Wired Control of Massive Komatsu Truck #shorts

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    Komatu's 186 tonne autonomous haul truck for the mining industry leaving 2016's MINExpo where it was launched that September.

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    1. Gonken88

      It's an IAHV...

    2. Володя Белочкин

      Не о чем видео

    3. Spartacus

      I see they haven’t got their High-Viz forcefields on!!

    4. kolton kukawski

      Dudes dressed very professionally

    5. Adamantium

      Autonomous Vehicle: comes with operator and wire holder

    6. Stefan Garcia

      Dude is one button press away from talkin out like 30 people😂

    7. Sean Millar

      He looks stoned as fuck.

    8. عاطف المهرب abadi

      And cars they are kabira

    9. маг маг

      Не мог что-ли подробное заснять. Дилетант блин

    10. fred64000

      Perfect for massive exploitation of natural ressources in Africa!

    11. Luis Montalvo

      People are going to die with that dumb technology

    12. Davi Medeiros

      Me diz pra q esse exagero kkkkk

    13. Ronnie Ronnie

      Probably by the Japanese 🙂... Smart bunch the Japanese

    14. Nate Hanley

      Why not wireless... Like come on!

    15. Leandro Peres Gambiarrando

      Eu tinha um desses quando era criança, chamava-se Gigantões da Estrela

    16. Firstcc Lastcc

      Guy at the Equipment Company with the smallest dick: Guys, I have an idea...

    17. Firstcc Lastcc

      I whip in there in my ‘96 Sonoma: “You got the Vortec in that unit too?”

    18. Владимир Титов

      Белаз больше

    19. Elie Rizk

      This machine alone will ruin the environment in an entire city oh but look how big it is..

    20. Rostyslav Synytovych

      Бля настолько тупо,типо управляя им с боку безопаснее чем внутри,куда катится мир?

    21. Николай Б

      С детства мечтал о машинке с пультом управления...

    22. flyy_boiee_YBLU

      I wonder how much tire shine they went through.

    23. marco b

      one person more will lost him job

    24. Leland

      Michelin tires baby!!!

    25. Haja Tiana

      Japanesse truck is power

    26. Ball Marine


    27. Beni Official

      Amazing biggest truck

    28. לוי ש יוסף

      Who changes the tyres ?😁🧐👀

    29. rbc21

      Wire is unsafe on those giant vehicle's habitat

    30. Dheejay Zipagan

      Anthony leodones ikaw ba yan?🤣

    31. Elves Novaes

      Imagina um pneu desse estoura.

    32. Rey Jones

      They are at a convention. The woman in blue is a spotter and director. There is another spotter on the opposite side of the truck. The truck has to be moved remotely because it is the easiest way to move it in a tight area with lots of human foot traffic. It is most likely at the beginning or end of a convention.

    33. Brad Pipal

      I worked for a Komatsu dealer.. Cat copycats..

    34. Kurt Crafton II

      59/80R63 tire....

    35. rooster booster


    36. Venkatesan AK

      Imagine tyre blast .... 🔥💥

    37. Дося Сакенов

      Wooow!!!! Big, electric car?!! 🌍😯😯😯

    38. Michael Grusing

      Job killer..

    39. Annie Mcgill


    40. Jonathan Quinlin

      Komatsu's are such piles they make Volvo's look good.

    41. N R

      One minute silence for the guy who holds the wire wit him 😂

    42. Panchai Sirimas


    43. Ace Mc cool

      Dude stuff

    44. André Gades

      Park Garage Man: Do you need a parking slot? Monsterrrr Car: Not just one..

    45. Optimus _Prime

      I actually build electric parts for them.

    46. Joe Cocker

      rofl legit looks like toy car

    47. Mohammed Byad

      لعنو عندو ماجاتش بالحلاقة والسراول مقطعة او سرقة المال العام .

    48. Titten Tei

      I want this rc to my dad!

    49. Adrian Baldassarre

      RC car 2030

    50. MIKS VIDEO

      Маленький мальчик 👦 играет с большой игрушкой

    51. Paul Cullen

      I'd love to put a gigantic carton of milk under the wheel

    52. Cd Noony

      When one mastered level 1000 Tetris. He will have control of the Tonka

    53. 45th Parallel Productions

      I wonder what richard rawlings was doing there?

    54. Alex Arcara

      Can you run these tires with a 2 inch lift? Asking for a friend

    55. Real MM

      Ra mudeng maksute

    56. Stuart D

      That's not a huge truck. That's a power station on wheels...

    57. Christian Montero

      One more way to keep people from working and earning a living ... idiots

    58. Azl Mcl



      Sould out 😁

    60. Gerardo Rodriguez Rodriguez

      No me parece bueno con cable el control

    61. Roman Camacho

      Toques, toques...!!!!!

    62. Gus96


    63. Luis 320

      Mud flaps when it goes 3 mph

    64. Leonel Nunes

      Esse cara é muito foda! Controla essa máquina gigante de OLHOS FECHADO S! Kkkkkkk

    65. Roman Kretzschmar

      What preassure has to be on there Wheels... Does somebody know?

    66. Xander Somopawiro

      This is very good for conditions working in super hot temperatures and radio active areas. Can't wait for remote control without wire. Or sent those things to Mars or other planets without humans going there, damn Wall-E in the making.

    67. Skillaspolos Studio

      This is should be weird instead wired

    68. MrC

      Partime job of *Jackie Chan* ?

    69. ApoC Phenigma

      Someone really wanted one of those dump trucks from Avatar.

      1. Social Kiwi

        Haha I was just thinking of the same thing.

    70. tennaj

      Those tires have to cost at LEAST 30K each or more!

    71. Filip N.

      This gives me vibes if ants could control toy cars

    72. шейх герат

      Китай в перёт

    73. Юрій Пошва

      І нах ...я?

    74. Muhamad Haikalsyah

      Wow besar banget ban traktornya ya mas


      He did most of his training on an Xbox 😆

    76. big ANT

      Shit, it's like a woman driving.

    77. Kevin Sadewa

      very dangerous, working without a safety helmet and other equipment. That is a very large mining vehicle with a lot of blind spots.

      1. Borat Sagdiyev

        @Kevin Sadewa yeah, you should have noticed that i was definitely not serious when i wrote that he only wore sweatpants while steering 500.000 pounds of steel, while also being the first to like your comment. You should get your sarcasm radar fixed before some serious accident occurs, also maybe start wearing a hard hat just in case

      2. Kevin Sadewa

        Sometimes the rules are just an obstacle for us to make money, the fact is that as long as it hasn't happened, everything will look fine.

      3. Borat Sagdiyev

        It was justa guy in sweatpants steering a 500.000 pound vehicle, nothing to worry about here

    78. BenDover318

      Leave it to the Japanese to make a giant mechanized vehicle. If only there were 5 more that all joined together to make a real life megazord.

    79. Daniel Ross

      Was that George Lucas walking into the shot halfway through!?? 😂🤣

    80. wagner rocha


    81. Chris dandrade

      This is so cool 😎

    82. Joe S

      Pretty sad to see how many jobs robots will be taking away in the near future

    83. Alfredo Cardenas

      Not more job for people, machine will replace human being.... horrible.... it is not impressive or great 🤔

    84. Aolah

      When yall gonna put a 5g tower on that?

    85. mrdrchad builds

      The only plus side to a wired controlled RC toy is if you find the remote or toy you could always find the the other part range sucks.

    86. dzul farhan

      What if he loses control..

    87. AssassinOfGermany

      They're using wireless wire.

    88. E Benn

      8th grade dream job

    89. buttmuncher

      It’s an autonomous truck, so it’s driverless. The remote is only for driving it when it needs maintenance or anywhere from its normal haulage route.


      Y cuando este lluviendo o que tenga que subir una pendiente muy larga andan valiendo verga

    91. Cosmin C-S-i

      Le gas et trop peti:-)


      Some interference and the things get mad, .... he he🤣

    93. Kevin Moura

      Um trem desse tamanho, imagina o valor disso e não tem um controle remoto 🤦🏾‍♂️

    94. William Mckeever

      I want one

    95. farid jabung

      safety first..use PPE during activity


      bugs next to my toys

    97. Adventures with Kaipo

      What if he ran himself over??

    98. 90s Gamer

      Mommyyy it's remote car🥰🥰🥰

    99. BRS RC

      Wow New Bright has finally upped their game

    100. N-e-o

      When the gamer grows up 🎮

      1. N-e-o

        @Isaac Collazo smh.

      2. Isaac Collazo

        Thats has nothing to do with gaming 😂