruth Y luz

      Jimin súper orgulloso de poder alcanzar el estante ya que el staff no podía 😂😂😂😂 y presumiendo que creció unos centímetros mas jajaj

      1. pamela figueroa


    89. Ruth Y luz

      Amé la última parte de Yoongi 😍 él siempre está muy relax 😭😍💜💜

    90. Milagros Baez Martino

      3:40 Yo la última vez que comí eso fue a los seis años :v Que viejita jajajja ok no

    91. Baby Leine Gutierrez

      That's my dream 🙂🙂🙂 that I could never reach

    92. BTS is all my treasure ʕ·ᴥ·ʔ

      هل يوجد عرب ؟☺🇸🇦 ارمي للابد🔮💜

    93. Sessa yohan

      1:19 is meee when there are bugs or insects anywhere around me😭🤣

    94. Kobita Koch

      My crush v😘

    95. Jenniffer A. Estrada

      let my man SUGA be cool

    96. Elva Vargas


    97. Elva Vargas


    98. Elva Vargas


    99. Elva Vargas


    100. Elva Vargas